The final week of the final month of the final year at St. Joseph School has arrived!  

Monday:  We still have a few quizzes, tests, assignments, and workbooks to turn in before final grades are printed on Tuesday.  We will be cleaning up the classroom before lunch.  Please send cleaning supplies, (a sponge or rag), a box or bag to bring home items from the coatroom and desk, wear "cleaning clothes" (NOT your Sunday's Best!)

Tuesday: We will spend the majority of the day at Irwin Park.  Wear clothes appropriate for a park and bring "park" toys.  That does NOT include electronic devices!

Wednesday: We will begin in our classroom then move to church for the final school mass and awards.  Please plan to join us one last time!

We will finish the year in literature with a play in the fifth grade textbook.  Students in fourth grade will have their fourth grade textbook collected and a fifth grade book issued to them for the last weeks of school.    

Our school's character trait for the weeks of May 29th and June 5th is LOYALTY.  Is your student being loyal at home and to his/her fellow classmates at school? 

We do have a couple of tests left for this school year.  The flashcard making program might be just what your student needs to prepare for the vocabulary on any of those tests.      

When sending a snack with your students each day, please let him/her know which food item is for lunch and which one is for snack.  The snack should also be a healthy one.  Thank you.

If you need to get in touch with me, you can email me at