Week of 5/16 to 5/20/16

Math MAP 5/24, Reading MAP 5/17, Science –6/10

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

Monday – Please study your figurative language/point of view packet. Math worksheet 10-5/10-6

Tuesday-Reading MAP Test TODAY!!!Science Fair Packet sent home today!!!! Science fair is June 7. See notes below for information.


Wednesday-Geometry Packet; work on ST Math & IXL Geometry if time allows


Thursday- Mini-Test Prep Math Packet

Friday –Work on the Math MAP practice book, the pink PARCC Math book, & the Geometry packet. If there is time, try to do ST Math. Also remember that the Science Fair paragraph is due on Monday.


Notes for Parents: (over)

This week, we are MAP testing in Reading-5/17.

On Wed., I am sending home the students’ Science Fair packet. The Science Fair is June 7. I cannot accept any late projects. Students who do not have projects on June 7 will receive a Science Project grade of 0. All projects must be experiments. We studied the steps of the Scientific Method in great detail in Unit 1 of our Science books so students should be very familiar with the Scientific Method. The teachers have included titles for the Science board at the end of the packet (students may however, print out their own at home) and the Scientific Method sheet that must be filled out for each project. Inside the packet, there is also a copy of the Score Sheet that we will use to score each project, a sample display board, ideas for projects and information on how to complete the project.

I am asking that on Monday, students bring in a paragraph explaining their project so that I may approve it before they actually start working on it. I need to make sure that they are in fact completing some type of experiment and that it is not just a demonstration as in a volcano erupting. That is not an experiment. Once a student’s project has been approved, he/she may not change it without first checking with me & receiving approval on the changes.

Please remember that the final page of the Science fair packet is the ONLY page that MUST be filled out by each student and must accompany his/her project. This sheet will be graded along with the actual project.