New Announcements

Dear Students and Families,

Outdoor Learning Permission Slips
need to be signed and on file in order for students to go outside with the teacher for various learning activities (ex. read a real working thermometer).

New math program: Our class is now enrolled in Think Through Math which is an online math program paid for by CPS.

Students took the online placement test and now your child may learn new math skills with the help of an online tutor if they need extra help. TTM does not replace, but enhances our accelerated third grade math program.  
Students learn at their own pace and level-I know our class will love TTM!

Technology updates: Thank you Mr.Carmona for the five new ipads for all the classrooms.This is so great because now ten students can be on computers at one time.
Water Cycle Web Quest: As part of our air and weather unit we plan to use the i pad cart to learn about the water cycle during science time on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will learn by reading, writing, and drawing diagrams using technology.

Opinion Writing: Our class wrote wonderful opinion pieces for the hall bulletin board. They had to state their opinion, back it up with at least two or three reasons to support their opinion, and write a closing conclusion.
Great Job class!  

   This week we are learning to write cinquain poems - so much fun.  Ask your child to see their fantastic poetry journals next week.

Counting money, making change, and solving money word problems is on the agenda for this week in math. 
   Please remind your child to practice 0-4 multiplication flash card facts every night. After they master these, add x5 and so on. They need to know these products as quick as you can snap your fingers! Your child could be the next "Around the World" champ of 230. 

Reading: The theme for this month is "How do plants and animals adapt or solve problems to survive in their environments?"  This will be provide great topics for writing cinquain poems.


                                                                       Thank you for support,
                                                                                                                Mrs. M. Nakayama