In Preschool we love learning with each other and making memories. Here's a look at what we do each day...
    In Preschool we spend a lot of time working on our motor skills. 
We use scissors, crayons, markers and glue to make awesome projects.  We really like using the paint and creating beautiful pictures!  You should see what we mold with the clay...we are great sculptors!

     We also learn about the sounds different letters make in the English language through a program called "Jolly Phonics".  We learn most of the sounds that are used in phonics and some of the preschoolers even start to read.  We were very excited about reading so we practice our sounds each day!  

     Everyday counts in preschool and we count every day.  Most of the preschoolers can count all the way to 100!  We are working on recognizing all of the numerals up to 20 and we love counting one to ten and then back again.

     Along with academic skills we learn about social skills.  We learn about what to do when conflicts arise and how to play nice with other children.  We learn a lot about sharing and waiting turns.  We learn
about eating with a group and using inside voices.  It is important that a child feels safe and welcomed at school and we try to make our classroom a friendly, inviting place for children to learn.

     Outside is a wonderful place to be when the weather is nice.  It is great going out to play each day with our friends.  We use jump ropes, chalk, hula hoops, balls, ribbons, toy trucks and imaginations to add to the fun.  We take out the sand table and basketball hoop as long as the weather is nice.  Sometimes we even take out the balance beam!  We love working on those large motor skills!

     So, while other people may think Preschool is all about playing and napping, we know we are learning a lot each and every day.  Just ask us!