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The morning assembly starts at 7:50AM. Arrival after 8:00AM is considered tardy.

(Please review handbook for consequences for excessive tardiness.)

Students are brought to the gym at 3:15PM for dismissal.

(After 3:30PM, the students who have not been picked up will be charged late fee because they are now considered to be part of after-school care program. The Asr Salah is at 3:25PM. The students waiting for pick up by parents will stay in the gym, and WILL NOT be sent to Musallah. As per school policy, DU teachers are to keep the students in the gym till 3:30PM for handover to parents or after school program/care, after which they are sent to the office.)

May, 2017

May 23, 2017—Hot Lunch (Papa John’s Pizza) - Rescheduled to Tuesday
May 24, 2017—Half Day of School,Dismissal at 11:30AM
May 24, 2017—End of Year/Graduation, 6PM
May 25, 2017—Last Day for Students, Dismissal at 11:30AM
May 25, 2017—Students Appreciation Day ORANGE COLOR
May 25, 2017—1st—8th Grade Q4 Report Cards and Pre-K1—KG Semester II Report Card


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    A student is considered a 'Super Star' if for 5 consecutive days he/she has been consistently at the top of the behavior chart. He/she demonstrates exemplary model behavior. He/she is always respectful, on task, and does his/her work to the best of his/her ability. He/she follows all the rules and doesn't need many reminders. He/she has shown that he/she is very responsible... so much so that he/she is no longer needs the behavior chart. These students are the pride of 3rd grade. We should all be very proud of them. Keep it up! 

Following are the names of students who have achieved that status. I will keep adding names to this list as more students achieve that status. 


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A number of procedures are in place in order to ensure that families receive accurate information about school closing due to inclement weather. We understand that our decision to open or close schools in bad weather has a significant effect on families. Therefore, we would like to remind all parents that once we know about a change in school opening, the primary source of communication is the school website. Please refer to the information below for helpful reminders about school closing. As per the DU policy listed in the student handbook, school closing will be communicated no later than 6:30 AM the day of closing. IF THERE IS NO UPDATE on below mentioned primary sources of communication by 6:30 AM, then Daarul Uloom is IN SESSION. Again, we will do our best, InshaAllah, to communicate as early as possible the school closing information, possibly the night before or early on the school morning. Primary sources of school closing information in this order: 1. School Website ( 2. School Email through parents list 3. School Phone voice message (309-691-9089) Note: Make sure you update the email ids at the DU office in case if you are not receiving any DU emails. Additional Information: There may be some instances when both the local area school districts (Peoria150 and Dunlap) may be closed but DU may decide to remain in session or vice versa. We do take into account the overall weather conditions (ex: driving conditions, parking lot clearance, …) to make the final decision and update our parent community at the earliest inshaAllah. If there are questions or concerns please bring it up to the school administration or the board.


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Here in DU we are trying to promote healthy eating. It would be greatly appreciated if students didn't bring candy or chocolates as snacks. Also, if your going to send in prepackaged fruit bowls, please drain the liquid first before sending. I have spilled the liquid many times while opening the plastic seal, and so have the students. This has created a lot of mess and wasted time to clean up. The only option I am left with now is to send the student to the restroom to open it over the sink there so that the spill is easily drained away. We do not have sinks in classroom. I do not want to send food in to the restroom and so far have not done so, but may have to do this because ensuing mess and stickiness is hard to clean-up.  


Please note that having cough drops in your child’s backpack for them to take by themselves during the day is not permitted. We have noticed some students bringing in cough drops to school without informing the office. Please be sure to send a request note along with the cough drops to the office giving your child permission to take the cough drops if he/she needs them. An email to the teacher about cough drops would be very helpful as well, so that the teacher is aware. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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It has been brought to the school's attention that some parents are unaware of the online school management software, Quickschools that keeps track of students’ progress. We have sent the invitation in the past and again last August to our new parents. Please contact the office if you would like for us to reinvite you. As parents, you can get updates on your child's records and progress via your Quickschools account.

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   Parents are responsible for supplying their child’s daily snack and lunch that include drinks, napkins, and silverware. We do ask that parents to pack easy to handle, ready to eat meals. Micro-waves are available for students to heat up their food. Please do not send meals that take time for the students to prepare and eat. Students are given only 20 minutes to eat and preparing lunch that requires “cooking” takes up much of that time.

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   With the temperatures dropping students are to dress appropriately for the cold days. We will have outdoor recess daily, weather permitting. All student are expected to participate in recess when the temperature is 35 degrees or above (this includes wind chill temperatures). However, when the temperature and wind chill falls below 35 degrees, students will be kept indoors. The chilly morning is an indication that the Fall weather is here. Students will need a sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket to be able to enjoy their outdoor recess. Please make sure they have their sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket before heading to the gym for lunch/recess break. Request for a student to stay in-door based on health reasons will be honored.

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   Clipping Box Top$ is an easy way to earn money for our school. Box Tops are each worth 10 cents and they can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars. Please keep clipping those Box Top$. We are collecting them for the next collection day. Hopefully, we'll collect enough to win the prize: ice cream for the students and extra 15 minutes of recess. This time 2nd grade won the prize. We are hoping that insha Allah next time it will be 3rd Grade!


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   Bookmobile is scheduled on every other Thursday. The Peoria Public Library Bookmobile serves all ages from babies to senior citizens. Materials on the bookmobile include DVDs, books for all ages, read-alongs, and magazines. The Bookmobile stops at our school on a two week rotation from September through May. While the teachers try their best to make sure students choose appropriate books, it is just not possible for the teachers to check each student’s selection. Therefore, we are asking parents to check the books that your child checks out to make sure that the books are age appropriate books.

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The overall goal of this incentive program is to reinforce students for their appropriate behavior and to find ways to reward students with DU Reward Buck on a daily basis. All teachers will have DU Reward Buck to give to students, and all students have an opportunity to earn it. Students are responsible for their own DU Reward Buck. Please remind students that if tickets are lost, they will not be replaced. Students will collect/save DU Reward Buck as they will be able to exchange them for some type of reward throughout the year. Opportunities to exchange DU Reward Buck for rewards will be available on a bi-weekly basis (every other Thursday) starting September 15th, Inshaallah.



By now everyone should have a copy of the welcome back packet (folder containing class policies). If someone doesn't, please let me know so that I can provide you with one. 

Please make sure that I have your most used/checked email address. I sometimes send out an email that requires your immediate attention.

From now on, only latest addition or change in policies will be posted on this page. After a couple of weeks, they will be moved to the page "Policies".