The end of year program is on Wednesday, May 24.  Please note that this is a half day of school for the students.  We are asking parents and students arrive back at the school for the program by 5:45 pm sharp.

Olympic day is Thursday, May 25.  Second grade shirt color is dark green.  Students are asked to wear comfortable pants or shorts (below knee), tennis shoes (No sandals, No Flip-flops),

Please remember there is a weekly math IXL. Check the math tab to see which one is due this week.







May 2, 2017
The May reading log is coming home tonight. Part of the reading homework for 2nd grade is to read for 20 minutes.  This is a short month so I will be asking for 300 minutes from the students and the log is due back to me on Monday, May 22.  Students who return the reading log will receive a 100% on it as well as receive a special treat.  Thank you for supporting your child's reading goals at home.

I would like to congratulate Mustafa who has kept up his good behavior for many weeks in a row and has remained at the top of the behavior chart. 
Keep up the great work, Mustafa!  

Parents:  Here is the link to the song which we told the students about in class today.


The vocabulary and spelling words are both listed under the "Language Arts" tab on the left of the home page.  The students will be given a pre-test on Monday on their spelling words. Students who do not get a 100% on this test will have spelling homework.  Students who miss any words are asked to write a sentence for each word that he/she missed on the pre-test.  ALL students are required to complete the vocabulary sentences as homework.  The vocabulary portion of their reading test is given on Friday.  
At dismissal time, parents are asked to pick up their child and exit the gym.  The gym is not the place to talk to another parent while your child is running around unsupervised.  Also, all teachers are on duty at this time and are unable to speak to you about your child.  I am more than willing to set up a conference time for us to speak about your child.  Until 3:30, however, I am in charge of all of my students remaining in the gym and cannot talk to you at that time.  Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.  


The class code for ordering online is:  KVJJW

Robin E. Mathis
Please contact me any time you have a question or concern.
Together we can give your child the best second grade education possible!