Brigade Commander Announcements

* Welcome all freshmen and anyone who has just joined JROTC for the first time! We have many great teams to get involved with such as the rifle team, color guard and drill. Feel free to ask any questions about the activities. Participating in activities helps to build a strong foundation and the only way to enjoy high school is by being involved!

* Welcome all Staff Members. Let's kick off the year on the "left" foot! Your staff meetings are at 0700 hours every Wednesday. If you are late, you are absent. Please be on time.

* Every Wednesday is Uniform wear day for ALL students. Class "B" uniform is authorized wear after your inspection during that day. Parents/Guardians, please ensure that your student is wearing their uniform correctly. If for any reason, they cannot wear the uniform, they must have a note from you with an explanation as to why they are unable to wear the uniform.