Brigade Commander Announcements

* We finally ended the 1st semester and I hope you all did well on your report cards. Keep up the good work!  

* The first pick up for the can food drive was completed on Monday, November 17th and I am upset to say that we did not reach our goal for the half way mark of 1,000 cans. Please bring in cans to help the community and those who don't have the same privileges as we do.

* Every Wednesday is Uniform wear day for ALL students. Class "B" uniform is authorized wear after your inspection during that day. You guys look good in uniform. I am proud of you!

* The Prosser Drill and Color Guard Competition is coming up on Saturday, 22 November and Carver's Drill and Color Guard Competition is on on Saturday, 13 December. I am proud of the teams for working so hard and coming to practice.  Show them what we're made of!