Welcome to St. Joseph School Library

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year at St. Joseph School Library. I
look forward to working with you this year. Classrooms have an assigned class
period in the library each week and there are also OPEN LIBRARY times when
individuals can come to check out books or take AR tests.

PS, K and 1st grade have story time followed by discussion. Students start
checking out books in 2nd grade. Grades 2-8 focus on the AR (Accelerated
Reader) program which motivates, manages and assesses literature-based
reading with a focus on outstanding and popular works of fiction and non-
fiction. At the beginning of each trimester, students take the STAR test to
determine their reading level or ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development).
Students will use this range in choosing books to read. After finishing the
book, students then take a computerized test to determine their
comprehension. The goal is to achieve a minimum of 85% on comprehension.

My expectation is that all students will read 15-45 minutes per day
depending on their grade. Daily reading is what transforms reading into a
lifelong habit and increases reading proficiency.

Have fun reading,

Mrs. Zakaras