SS Links

Links for Social Studies

US Department of Labor Website
Look up career information and statistics for jobs

Approximately 400 U.S. posters are available for viewing spread 
four pages.

Propaganda Example Posters

The Internet Public Library: Learning HTML

Macromedia Freehand Tutorials and Information

Evaluating Websites: A Rubric

QUICK: The Quality Information Checklist
Evaluating Websites: What should I look for?

Move the turtle through basic programming via an applet.

Scroll to the bottom of this website to the section "Sites to 
Use for
Demonstrating Critical Evaluation." Use with the Critical 

Technology Website
Created by: Miss B:)

American Family Immigration History Center (Ellis Island)

Family Search

Behind the Name

Traceit- Surname Search (Coat of Arms+ History)

Flash (Macromedia) Tutorials

Music- The Basics of Reading Music

Digital Story Telling Example
From: Story Center


Star Logo TNG (The Next Generation)

Star Logo
TNG tutorial on Concepts of Complexity

Introduction to Star Logo

Anne Frank: 3D Interactive Home

Anne Frank: Cyber Hunt

The National Civil Rights Museum
This website is host to the National Civil Rights Museum located 
at the 
Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

Remembering 9-11

National Weather Service

National Geographic: Lewis and Clark
(Mr. S's Students: Team 7-1)

1920's Advertising

Click here to play educational games about civics!