Week of 4/24 to 4/28/17

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

Monday – Social Studies Test TODAY!!

Math text pp. 733-734 for homework.

Tuesday- Math text pp. 739-740; Science test next week on Unit 4-Ecosystems & Interactions; you have all week and the weekend to study; use pp. 197-200 as your review/study guide; review all vocabulary in the chapter

Wednesday- Math text pp. 745-746

 Math text pp. 751-752 and we are having a ch. 12 Math Test next week

Friday –Chapter 12 Review pp. 753-758; this will be collected on Monday  

Notes for Parents: (over)

We are continuing to work in our Chapter 12 Math texts; we just completed the ch. 12 Math Quiz last week. Please be sure you are reviewing the ch. 12 concepts with your child at home. The polygons, quadrilaterals, intersecting lines, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, right angles, types of triangles, will all be on our Spring MAP TEST.

We will also be reviewing Fractions in the ch. 8 Math Text; we have already done quite a bit of work with fractions in our PARCC books (locating fractions on a number line, finding equivalent fractions, changing improper fractions to mixed numbers, and mixed numbers to improper rractions.)

Be sure your child completes all of the Fractions and Two Dimensional Shapes topics on IXL.