1st Draft of Review of Literature Essay,
Due: Friday, December 19th

In this draft, I will be looking for:
-Content/ Quality
   *12 Point Font
   *Times New Roman
   *1" Margins (entire document)
   *Double Spaced

Internet Citation Organizer
Use the organizer provided to show what sources you're using, and how they are relevant to your research. As I conference with you, I will ask you to have this printed out for me to see as well.  You may fill out as many as you need, and print them while you are here in school. 


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Science Fair Research Links

The following links will help you in your research.  Make sure that you are copy&pasting the URL where you retrieve your information; you will need this for your Works Cited Page.

IPL: Reliable Search Engine for Science Information Research index on a variety of topics

Science Project Resource: Step-by-step guide to the process

A specific search engine just for science topics


Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea,
never regains its original dimensions."

                                                                                                   --Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


As-Salaamualaikum and welcome to MCC Academy's
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Star of the Day Questions
1) My favorite book is...
2) My favorite movie is...
3) The best trip I've ever taken was...
4) If I could visit any place on earth, it would be... (and why)
5) My favorite sport/ hobby is...
6) In ten years from now, I see myself as...
7) My favorite food/ restaurant is...
8) My favorite place to go with my family is...
9) My favorite school subject is...
10) The person I most admire is...


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For your English Binders, you will need the following:
-One 1", 3-Ring Binder
-One spiral notebook
-Loose-leaf paper
-One pocket folder
-One pack of colored pencils.
-Pencils/ Colored Pen

*You may already have many of these items, and I highly suggest you use things you already own instead of purchasing new items--I simply need these items compiled together, so that every day you will have these materials automatically.

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