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The morning assembly starts at 7:50AM. Arrival after 8:00AM is considered tardy.

(Please review handbook for consequences for excessive tardiness.)

Students are brought to the gym at 3:15PM for dismissal.

(After 3:30PM, the students who have not been picked up will be charged late fee because they are now considered to be part of after-school care program. The Asr Salah is at 3:25PM. The students waiting for pick up by parents will stay in the gym, and WILL NOT be sent to Musallah. As per school policy, DU teachers are to keep the students in the gym till 3:30PM for handover to parents or after school program/care, after which they are sent to the office.)

November, 2017

November 12, 2017—FIRST Lego League 9:30AM - 12:30PM
November 15, 2017—Hot Lunch (Masala Cafe Chicken Biryani)
November 16, 2017—DU Store
November 16, 2017—Bookmobile
November 18, 2017—Lego League Scrimmage
November 21, 2017—Popcorn sale 3:15PM
November 22-24, 2017—Fall Break
November 29, 2017—Hot Lunch (Harold's Gyro Wrap)
November 30, 2017—KG and 1st Grade Bake Sale
November 30, 2017—Bookmobile
December 6, 2017—Hot Lunch (Harold's Chicken Tenders)
December 13, 2017—Hot Lunch (Masala Cafe Chicken Biryani)

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Jazakullah Khair!


Thank you to those of you who were able to attend our Family Reading Night event last night. The night started with the 8th Grade Wild West Presentation, followed by the 7th Grade Lorax Presentation, and the 6th Grade "Shipwrecked” by Amanda Theodosia Jones Poem Recitation. Students did amazing! Thank you to Mrs. Maloof and Mrs. Ramquist for the wonderful and engaging presentations. Then the night continued with the break-out sessions in the classrooms. All students seemed to really enjoy themselves making the sea themed snack, creating the Cheerio Starfish, making the turtle, making the Jellyfish Sun catcher, and listening to the sea related stories. Thank you to this year’s readers – Mrs. Alexis Maloof, Mr. Jeff Fandel, and Miss Nabeha Juma, for taking their precious time to read to the students.
A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who offered their time to help out with the book fair and the concession stand, and especially to Sister Susan Habbal for making the delicious shredded chicken sandwich and Mac ‘N Cheese, and Sister Ayesha Salahuddin for decorating our book fair Wild West theme.
This week's activities have surely rekindled the joy of reading and the “treasure” we may find in every single book we read. A big thank you to Miss Robin Mathis and Mrs. Amber Fandel for putting a great event for all of us last night. We also appreciate the group effort put forth from all the teachers! It was a great event for the students and we were happy to spend an evening with all of you, Alhamdulillah!

3rd Graders and I want to thank all the parents who generously added to our classroom library by buying books from our wishlist. JAZAKULLAH KHAIRUN! I know these books will be greatly appreciated by all the students (current and future), and they will benefit from them, too. 

I would also like to mention that, 
Masha’Allah, one of our DU families made a very generous donation and bought most of the books teachers requested for their classrooms. The family asked for the name to remain anonymous. On behalf of all the students (current and future), I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the generous donation. May Allah accept it from you and reward you in this life and the hereafter!


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The English Spelling Bee list was distributed to the students in 1st-8th grades on Friday, November 3.
Daarul Uloom will hold its annual English Spelling Bee Competition during the week of December 11th. The All-School Spelling Bee (3rd-8th) will be held on Friday, December 15th.

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I wanted to give you a heads-up that I will be out of town when the school is in session during Nov. 16 - Nov. 22. During this time the students will be in very capable hands of Ms. Susan Habbal. She is a teacher herself and has a lot of experience. Since I will be travelling during this time, it would mean that I may not have access to my school email. So therefore, I am requesting that if there is any emergency issue, please contact the principal, Ms. Farghally. Otherwise, I will insha Allah respond immediately upon my return. Jazakullah Khair.


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Reward Coins

One of the ways the students get rewarded is through Reward Coins which they can redeem for prizes at the DU Store. I have told students that my responsibility is that I hand them out on regular basis and provide them with ziplock bags for storage. Once they receive them, I am no longer responsible. From that point onwards, they are the students' responsibility completely. I have given them safe storage ideas, but still many students insist on having them spread out inside their desk. I have given them multiple warnings that I am not responsible if they get lost and I am not going to replace the lost ones either. I have also now placed a ban on students pooling together their coins. Some students lost their coins and we had major meltdowns as a result. Please understand that these coins are an incentive program, but if they cause too much disturbance in class then I have the principal's permission to have 3rd grade opt out of this program.

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After school access to classrooms

 Our dismissal procedures start at 3PM. I write out the student planner and display it for the students to copy. At this point the students are also informed of materials they need to take home (textbook/worksheet/notebook). Before leaving the classroom at around 3:15PM, I again go over the checklist of things the students should have packed in their backpacks. So the students have two reminders, checklist of things to take home written on the board, and 15 minutes to pack up. As far as I am concerned, there is absolutely no reason for a student to forget anything in class. Please understand that at 3:30PM DU Academy starts and our classes are being used by them (It is no longer DU classroom at that point). I have received a complaint from DU Academy Principal Ms. Saba Fatima that some of my students along with their parents walk straight to the class and enter to get things. Not only does it cause disruption for the students and teachers in the classroom, it also violates school procedure and raises safety concerns for the school management. If your child needs to get your child's book/notebook from the classroom, please go to the office and get permission from DU Academy Principal Ms. Saba Fatima keeping in mind that she can say yes or no to your request. 

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Cold Weather Gear

Students are to dress appropriately for the cold days. We will have outdoor recess daily, weather permitting. All student are expected to participate in recess when the temperature is 35 degrees or above (this includes wind chill temperatures). However, when the temperature and wind chill falls below 35 degrees, students will be kept indoors. The chilly morning is an indication that the Fall weather is here. Students will need a sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket to be able to enjoy their outdoor recess. Only navy blue sweater, navy blue sweatshirt, or jacket are part of the uniform and can be worn inside during the school day. Request for a student to stay indoor based on health reasons will be honored. If your child is wearing boots, please send gym. shoes with them.

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For Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Islamic Studies, Participation accounts for only 5% of the grade. It is still important since it gives you (the parents) an idea of how your child is behaving in class. It is scored using 16-point rubric. The following link contains the rubric which shows you the criteria used by me to evaluate any student. This is a school-approved rubric.


Homework & Study Skills Series

I have two sets of 'Homework & Study Skills Series (Ideas to Help Children Do Better in School)' by The Parent Institute. Each set comprises of 4 small booklets covering various topics. They are an older version, but the information in them is still very helpful. I have only one copy of each set, therefore I can only loan them to you one set at a time for 3 days only. After which I would appreciate it if you would send them back to me. If interested email me, and I'll send the set home with your child. Please take good care of them. It is first come first get basis.

Set # 1

Getting organized for Schoolwork & Homework
Why study... & How Much Should Parents Help?
Making the Most of Learning Styles
Better Note-Taking, Listening & Reviewing

Set # 2

Tackling Large Assignments
Studying for & Taking Tests
Making the Most of Learning Styles
Better Note-Taking, Listening & Reviewing

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These last several days I have been noticing that the students are wearing watches/ gadgets like fitbit and other digital watches to school. They are causing a distraction since the wearers are engrossed in them (trying to figure out various functionalities they have), but they are distracting other students too. Moreover, a few times I have found them on the floor (good thing too other wise they could have been damaged or lost). Please I request that such things are not to be worn to school. Any accessory or shoes that either violate school's uniform code or cause distraction will be confiscated and returned to parents to be kept at home.

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It seems as if more and more students are walking around with untied shoelaces. Untied or dangling shoelaces are a major safety hazard as students can trip due to them and seriously hurt themselves. If your child cannot tie shoelaces, please don't purchase such shoes till they can. If the laces are long, please cut them to a more manageable length. Your child's safety is my primary concern. If untied shoes is a chronic issue, I may ask them to remove their shoes. I would much rather they walk around in their socks than in shoes which are a major tripping hazard.  Shoes that students wear to school should be comfortable as well as something students can handle themselves. Please keep in mind that students have a very active day at school and they have to take their shoes off before they can enter Musallah for Duhr Salah. Shoes with glitter, sparkles, lights, or wheels violate school uniform policy.

WINTER SHOES: Winter will be soon upon us insha Allah. That means that many students will chose to wear boots to school. Boots are not allowed for PE. I would recommend that the day your child wears boots to school due to weather (rain/snow), please send in their regular shoes with them. In school, they'll be asked to change in appropriate footwear.

Jazakullah Khair.

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Insha Allah, the first visit by the Peoria Public Library's Bookmobile is on Thursday, Sept. 7th. Henceforth, the visits are every other Thursday. I have already received library cards from the office. I announced in class as well as posted a list of students for whom I have library cards. I informed those students I didn't have library cards for that they needed to get one from any branch of Peoria Public Library. Without the card, they will not be able to check out any books. There is limit of two books check out per student. Bookmobile is an excellent resource, but there are a few points  would like the parents to remember:

1. Students and parents are responsible for the books. The school merely provides this facility for the benefit of the students. I would highly encourage parents to set up an on-line library account so that they can keep track of the books (renewals, fines, etc.).

2. I request the parents to review the books checked out by their children. We have 15 minutes in which to go to the bookmobile, browse, check out books, and then return to class. There is simply not enough time for me to review each and every student's selection. I also have a high respect for what parents determine appropriate and inappropriate for their child. If your child brings home something that you think is inappropriate, please do have a conversation with your child about it and let me know as well.

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A student is considered a 'Super Star' if for 5 consecutive days he/she has
 been consistently at the top of the behavior chart. He/she demonstrates exemplary model behavior. He/she is always respectful, on task, and does his/her work to the best of his/her ability. He/she follows all the rules and doesn't need many reminders. He/she has shown that he/she is very responsible... so much so that he/she is no longer needs the behavior chart. These students are the pride of 3rd grade. We should all be very proud of them. Keep it up! 

I hope to see all 3rd graders on this list! 


  3rd Grader  
  3rd Grader 
  3rd Grader 

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