International Baccalaureate Programs

Congratulations to our 2013 IB Diploma Recipients!

The Steinmetz IB Dilpoma and Middle Years Programmes

The IB Diploma Programme is a challenging curriculum for juniors and 
seniors that fosters critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and 
respect for global diversity. Students study rigorous, advanced coursework 
in the core subjects, follow a college-level philosophy course entitled 
theory of knowledge, complete detailed research on a subject of interest, and 
participate in extra-curricular projects that combine creativity, action, 
and service.  Students may apply to the IB Programme at the end of their 
sophomore year.

The Middle Years Programme introduces freshmen and sophomores to academic 
rigor and  emphasizes research skills, the scientific method, and math 
skills for advanced learning. Sophomore students demonstrate skill           
development by presenting a researched, personal project to their peers, 
parents, and  community. The Middle Years Programme offers opportunities
to enter the IB Diploma Programme; successful MYP students will advance to 
the IB Diploma Programme.  Students may apply to the MYP Programme during 
eighth grade.

For more information about the Steinmetz IB Programmes, please contact:
Ms. Nancyanne Ferrarini, IB DP Coordinator
Ms. Katherine Doyle, IB MYP Coordinator
Steinmetz College Prep High School
Room 501
3030 North Mobile Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60634