Week of 2/23/15 to 2/27/15


Math, Science, & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


MondayMath text pp. 381-382; remember to show work for all story problems. Women’s History Report assigned today-due March 2. (See reverse of hw sheet.) Science homework: Write the definitions of the three words on Science text p. E40, in your Science notebook.

Tuesday-Math text pp. 387-388; be sure to show all work for story problems. Science-text p. E49-Write each question & answer in complete sentences.

Wednesday- Math text pp. 393-394


Thursday –Math text pp. 399-400; start preparing for your ch. 7 Math Quiz which will be next week



Friday –Work on ST Math! Complete at least 2 to 3 hours this weekend. Remember your Women's History Report is due on Monday! Also students are receiving a study guide for next Tuesday's (March 3) Mid-Chapter 7 Math Quiz. Study over the weekend!!

Notes for Parents:


We have completed our PARCC Test Simulation. The test will count as a grade in Gradebook for 3rd qtr. Third qtr. progress reports are rapidly approaching; please be sure your child is completing all of his/her consistently and not missing any assignments. Please log onto to Parent Portal and check your child’s grades & log onto Think Central to see your child’s test scores. The scores on Think Central are entered into Gradebook.


We are continuing chapter 7 in Math this week. We will have our quiz & our test on ch. 7 next week. Review division facts & spend additional time at home studying the division story problems in the text; most are multi-step problems and are a little tricky.


March is Women’s History Month. We will be studying famous women in history. Students will need to complete a Women’s History Report. This report will be due on Monday, March 2 and should be at least 1 page in length. Students should think about a woman who has helped to “shape” history and whose life has had a great impact on our country, or the world. They should discuss the early life of this person, important accomplishments and dates, & why he/she chose to write about her. Reports must include a picture (photograph copied from a text or internet or a drawing.) Remember reports MUST BE in your child’s own words. This is very important because the students will be presenting their reports in class and they must be able to read them. Students will be receiving a Speaking grade for their reports also just as they will for their African-American History Reports. Students should read the information that they are researching when completing their reports and then summarize it in their own words when writing the actual report.


Please remember that all test scores for Reading & Math are available online on Think Central.