Extra Credit

Students should come and see me about extra credit.  Extra credit needs to be approved by me before completion.  

Opportunities for 8th grade Science students to earn extra credit are available ONLY if the student has NO more than 3 missing assignments for the quarter AND has a grade of an 80% or lower.

Extra Credit can be done ONCE a quarter and MUST be approved by me ahead of time

Follow these steps:

     1.  Research an appropriate Science topic.  Topics that we cover in 8th grade Science include:

  • Chemistry

  • Forensics

  • Human Body Systems

  • Physics

2.  Find and research a scientific fact/event based on one of the above mentioned topics from one of the sites below. 





3.  Choose one of the options below

OPTION 1 ~ Write a one to two paragraph statement about the article/research - using complete sentences, correct spelling and grammar. The paragraph(s) should be written in the student's own words and should summarize the scientific event (what happened, when, where, etc.) In addition, the source of the information must be listed or a copy of the article should be stapled to the back.

OPTION 2 ~ Show that you understand the topic you chose.  Choose one of the following options and create the most interesting way to show me your understanding of the topic.

  • PowerPoint Presentation

  • Write a Poem

  • Write a clever/dramatic/funny story

  • Create a Cartoon

Extra Credit Grading Criteria:

The better job you do, the more extra credit you will get.  I give extra credit based upon the TIME and EFFORT you put into it!  The more time and effort you put in, and the more fascinating it is for the average, every-day person who is not a science teacher, the more extra credit you will get! 

For example, A well written, well researched paper will get more credit than a hand-drawn or painted picture.

For example, a terrific project that was hand-drawn or painted, will get more credit than extra credit where some did a lot of cut-and-paste work at the computer. 

On the other hand, if you make an amazing PowerPoint presentation or Slide Show or some other multimedia project, you could get more extra credit than someone who drew something by hand. 

It all depends on the effort & time you put in!