New Announcements

Dear Students and Families, 
Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

WOW! Think Through Math TTM which is an on line math program paid for by CPS.

The students finally reached their goal and we have received a $50 Oriental Trading Store gift card.  

Technology updates: As you know we have access to a classroom set of I-Pads plus six classroom I-Pads. However, please send a pair of earphones or ear buds to school so they may use technology at various times of the day without disturbing other students.  

Black History Month Activities:
During the month of February our class has learned about famous African-Americans Achievers. The class was thrilled to see our hall bulletin board on the Healy website homepage. It was a almost a two week project, but well worth the work. 
We also created cinquain poetry about famous African Americans and displayed the poems on a poetry tower in the hall. 

The emphasis this month is on geometry and students are learning by doing math art projects. 
Coming in March will be a fun unit called, "Measure, Measure, Measure". We will learn to estimate and measure length, distance, capacity, and weight by using appropriate customary units and metric units.
Students will convert units withing the customary and metric system of measurement.
We will measure perimeter and area and solve problems by using appropriate strategy such as make a table.

Reading and Writing: The theme for this month is What does it mean to be unique? In writing the students have completed mini autobiographies and expository text. We will work into March on a unit called Fractured Fairy Tales which should be a lot of fun. 

Science:  Simple Machines is the next unit of study. Hands-on activities as well as completing activities on a webquest will really spark everyone's  interest in science. 

Thank you for support,