Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh.

Alhamdullilah we had a great week!!!




Our busy BEES!!!



Playing together

Picture Re-Take

School pictures were sent home today with the students; if your child was absent that day, or if you

were not pleased with the picture, Picture Re-Take Day will be Monday, October 16, In sha Allah.

Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch will be on Wednesday, 20 September In sha Allah. If you ordered a lunch for your child,

please remember to provide snacks for this day. The menu for this week will be:

Masala Cafe's Chicken Biryani

Raita/Yogurt Sauce (optional, contains dairy)

100 % Juice

Hot Lunch Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer for our Hot Lunch Program, please sign up on the sign-up sheet on the

rolling board in the lobby. If you have questions please contact the PTO at pto@dupeoria.org.

Box Tops

Box Tops collection sheets were sent home with your child last Friday; if you did not receive one, please

let us know. Clipping the Box Tops is an easy way to earn money for our school. Each Box Top is worth 10

cents each, but can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars. If you have any Box Tops, please put them on

the collection sheet. The first collection for the Box Tops will be 5 October in sha Allah.

Students hard work!




If your child will not be in attendance due to illness or any other reason, please notify your child’s

teacher as well as the office by 9AM. To report an absence, parents should either call the school at 309-

691-9089 or send an email to du@dupeoria.org as soon as possible. If the office has not received

notification of your child’s absence, a call will be placed and/or email will be sent to parents to confirm

the absence. Any unconfirmed absence will remain unexcused. As a reminder, if your child is ill, please

keep them home.

Fever greater than or equal to 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit: Children must stay home 24 hours after

fever subsides. They are not to be given fever-reducing medication and sent to school. Your child will

expose other students to the sickness as well.

Heavy drainage (clear or discolored) from the mouth, nose, eyes, or ears

Red discoloration to the whites of the eye(s)
Skin rashes of any kind which have not been diagnosed by a doctor
Severe abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea during the previous night.

A painful, red throat, even if fever is not present.

A deep, hacking cough

Lice or nits: Any student found to have either lice or nits will be asked to remain out of school for a

minimum of 2 days or until lice or nit free after applying the treatment. Upon returning to school,

students will be rechecked determining that they are nit free by the administration.

If a student becomes sick during the day, the office staff will contact the parent to pick up the child.

Upcoming Events:

27 September- Hot Lunch; Harold's Gyro Wrap

                                 Student of the week is Haya Damen!!!


                  Congratulations Haya, Keep up the good work!!!

We have P.E every Monday and Wednesday, so make sure your child is wearing Tennis shoes.




Snack and Lunch: Please try to provide healthy snacks and lunch which they can eat by themselves. For next two weeks please pack only one snack.



  Image result for attire clipart

Please follow the rules for school attire:

Please dress your child in clothes that they can easily pull down and up for toilet use.  Elastic bands are the easiest. Belts and suspenders are difficult to handle for children.

Incase of a bathroom accident, we would like to have extra sweatpants, T-shirts, underpants and socks to keep in school. Put them in a bag with your child’s name on it and keep them in his/her backpack. If your child comes home wearing the alternate clothes, please launder and return them to school.

If your child wears a short skirt, please have her wear knee-length legging.


 Image result for clipart for show and tell

Show & Tell - Every Friday

Show and Tell is a activity that helps building speaking skills and also increases children's confidence. By doing this activity children learn to share things with their friends and teachers, at the same time a child gets an opportunity to be the center of attention. Please make sure that the child brings in one item like a favorite toy or favorite book.



Fehmida Rajiwate


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