Visit the Dept. of Energy's student site to learn how to do a Home Energy 
U.S. Department of Energy

Compare your eating habits to recommended foods for a healthy you!
Food Pyramid

Saint Joseph School Web site

Practice activities we have learned in class.
Math practice

Practice for standardized testing Math

Practice map skills.
map practice

Make grpahs
Graph Maker

Learn about Math and Science
Study Jams

Remember the differences among mean, median, mode and range.
Mean, Median, Mode, Range song

Song to help lean abut area and perimeter.
Area and perimeter

Practice reducing fractions.
reducing fractions

Explore the solar system.

Find the symbol for your planet.
Solar system symbols

Find definitions and synonyms.

View and learn abot our Eearths climate.
climate kids

Other Resources

Here are some other resources that you can't find on the internet:     
School Library     Local Public Library