Test Planning/Preparation Resources

Learn about the skills tested on the PSAT/NMSQT and do practice 
questions applicable to those skills.Sample questions and 
practice test answer explanations.  Under 
key word, type:  psat
PSAT Skills & Test Prep

Keep yourself sharp and practice the "ACT Question of the Day" 
ACT Question of the Day!

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ACT dates and deadlines

Extensive ACT online prep. Lesson plans, practice tests, etc. 
Juniors and Seniors stop by the Counseling Office to take 
advantage of this opportunity. We will set you up with an account.

Get FREE access to 99th percentile instruction, practice tests, 
and social 
PrepFactory SAT + ACT Prep

An in-person ACT prep course. Classes available in Champaign! 
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Better Test Scores - ACT Prep Classes

Illini Tutoring offers one-on-one and class programs for ACT 
prep.  Standard Prep is a 6-week program and Prep Plus is a 
9-week program.  Both programs are exclusively one-on-one and 
meet twice a week at regular times and days.
Illini Tutoring ACT Prep

To find colleges that Require/Recommend/Do Not Require 
the ACT Writing.
ACT Writing

Get to know the redesigned SAT (March 2016), see personalized practice 
recommendations, stay on top of important SAT dates and news, practice 
anytime, anywhere, at no cost.
SAT Test Prep

Interested in learning more about AP, SAT, PSAT? Looking for tips 
on how to prepare for college? Visit CollegeBoard.

Test preparation materials available for purchase. From ACT books 
to online classes.
Princeton Review

Comprehensive test preparation materials provided by the Army.

Online Video Class - Students receive 4 months of UNLIMITED access to 24+ 
hours of video instruction.  Stop in guidance office for coupon.  Expires: 
November 1, 2016.
Better Prep Success