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Letters of Recommendation


If you would like me to write a letter of recommendation for you at
any time this year, please know that you will need to print out the
form below and type your responses for me. You will need to turn
this form in no later than one week prior to the date of the letter
of recommendation.

  • 1) Please type your full name; Year in School; and I.D. #
  • 2) List the name of the person/institution to whom the letter must be
    addressed. You must also include the address of the University or
    place the letter will be sent.

  • 3) Please list your current g.p.a. and class rank.
  • 4) What L-W sponsored activities have you been involved in and for how

  • 5) Please list any community service in which you have given your

  • 6) Explain what contributions you made to our English class. How
    would you describe yourself as a student? How do you think I would
    describe your role in our class?

  • 7) Do you have a job? If so, please explain what you do, the hours
    you work, and anything relevant about your position.


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