Class Evaluation


Computer Class Evaluation Directions:
Please fill out each section completely and respectfully. The
information will be going directly to me, so please make sure you
type in your first and last name so that you can receive

* If you have any questions, please raise your hand. :)

  • 1) What team are you on?
  • 2) What period do you have computers?
  • 3) Compared to Miss Benefiel, what kind of computer user do you feel
    you are?
    *Techno Guru Supreme
    *Somewhere in between?

  • 4) Over the past 1, 2, or 3 years, what has been your most
    favorite project in computers?

  • 5) What skill do you feel is the most important skill that you
    have learned while in computer class?

  • 6) Looking only at this year�s class, what was your least
    thing about computer class?

  • 7) Looking only at this year�s computer class, what do you feel was the
    BEST thing about computer class?

  • 8) 6th & 7th Graders: Please share the top three things
    that happened that you will remember most from computer class?

    8th Graders: Please share with me what you want to be
    most when you grow up and why.

  • 9) Please list any suggestions, respectfully, that you have for
    improving the class.

  • 10) Additional comments? Write me a note? Is there anything else you
    would like to share?