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Please save your work on digitial school lockers website so you 
can continue to work on it at home. You will need to open an 
account in order to use the can also save work in 
your other classes as well.   
username:  firstinitiallastnamegradeyear.marian  
awaters2013.marian (this is similar to your username that you use 
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password:  student ID #
Digital School Lockers!

Students are to submit all essays and papers to, the 
plagerism prevention and detection website. Click the link below 
to either submit your paper and/or explore the site.

This website is a great resource for students looking for novels 
to read for their independent novel project. It gives novel 
recommendations from different types of literature for high 
school students and teachers.

Recreation of the classic: Stick Figure Hamlet

Help end World Hunger (and increase your vocabulary!) For every 
word you define correctly, 20 grains of rice are donated to the 
United Nations.

Need help practicing grammar? Try these fun games! At least I 
think they are fun. Yeah . . . I might be nerdy . . . but I 
already knew.

English 4-H and English 1
     This link will carry you to . . . a great site 
that provides users will access to a great deal of encyclopedias 
and research materials. It is also a great place to get materials 
for those introductions ;).