Welcome to Second and Third Grade


Welcome parents and students to the second and third grade.  We are now upstairs in room 202. I am very excited to begin the new school year!


Thank you for sending in the supplies for your child. This ensures your child has everything he/she needs.  If you have some supplies not yet checked in, please send them as soon as you are able.


You may send a store bought treat or small gift for the class on your child’s birthday.  There are 15 students in our class.  Please do not send anything with nuts, thank you.  Birthday party invitations may only be passed out at school, if the entire class is invited.


We will have a mid-morning snack each day.  This snack needs to be nutritional, no desserts please.  We will drink water at this time, no juice boxes are needed.

Water Bottles

Your child may bring a water bottle each day filled with water only.  Please do not send in water enriched drinks or other drinks, as spills can cause a sticky mess.  The water bottle must stand upright on the child’s desk, so please do not freeze it.


Starting August 23rd, your child will have Math homework and Language Arts homework Monday-Thursday.  We will have a Spelling/Vocabulary test every Friday. Every student needs to read 20 minutes a day. Every student needs to practice math facts 10 minutes a day.   Please check your child’s planner and the web site for updates and reminders.

Sweaters and sweatshirts
Please label all sweaters and sweatshirts with your child's name.  This way there will be no confusion of who the item belongs to.  Thank you!

Friday Folders

Each Friday your student will bring home his/her Friday Folder.  Please review the papers and show interest in your child’s work.  Sign the Friday Folder and return it to school on Monday.  The papers may remain at home.

Book Orders

Attached you will find a flyer about book orders.  You may go online and order books anytime during the month.  I will place an order every month.  The books will be mailed to the classroom and I will pass them out when they arrive.  Ordering books is optional.

Over and Beyond Awards

Each Friday your student will come home with a rubric stating whether she/he has earned an Over and Beyond Award.  An Over and Beyond Award is given to students who complete all of their work that week, turned in their homework on time, display a Christian attitude during class and recess, and have their family or caregiver initial their student planner.  If all criteria is met, your child will bring home a certificate stating she/he has earned an Over and Beyond Award.  If something is missing, it will be stated on the rubric.  Please see the sample rubric that is attached.

In Class Incentives

Students completing work without disturbing others, will receive stickers to go on their sticker chart.  When a sticker chart is filled (about 20 stickers), students may pick a prize from the prize bucket.  This will go on all year.

Class Schedule

You can view the class schedule online, on my web page.  I have attached a copy for you onto this letter.

Monday- Music

Tuesday- Gym

Wednesday- Library

Thursday- Art and computers

Friday- Mass and Music



                                                                                                               Mrs. Clough