READING ASSIGNMENT SHEET: Lesson 14: 1/26 to 1/30/15

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Parents: All Homework Must Be Signed

  • Students should cover their Reading texts with a book cover; please do not use glue, paste or tape on your book cover








1.      horse

2.      mark

3.      storm

4.      market

5.      acorn

6.      artist

7.      March

8.      North

9.      barking

10. stork

11. thorn

12. forest

13. chore

14. restore

15. dark

16. story

17. partner

18. fortune




  1. Write Vocab. Words on front of index cards with the def. and a picture to represent the word on the back. Please follow directions for Vocab. Cards.
  2. Study Spelling & Vocab. words.
  3. A-B-C Order



1.      Vocab. Strategies/Phonics Sheet 13-14

2.      Independent Rdg. Sheet 207-208




  1. Vocab. Strategies/Grammar Sheet 211-212
  2. Phonics/Grammar Sheet 201-202




1.      Grammar/Spelling 209-210

2.      Grammar/Spelling 203-204





1.      Reading/Spelling Test




  1. lying
  2. loyal
  3. partners
  4. shift
  5. quiver
  6. patrol
  7. ability
  8. snap


This is your child’s yellow homework assignment sheet for Rdg./Lang. Arts/Writing- Lesson 14. This is all 3rd qtr. work. Be sure your child has this sheet in his/her Rdg. folder every day. Ea. Mon., students will receive this yellow assignment sheet outlining all of the hw assignments for the week as well as important notes for parents. Please be sure your child completes the correct hw ea. day, that you check all papers, & sign ea. assignment so that I will know that you have checked your child’s work.


Also, try to listen to your child read ea. night, for at least 20 min. Ask questions about what was read to reinforce comprehension skills.



The Home Letter is also sent home ea. Mon. to keep you abreast of what skills are being covered in Rdg. & what you should be working on at home as well as suggestions for books to pick up at the library for that week.


This week we will be studying Spelling words that have the –ar, -or, & -ore sound


Our Comprehension skill this week is author’s purpose; we will be using text details to tell why an author writes. An author writes to inform or describe, to persuade, or to entertain.


Our Comprehension strategy this week is summarize; we will tell the important parts of the text in our own words.


In Grammar, we will be working on subject/verb agreement. The subject of a sentence and the verb (predicate) must agree in number, tense, & gender. Most verbs in the present tense end with –s when the subject is singular; some verbs, though, end with –es such as those that verbs that end with s, sh, ch, x, or z when they are used with a singular noun. If the subject is plural, we do not add –s or –es to the verb.


Vocabulary Strategy: in-, im- (meaning “not”) incorrect, improper


We are continuing to work on writing the Reading Extended Response. Students must remember to make connections-text to text, text to self, & text to world. They must cite their evidence from the text to back up what they write: “In the text it says, The author stated, I learned in the story…” Students have already received a handout that they are keeping in their ISAT folder that lists a variety of stem statements that students can use to cite evidence from the text. This week they will receive some sample Reading Extended Responses. Please review them with your child at home.


LATE assignments are lowered 1 letter grade. Words that are capitalized on Spelling tests & Spelling assignments that are NOT proper nouns are marked incorrect.