Upcoming Events
  • September 27, 2017—Hot Lunch (Harold’s Gyro Wrap)
  • September 27, 2017—1st-3rd Grade Fieldtrip to Glen Oak Zoo, 9:30-12:30PM
  • September 28, 2017—Pre-K1 Bakesale
  • September 28, 2017—HS Fieldtrip to Riverfront Museum, 9:00-11:00AM
  • September 30, 2017—ICP Open House
  • October 4, 2017—Staff Meeting
  • October 4, 2017—Hot Lunch Papa John’s Pizza
Field Trip
1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade will be going on a field trip to the Glen Oak Zoo on Wednesday, September 27, 2017.  Please fill out and return the permission slip with $8 by Monday, September 25th.

DU Incentive Program: DU Reward Coins
The overall goal of this incentive program is to reinforce students for their appropriate behavior and to find ways to reward them with DU Reward Coins on a daily basis. All teachers will have DU Reward Coins to give to students, and all students have an opportunity to earn it. Students are responsible for their own coins. Please remind students that if coins are lost, they will not be replaced. Students will collect/save DU Reward Coins as they will be able to exchange them for some type of reward throughout the year from DU Store. Opportunities to exchange DU Reward Coins for rewards will be available at DU Store on a bi-weekly basis (every other Thursday) starting September 21st, Inshaallah.

Box Top$
Clipping Box Tops is an easy way to earn money for our school. Box Tops are each worth 10 cents and they can quickly
add up to hundreds of dollars. Please encourage your students to keep clipping the Box Tops and send them to you The first
collection is Thursday, October 5th. The class with the most Box Tops collection will get a party and free uniform. See flyer
for details.

Star Student
Just like last year, we will continue with our Star Student program. It is established with the purpose of celebrating individual academic achievement as well as recognizing students who model superior character and citizenship. Students academic performance means that a student is working to their full potential( not necessarily achieving a high grade). He or she also should possess good responsibility and work ethic, citizenship/character and shows exemplary leadership skills.

Honor Rolls/On the Roll (1st-8th Grade)
Honor Roll—Students who demonstrate outstanding achievement by earning a 90% or above in all subject areas will be considered for the High Honor Roll. Students who demonstrate good achievement by earning an 80% or above in all subject areas will be considered for the A/B Honor Roll. Students must exhibit good attendance by attending a minimum of 90% of school days per semester in order to be considered for Honor Roll.
On-the-Roll—New this year, students who demonstrates consistent effort and improvement in all subjects will be recognized
for the On-the-Roll list.
Bookmobile Schedule Coming Soon!

Dismissal At dismissal time, parents are asked to pick up their child and exit the gym.  The gym is not the place to talk to another parent while your child is running around unsupervised.  Also, all teachers are on duty at this time and are unable to speak to you about your child.  Any of your child's teachers are more than willing to set up a conference time for us to speak about your child outside of the scheduled school hours.  Until 3:30, however, I am in charge of all of my students remaining in the gym and cannot talk to you at that time. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.

Cold Weather Gear
Students are to dress appropriately for the cold days. As mentioned before, we will have outdoor recess daily, weather permitting. All student are expected to participate in recess when the temperature is 35 degrees or above (this includes wind chill temperatures). However, when the temperature and wind chill falls below 35 degrees, students will be kept indoors. The chilly morning is an indication that the Fall weather is here. Students will need a sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket to be able to enjoy their outdoor recess. Please make sure they have their sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket before heading to the gym for lunch/recess break. Request for a student to stay indoor based on health reasons will be honored.

No Candy Policy
Please remember your students is not allowed to bring candy or chocolate for snack or lunch.

Lunch and Snack 
Parents are responsible for supplying their child’s daily snack and 
lunch that include drinks, napkins, and silverware. We do ask that parents to pack easy to handle, ready to eat meals. Microwaves are available for students to heat up their food. Please do not send meals that take time for the students to prepare and eat. Students are given only 20 minutes to eat and preparing lunch that requires “cooking” takes up much of that time. 

Testing Information
I will send home any books required for tests the night before the date of the test. Please do not have your child complete any work in the Math workbooks as we do them together in class. Books must be returned to class the next day. If you would like your child to take a book home to study earlier, he/she may do so independently. The book must be returned the next day or your child will lose the privilege of taking their textbooks home in the future. 

Homework Folders/Friday Folders
Homework folders should be returned to school the next day. I would like the students to learn how to be responsible for their own belongings. Without a folder, students have no place to put their new homework assignments. 10% will be deducted for each day that an assignment is late. Friday folders are due back to school on Monday. Thank you for your cooperation. 

IXL Information

This is a new program for me.  Last year I wasn't able to implement this program like I would like to.  This year I will assign different assignments to complete during the year as homework.

Homework Schedule for the Week of September 18, 2017

MondaySpelling homework

Social Studies Homework

Wednesdaystudy for timed math
ThursdayLA homework/study for Reading test
FridayStudy for spelling pre-test

*** This schedule does NOT list any tests or homework assignments for Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies. Please check their websites weekly for homework assignments and test schedules.

Test Schedule for the Week of September 18, 2017

Monday- Pre-Test


Thursday- Timed Math Test

Friday- Spelling Test/Reading Test

Amber L. Fandel
Please contact me any time you have a question or concern.  The best way to contact me after hours would be through Dojo.