Career Planning Resources

Important links that can assist you in the career planning process:

Perhaps the most comprehensive list of careers. Provides detailed 
information on just about any career that you can imagine. 
Occupational Outlook Handbook

"Your gateway to workforce and career information" 

Find interesting articles on the latest job trends. Find 
practicle tips on how to research careers.
Parkland's Career News

Looking to learn more about military options? Visit this site to 
gain comprehensive information about all of the military branches.
Today's Military

This page has links to all branches of the military including the 
academies and ROTC. If you are interested in the military, it is 
all here.
Comprehensive list of military links

A fantastic tool that helps you find detailed information on 
careers and corresponding colleges that can train you in that 
career field. Includes Illinois state and local career 
information. A must see. As a heads up, you must register (free) 
or input location information to get started.
Career Information Systems

Find detailed information about state and local careers. 
Information such as job market projections and salary can be 
found here.
Illinois Labor Market Information

The Map of College Majors can help you explore college majors 
and begin to focus on majors that fit you well. The map helps you 
see similarities and differences between majors, based on 
student preferences for activities involving data, ideas, people, 
and things.
Choosing a Major