About World History


     I find World History to be an interesting subject for the fact that the it presents students with a blueprint of cultures around the world, telling their stories. To think that events that occurred thousands of years ago contributed to shaping countries, languages, borders and religious believes is amazing. World History will hopefully open students minds and eyes to the world of which they are a part.

      In addition to World History, students will be introduced to the Illinois Constitution and Economics. Students will learn about the history of the Illinois government, understanding its branches of government. Students will learn about the process a bill takes to become a law and the rights they have as a citizen. Also, students will be introduced to important economic concepts such as “supply and demand.”

     Throughout the year students will have an opportunity to participate in hands-on activities, which will give students in-depth insight on important aspects of each civilization. In World History students will have an opportunity to learn through peer teaching, group activities and other activities such as the Pyramid project, a favorite of students.