Summer Camps

Media University is a program offered by the College of Media at 
the University of Illinois for two weeks in the summer. This 
program introduces high school students to the many facets of 
advertising and journalism as viable career choices through hands-
on learning activities. Students will work on a real project; 
interact with University of Illinois faculty, ad agencies and 
clients, journalists, and media personnel; and learn from current 
University of Illinois students. At the end of the program, 
students will present their projects to their clients, parents 
and the public at a graduation ceremony. Applications are 
accepted beginning March 15 through on or before May 1, 2014.   
Dates of Camp: June 16-27 2014.
Advertising Summer Camp for High School Students

Looking for a fun-filled educational activity during the summer? 
Look no further…GEMS Camp (Gains in the Education of Mathematics 
and Science) will be held in Champaign, Illinois this summer.
This GEMS Programs gives students an opportunity to intern at an 
Army laboratory and be exposed to career opportunities in the 
areas of math and science.  The program targets students who are 
interested in science and math careers but who need motivation or 
information to pursue this goal. Participating students will 
receive an educational stipend.  Applications accepted between 
March 1 - April 15, 2014.  Dates of Camp: July 14-18, 2014.
Gains in the Education of Mathematics and Science Camp

Sponsored by Department of Defense and the Army Education 
Outreach Program, the Science & Engineering Apprentice Program 
(SEAP) is a 9-week summer program for high school students. SEAP 
is designed so that students can apprentice in fields of their 
choice with experienced scientists and engineers. This 
opportunity provides students with valuable experience needed to 
make informed career decisions.  Applications accepted between 
January 1 - March 31, 2014.  Dates of Camp:  June 9 - Aug 8, 2014.
Science & Engineering Apprentice Program (SEAP)

High school students interested in science, technology and 
engineering are encouraged to apply.  The goal of the Engineering 
summer camps is to introduce various engineering disciplines, 
computer science and construction management to young, aspiring 
high-school students through a set of activities that are fun, 
challenging, and thought-provoking. Students will have the 
opportunity to learn about how engineering impacts our lives 
through participation in various hands-on laboratory experiments, 
design contests and field trips. They will also get a flavor of 
residential college life, and will hopefully build lasting 
friendships with their peers from other high schools.
SIUE Engineering Summer Camp Opportunity

Girls’ Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science 
(G.A.M.E.S.) is an annual week long camp, designed to give 
academically talented high school girls (rising 9th-12th graders) 
an opportunity to explore exciting engineering and scientific 
fields through demonstrations, classroom presentations, hands-on 
activities, and contacts with women in these technical fields.  
Dates of Camp:  July 13 - 19, 2014.
Women in Engineering / University of Illinois

The Women in Computer Science (WCS) organization at the 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) would like to 
cordially invite you to our annual ChicTech Retreat. This event 
is FREE!  Events will include workshops, movies, making jewelry 
from computer parts, nail marbling, and more! This year, the 
retreat will be from May 3rd-May 4th, 2014.  We will provide 
students a place to stay for the night of the 3rd. On the 4th, 
parents will be invited to a showcase of their child’s work from 
the workshops.
Women in Computer Science/ChicTech Retreat