MATH, SCI., SOC. ST. ASSIGNMENT SHEET: 5/12/14 - 5/16/14


Week of 5/12/14 to 5/16/14

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

There is MAP Practice in Math on Study Island. Students should just log in and it will pop up!!!


CAC Unit 5/19-5/30

Monday Study for the ch. 27 Math Test-use your study sheet that you received last week!!! Do Math MAP Practice on Study Island!!!!

Math text pg. 495 #'s 11-28.


Tuesday -Science text p. D19;write each question & answer in complete sentences. Work on Math Map Practice-Study Island!! Math text pg. 497 all. SHOW ALL WORK!!         


Wednesday- Math text p. 498-all; show all work; practice for the Math Map Test tomorrow using Study Island; study for the Science Test tomorrow-Unit D, ch. 1


Thursday –MATH MAP TEST Today!! Science Test Today on The Water Cycle-Unit D, ch. –open book. Math Practice Test for ch. 27 for homework!!


Friday –Social Studies Test ch. 8 Today-open book!! Math Test on ch. 27 TODAY!! Please go back to working on ST Math over the weekend; we need 100% from every child by the end of the year!!


Notes for Parents:


 4th quarter progress reports sent home last week-please sign & return ASAP!

 Science Test-Thursday!

 Math Test on ch. 27-Friday & Soc. Studies Test on Friday!!

 Great job on Reading MAP Test! I saw a LOT of growth from everyone!!!! Please continue to practice at home for the Math MAP test on Thursday!! Use Study Island! Also prepare for the Math Test on ch. 27 on Friday-use your Study Sheet received last Friday (also posted on website.)

Be ready for your Science & Studies Tests this week. Study even though they are open book tests!

Our next chapter in Social Studies will be ch. 11, Unit 6 –Making & Selling Products.

Continue to work on ST Math at home daily. For those students who have completed ST Math, work on Study Island.