Reminders for IOWAS
-Sleep well!!!
-Eat a healthy breakfast!!
-Bring at least 5 #2 PENCILS--NOT lead pencils! 
-Bring erasers
-You will have a break time for snacks, so bring in healthy snacks


Announcement for 8th Graders:

Please refer to the link on the left-hand side of the page titled "8th Grade Commencement Autobiographies CRITERIA" -- Make note of the due dates and guidelines for your autobiographies.
*Failure to submit your FINAL autobiography to me, Mr. Quadri, Mrs. Mujataba, and Mrs. Saleh via e-mail will result in your autobiography NOT being published


Final Draft of Essay due:
4/21--TUESDAY (for ALL grades)
(Review Rubrics for each grade on the left-hand side of the page)

Citation URL
Use this URL to create your Works Cited page, as well as place your in-text citations throughout your essay

Ms. Suzanne's E-mail 

"Man's mindonce stretched by a new idea
never regains its original dimensions." 

                                                                                                   --Oliver Wendell HolmesSr.



As-Salaamualaikum and welcome to MCC Academy's
 Middle School English/Language Arts page!  


Revised E-mail


It is my pleasure to introduce my student teacher, Suzanne Damra! Ms. Damra will be under the direct supervision of myself until the end of the 2015 school year, inshaAllah.  Below is a mini-bio about her!



Greetings! E’ssalamu Alaykum! My name is Suzanne Damra. I am thrilled and honored to be student teaching under the direct supervision of Ms. Sanna Khan, for grades 6th, 7th and 8th English Language and Composition, until the end of this year. A few interesting facts about me is that I am currently a senior at North Park University in Chicago. I will be receiving my Bachelors of Arts in English Literature (Secondary Education) as well as certification in Special Education, InshAllah, in June of 2015. I have taught for my Mini- Teaching clinical experience at Mary, Seat of Wisdom, in Park Ridge for a 6th grade English Literature class. I am also a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honors Society. As a student at North Park University, I have participated in extracurricular activities such as being a member of MESA, which is Middle Eastern Student Association. I have also worked a few different jobs, including retail and currently work part-time at Misericordia, Heart of Mercy, in Chicago, assisting with a population of individuals with special needs. I can speak fluent Arabic, and have traveled abroad to Amman, Jordan. Some of my hobbies are reading, spending time with family, and watching foreign films. I look forward to this wonderful experience at MCC Academy with students, staff, and family members. 

-Ms. Suzanne Damra

All weekly vocabulary words are now, and will be, posted in your grade link on the left-hand side link of this page.

***Vocabulary Charts are always due the day of the quiz
(7 days after you have received the chart)***

Vocabulary Words for 3/2-3/9

6th Grade
1) aggregate
2) scheme
3) circumstance
4) component
6) differentiate
7) discrete
8) emerge
9) encounter
10) framework

7th Grade
1) analogy
2) confer
3) convert
4) manipulate
5) paradigm
6) precise
7) protocol
8) qualitative

8th Grade

1) attribute
2) compile
3) distort
4) dynamic
5) empirical
6) entity
7) fluctuate
8) generate
9) implicate
10) innovate

Vocabulary Words for Week of 1/26/15--2/2/15

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade



Star of the Day Questions
1) My favorite book is...
2) My favorite movie is...
3) The best trip I've ever taken was...
4) If I could visit any place on earth, it would be... (and why)
5) My favorite sport/ hobby is...
6) In ten years from now, I see myself as...
7) My favorite food/ restaurant is...
8) My favorite place to go with my family is...
9) My favorite school subject is...
10) The person I most admire is...


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Parent Survey

Student Survey


For your English Binders, you will need the following:
-One 1", 3-Ring Binder
-One spiral notebook
-Loose-leaf paper
-One pocket folder
-One pack of colored pencils.
-Pencils/ Colored Pen

*You may already have many of these items, and I highly suggest you use things you already own instead of purchasing new items--I simply need these items compiled together, so that every day you will have these materials automatically.

**Navigating Ms. Khan's Teacherweb Page:
  • On the left hand side of the page, you will find a number of links regarding middle school policy and procedures.
  • Below these links, you will see links titled '6A-8B' -- Depending on your grade/ class section, you will see homework/ classroom updates posted.
    ****When there is no HW, you will simply see nothing listed for that day.

  • Above, you will also find links to the other core middle school teachers' TeacherWeb pages.
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