Parents ask "Homework for Preschoolers???"

Yes, Preschoolers do have homework every day.  Each day your preschooler is to bring his/her homework folder to school.  This is our way of staying connected with each other.  Any correspondence between home and school should be put into this folder.  Each morning we check to see if you have sent anything for us and each evening you need to check for correspondence from school. That's it!  Bringing the folder each day is really the only "homework"!

Of course, at home you should be practicing the things we are learning in school as often as possible. Go over the alphabet and the sounds letters make just as a review for your little one.  Practice counting from one to ten (and back again) along with counting by tens to one hundred.  Before you know it, your preschooler will be sounding out words and counting to one hundred!

You should help your preschooler learn your address and phone number.  This is a "safety issue" for me. It is important that your preschooler be able to tell any authority his/her name, address and phone number if ever lost.

Parents homework?  Enjoy working with your preschooler and watching him/her learn!