Valentine's Day Fun


The Preschoolers had so much fun getting ready for Valentine's Day and then showing each classmate how much they mean to them!

First there were Valentine Centers and projects to complete!

VDay-1.jpg    VDay-2.jpg      VDay-3.jpg    VDay-4.jpg
VDay-5.jpg    VDay-6.jpg       VDay-7.jpg    VDay-8.jpg

On Valentine's Day, we "mailed" our cards and then had fun delivering them!

   VDay22.jpg   VDay23.jpg   VDay27.jpgVDay20.jpg

  VDay17.jpg  VDay19.jpg  VDay18.jpgVDay29.jpg

After delivering the Valentines, we enjoyed delicious ice cream!

                   VDay-11.jpg VDay-10.jpg VDay-9.jpg

Happy Valentine's Day EVERYONE!!