About the Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Mariann Reilly

SCHOOL: Saint Joseph School

CLASS: Preschool

SCHOOL PHONE: (708) 798-0467

A Little Background....

Preschool is my passion. I am starting my 37th year as a teacher here at St. Joseph
School and I have loved every minute. I began my career in first grade and after 11 years
we developed the preschool program. I taught preschool for 16 years and was then
"promoted" to third grade where I taught for three years. When we had another change in principals, I was moved back to preschool where I have been ever since.

Being a graduate of Saint Joseph School, I hold a great deal of pride when it comes to 
the education we offer students on a daily basis.  The teachers work together to assure 
that the students are receiving the best education  available.  I have always been proud
to be a member of our faculty and look  forward to helping more three and four year olds 
reach their full potential!!!

Mission For The Class....

Preschool is a time when children start to  build independence and responsibility.  
Although three and four year olds are very young, they can accomplish many tasks 
on their own and they are so proud when they can say "I did it by myself!"  My 
mission is to help each child reach their full potential and introduce them to the 
wonders of school and the magic of learning!