April in 104

April in 106

February in 104

February in 106

February in 201

February in 208

February in 317: Scaling the Solar System

December/January in 104: Dressed Elegantly for the Theatre, Successful Pajama Drive, and The Story of Ferdinand

January in 106: Books about Bell School, Bunnicula, and Town Projects

January in 201: Thrilled with the Lookingglass Residency

Look for the Options Department banner near Western and Addison. Happy 100th Birthday, Bell School!

November in Room 104: Fly the W Field Trip Bus, Shh! Thanksgiving Letters to Parents, and Shedd Wreathcycle Challenge Entry

November in 106: Writing, Multiplication City, and Tops!

November in 201: Scientists in Action

November in 208: Upstander Buddy Time!

October in 104: Ladybug Day, House Activity, and Pumpkin Day

October in 106: End of Novel Projects

October in 201: Budding Scientists

October in 208: Reading Discussion Groups