Week of 3/20 to 3/24/17

Math, Science, & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

Monday –Math text pp. 323-324 (ch. 6); study your division facts

Tuesday- Math text pp.  701-702 (in the ch. 12 Math text); study your division facts

Wednesday- Math text pp. 707-708

Thursday –Math text pp. 713-714

Friday –Work on ST Math, IXL Math (Understand Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Division Fluency, Division, & Mixed Operations), & XtraMath. In Reading, work on synonyms, antonyms, prefixes and suffixes, Greek and Latin roots, main idea, and opinions.

Notes for Parents:

The graded ch. 11 Math Tests went home last week; if your child’s test had to be signed, please sign the test and return it to school ASAP. Also we need all progress reports back signed this week.

We are working on Math ch. 6-Understand Division. If your child knows ALL of his/her x facts, division should be a piece of cake!

Also, please hang onto the PARCC Math Practice book and continue to use it as a review because similar problems will appear on the MAP Test in the Spring. Please pay particular attention to fractions and all of the notes that we took in the PARCC Math book. Try to spend additional time at home studying after homework especially on weekends.

Please continue to work on XtraMath, IXL Math, & ST Math at home. And our final MAP testing which is critical is coming up towards the end of the year. Your child must be ready.