Week 35: May 22nd- 26th
Story: Charlotte's Web
Grammar: Helping Verbs

This week we will finish reading Charlotte's Web. We will take our time and read the book for 5-6 weeks, exploring the theme of friendship while examining the relationships between the beloved characters. We will have weekly vocabulary and comprehension quizzes, most taking place on Fridays. This is a favorite novel of mine and I am very excited to read this with the children. I encourage you to read the story at home with them as well!
This week we will complete  Chapter 12 : Two- Dimensional Shapes
There will be a test on Chapter 12 on Tuesday May, 23rd.

We will then begin Chapter 10
Fast facts quizzes are Tuesdays and Fridays. Our last math facts quiz will be Friday May, 26th. 

In the fourth quarter we will work on an opinion piece. Students will express their point of view and support it with facts and details. 

Social Studies:

This quarter we will learn about Chicago.  We will learn about Midwestern geography, the early days, the Chicago fire and the World's Fair. The children will complete a project at home on Chicago to present to the class and we will end the unit with a Field Trip!