Curriculum Details: Specials Classes

Fine Arts

All students in The Alexander Graham Bell Gifted Center participate in weekly art and music classes. The fine arts curriculum exposes children to many forms of artistic expression, both as observers and as participants. Children learn about art and music history, visit art museums, and attend live theatre and musical performances. Hands-on experiences involve children in exploring the fundamentals of art, music, and drama and provide an additional avenue for developing and encouraging creativity. In addition, the fine arts curriculum is often integrated with the social studies/language arts curricula.

Computer and Library Sciences

Computer and library science classes are offered to students. The Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School has a full lending library facility and a computer laboratory, as well as computer mobile labs. From first grade, children are taught and use basic library and computer skills. The library and the computer labs reinforce and augment the classroom curricula in all subject areas. Through the use of books and technology, students have the resources to support their research and to complete their final products for classroom projects and assignments.

Foreign Language

Students in the younger grades at Bell School receive instruction in Mandarin Chinese during the school day. Older students have the option of taking Chinese after school.

All students also receive instruction in American Sign Language.