Reading Lists


39 Clues:
    The Medusa Plot/ Korman, Gordon  5.3/7
    A King's Ransom/ Watson, Jude    4.2/6
    The Dead of Night/ Lerangis, Peter    4.0/5
    Shatterproof/ Smith, Roland   4.4/5
I Survived the Attack of Sep 11/ Tarshis, Lauren  4.5/1
Home Court/Stoudemire, Amare   4.4/3
Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time/ Dashner, James   5.3/7
Heist Society/ Carter, Ally   5.5/9
Theodore Boone: The Abduction/ Grisham, John  5.5/7
The Klipfish Code/ Casanova, Mary   5.0/6
The Friendship Doll/ Larson, Kirby    5.0/7
No Passangers Beyond This Point/ Choldenko, Gennifer   3.9/7
Tuesdays at the Castle/ George, Jessica Day   5.8/8
School Days According to Humphrey/ Birney, Betty G.   4.1/4
Glory Be/ Scattergood, Augusta   4.3/5
Middleworld/ Voelkel, J&P   5.0/17
13 Treasures/ Harrison, Michelle   5.3/11
Eye of the Storm/ Messner, Kate  4.8/10
The Final Exam/ Daneshvari, Gitty   6.4/8
Museum Thieves/ Tanner, Lian  4.6/9
Eight Keys/ LaFleur, Suzanne   3.8/6
Taking the Cake/ Papademetriou, Lisa   3.8/4
Save the cupcake!/ Papademetriou, Lisa   4.2/5
101 Ways to bug Your Friends and Enemies/ Wardlaw, Lee
Big Nate and Friends/ Peirce, Lincoln  2.4/1
Breadcrumbs, Ursu, Anne   4.8/9
Tales From a Not-So-Talented Pop Star/ Russell, Rachel Renee   4.9/4
Ninth Ward/ Rhodes, Jewell Parker   3.3/4
The Familiars/ Epstein, Adam J.   6.3/10
Capture the Flag/ Messner, Kate   4.5/6
Aliens on Vacation/ Smith, Clete Barrett   5.1/9
Mind I I Read Your Mind?/ Winkler, Henry  5.1/5
Zero to Hero/ Winkler, Henry   5.1/4
The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee/ Angleberger, Tom   4.6/4
The Ghost of Graylock/ Poblocki, Dan   4.8/9
Chronicles...Red King: Stones of Ravenglass/ Nimmo, Jenny   4.5/4
The Mark of Athena/ Riordan, Rick    4.8/20
The Missing: Caught/ Haddix, Margaret Peterson   5.2/10
Showoff/ Korman, Gordon   5.1/6
Theodore Boone: The Accused  5.5/7
Invisible World/ Weyn, Suzanne    5.1/7
Skinny/ Cooner, Donna   4.2/8
Surf's Up, Geronimo!/ Stilton, G.  3.4/1
My Name is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton/ Stilton, G.   3.2/1
Shipwreck on the Pirate Islands/ Stilton, G.   3.5/1
Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton/ Stilton, G.   3.2/1
A Cheese-Colored Camper, Stilton, G.  3.1/1
The Mona Mousa Code/ Stilton, G.  3.5/1
The Temple of Ruby Fire/ Stilton, G.  3.5/1
The Phantom of the Subway/ Stilton, G.   3.5/1
Merry Christmas, Geronimo/ Stilton, G.   3.2/1
It's Halloween, You 'Fraidy Mouse/ Stilton, G.   3.1/1
Keena Ford and the Second Grade Mix-Up/ Thomson, Melissa   4.0/1
Clementine and the Family Meeting/ Pennypacker, Sara   3.9/2
The Demigod Diaries/ Riordan, Rick  4.5/7
With the Might of Angels/ Pinkney, Andrea Davis   4.8/8
Waiting for the Magic/ MacLachlan, Patricia   3.0/2
Graveyard Shift/ Westwood, Chris   5.0/10
The Summer Before Boys/ Baskin, Nora Raleigh   4.4/5
Deadly/ Chibbaro, Julie   6.4/9
President of the Whole Fifth Grade/ Winston, Sherri   4.8/6
The Lemonade Crime/ Davies, Jacqueline   4.5/3
Storm Warning/ Edwards, Nicholas  6.0/7
Partners in Crime/ Harrington, Kim   4.0/4
Sparrow Road/ O'Connor, Sheila   3.6/7
Someday Dancer/ Rubin, Sarah   4.6/9
Behind the Gates/ Gray, Eva   4.4/5
Run for Cover/ Gray, Eva   5.0/5
With the Enemy/ Gray, Eva   4.6/6
Set Me Free/ Gray, Eva   5.2/6
Ghost Dog Secrets/ Kehret, Peg   4.6/6
The Reinvention of Bessica Lefter/ Tracy,Kristen
The Super-Nice are Super-Annoying/ Kelly, Jamie
A Dog's Way Home/ Pyron, Bobbie   4.5/9
Matched/ Condie, Ally
Third Grade Angels/ Spinelli, Jerry  2.9/1
A Perfect Time for Pandas/ Osborne, Mary Pope   3.8/2
Whatever After: Fairest of All/ Mlynowski, Sara   2.8/4
Junie B., First Grader: Turkeys We Have Loved/ Park, Barbara  2.9/2
Winter of the Ice Wizard/ Osborne, Mary Pope   3.8/2
Pandas and Other Endangered Species/ Osborne, Mary Pope  5.6/1
The Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve/ Osborne, Mary Pope   3.6/2
Judy Moody's Mini-Mysteries/ McDonald, Megan   4.1/1
Finding the Titanic/ Ballard, Robert D.  4.0/0.5
Remembering the Titanic/ Wishinsky, Frieda   4.6/0.5