Please look for the field trip permission slip in your child's homework folder.  We will be going to Glen Oak Zoo with 1st and 3rd grade on Wednesday, September 27.

All tests and quizzes come home in the Friday folder.  Please sign each test/quiz and return it to school in the folder on Monday.  Thank you.

remember there is a weekly math IXL. Check the math tab to see which one is due this week.

Homework for September 18,  2017

Tuesday*Write a sentence for each LA vocabulary word
      *LA IXL L.2
      *Skills practice pg 49-50
Wednesday*Write a sentence for each missed spelling word
      *LA IXL L.3
Thursday*Study for Reading test
*Study for Spelling test
FridayNo Homework - Enjoy your weekend

*** This schedule does NOT list any tests or homework assignments for Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies. Please check their websites weekly for homework assignments and test schedules.

September is nearly here which means it is time for the students to begin filling out their reading logs.  Students are required to read 20 minutes each night Monday - Friday.  The total for the month should be at least 420 minutes.  I am sending home two different ones and you only need to complete ONE of them.  I know people have different preferences on which one they like. Please choose your favorite and use that one.  I will send that type of log home each month.  The school has received the Pizza Hut Book-It coupons and that program begins in October.  

Bookmobile will be starting on September 6th.  I have all the library cards that Mrs. Fandel had in her room last year.  2nd grade bookmobile time is 11:30-11:45.

DU Incentive Program: DU Reward Coins
The overall goal of this incentive program is to reinforce students for their appropriate behavior and to find ways to reward them with DU Reward Coins on a daily basis. All teachers will have DU Reward Coins to give to students, and all students have an opportunity to earn it. Students are responsible for their own coins. Please remind students that if coins are lost, they will not be replaced. Students will collect/save DU Reward Coins as they will be able to exchange them for some type of reward throughout the year from DU Store. Opportunities to exchange DU Reward Coins for rewards will be available at DU Store on a bi-weekly basis (every other Thursday) starting September 21st, Inshaallah.

The second grade website now has a "Homework" tab on the left of the screen. You can go there to get all the homework for 2nd grade.

At dismissal time, parents are asked to pick up their child and exit the gym. The gym is not the place to talk to another parent while your child is running around unsupervised. Also, all teachers are on duty at this time and are unable to speak to you about your child. I am more than willing to set up a conference time for us to speak about your child. Until 3:30, however, I am in charge of all of my students remaining in the gym and cannot talk to you at that time. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.

Please be sure to check and sign your child's planner each night.

A request from Mrs. Naffakh:
Please send in a quart size freezer bag labeled with your child's name and containing the following items:
100 pennies
10 dimes
20 nickels
4 quarters
1 dollar bill

The class code for ordering online is:  KVJJW

Robin E. Mathis
Please contact me any time you have a question or concern.
Together we can give your child the best second grade education possible!