From the desk of Mrs. Sparrow
April 11, 2014
I will be trying to motivate the students more in class and I could use your 
help with keeping your child motivated to do their very best.  The students 
have grown so much and I want to see them keep blooming!

	Things to remember:
	Fourth quarter celebration goal is to decrease in the amount of off 
task behavior in the classroom that would interrupt the learning 
environment.  Please encourage your child to do their best and get tasks done 
on time.  In order to participate in the fourth quarter celebration the class 
has to meet their goal.
	April 18 No School, but there will be school on April 21.
	April 23 Fourth quarter progress reports go out
	April 26 Live Auction at Hiawatha- Thank you for your donations!
	May 5 Grades 3-5 Spring Sing at 6pm
	Looking ahead:  Last Day of school will be early dismissal at 11:30 
on May 30
This week in class:
	Reading: This week the students read Race for the North Pole.  It was 
a nonfiction story about Robert Peary and Matthew Henson (the first people to 
reach the North Pole).
	Math: Next week will be calendars, bar graphs, pictographs and line 
plots in Chapter 4.  
	English: Next week we will work on writing.
	Social Studies: The students will be studying the last region-The 
West.  Next week they will be getting the list of the states and capitals for 
this region, complete a map of the West, and learn about landforms of the 

	Science: We will have a test over all of Unit D on Thursday, April 
	Spelling: Study your words on a regular basis. 
	Remember you can find our daily homework and weekly spelling lists on 
my teacher web page.
Enjoy your weekend!
Mrs. Sparrow
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