Dr. Douglas Schieppe


SCHOOL: Lebanon Community High School

CLASS: Anatomy & Physiology, Biology I, Biology II, 7th Grade Science

SCHOOL PHONE: 618-537-4423

My Background

My wife and I grew up here in Lebanon, and we are graduates of Lebanon 
High School.  We now reside here with our two children, and they attend 
school in the district.  My wife is a mathematics teacher at O'Fallon 
Township High School.  I'm a former collegiate basketball player at Marshall 
University.  I completed my collegiate basketball career with a Southern 
Conference Championship, under then head coach Billy Donovan.  I received my 
doctoral degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, 
Missouri.  I was in private practice for seven years, and owned and operated 
an office in Mascoutah, Illinois.  This provided me the opportunity to 
gain a great deal of practical, professional, and real-world experience to 
bring to the classroom.  I earned my teaching certification and my masters 
degree in education from McKendree University.  During the 2008-2009 school 
year, I taught 7th grade science at Whiteside Middle School in Belleville, 
Illinois.  I have also served as administrator/teacher for various Sunday 
school programs around the area, from 2000-2014.  I have been the head girls 
basketball coach (2011-2013).  Currently, I am the head boys basketball coach.  
My wife and I also run the Lebanon Little Dunkers basketball program in 

My Role in the Classroom

I have always considered myself a life-long learner, and this has ultimately 
led me to the teaching profession.  I believe my role as a teacher is not 
only to convey subject matter, but to be a positive role model to the young 
people I come in contact with daily.  I use my position, as a teacher, 
to fill in the gaps and model family values which are being ever-increasingly 
stripped from our culture.  I believe my career in private practice has 
prepared me to draw from real-world experiences and convey how those 
experiences relate to subject matter in the classroom.  Being a former 
collegiate athlete my background is not limited to academia.  I believe that 
athletics, in proper context, can instill teamwork, self-disipline, and