READING ASSIGNMENT SHEET: Lesson 6: 11/2 to 11/6/15

Students received their Unit 2 Test grades this past Friday; if your child’s was stamped Parents Please Sign, please sign & return. Scores are also available on Think Central. This Thursday will be the last day to hand in late work for 1st qtr. because report cards are coming soon.


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Parents: All Homework Must Be Signed





LESSON 6-Beginning of Unit 2




1.     math

2.     toast

3.     easy

4.     socks

5.     Friday

6.     stuff

7.     paid

8.     cheese

9.     June

10. elbow

11. program

12. shiny

13. piles

14. sticky

15. each

16. both

17. comb

18. holiday



1.     ABC Order on loose-leaf paper

2.     Vocab. Cards on index cards



  1. Reader’s Notebook pp. 71-72
  2. Reader’s Notebook pp. 73-74



  1. Reader’s Notebook p. 76
  2. Reader’s Notebook pp. 77-78



  1. Reader’s Notebook pp. 79-80
  2. Reader’s Notebook pp. 81-82



  1. Reading Test & Spelling Test
  2. Work on November Reading Log-due Monday, Nov. 30; you must have10 books with specific genres




  1. twitch
  2. swoops
  3. squeak
  4. echoes
  5. detail
  6. slithers
  7. snuggles
  8. dozes



This is your child’s yellow homework assignment sheet for Rdg./Lang. Arts/Writing- Lesson 6. Be sure your child has this sheet in his/her Rdg. folder every day. Ea. Mon., students will receive this yellow assignment sheet outlining all of the hw assignments for the week as well as important notes for parents. Please be sure your child completes the correct hw ea. day, that you check all papers, & sign ea. assignment so that I will know that you have checked your child’s work.


Also, try to listen to your child read ea. night, for at least 20 min. Ask questions about what was read to reinforce comprehension skills. Students will receive their November Reading log to complete for with 10 books.

The Home Letter is also sent home ea. Mon. to keep you abreast of what skills are being covered in Rdg. & what you should be working on at home as well as suggestions for books to pick up at the library for that week.


This week we will be studying Spelling words that have the VCV (Vowel Consonant Vowel) pattern.


Our Comprehension skill this week is “Sequence of Events” or telling the time order in which events happen. Our story is a text science selection. (It is a narrative-nonfiction.) Science selections such as our story often contain information that follows a specific order or sequence. This structure helps readers make connections between sentences and paragraphs, & ultimately understand the story. Clue words such as first, then, next, soon, finally…can help us follow the sequence of events. Students can also use words such as these to retell the order of events. There is a sequencing worksheet in the Rdg. extra practice sheet section on the website.


Our Comprehension strategy that we will be using to develop the above skill is Question. We will work on asking questions before we read, while we read, and after we read.


In Grammar, we will be working on identifying verbs. Verbs may be action words or express a state of being. Action verbs tell what the subject is doing. “Being” verbs tell what something is or was and are forms of the verb “be”. Verbs also have “tense” which means they may be past, present, or future. There are verb worksheets in the Rdg. extra practice sheet section on the website.


Vocabulary Strategy, we will be working on identifying words with the suffixes, -able & -ible.

Remember to review all graded papers with your child. Please return any papers stamped-“Parents Please Sign.”


All LATE assignments are lowered 1 letter grade. Words that are capitalized on Spelling tests & Spelling assignments that are NOT proper nouns are marked incorrect.