Week of 4/4 to 4/7/16


Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet-No Reading Assignment Sheet This Week


Monday –ST Math; review your PARCC Math & Geometry Packet


Science Packet for homework-Use your Science book to help you; work on ST Math


Wednesday- PARCC TESTING-Math
Homework: Science pp. 197-200 (Unit 4 Review) Students will receive the pages copied so they can write on the sheets.



Thursday- PARCC TESTING-Math



Friday – No Classes Today-Work on ST Math. Also students are receiving their yellow Reading assignment sheet for Lesson 21 (for next week) early because next week is a short week. So, please read the story at home with your child, study the Vocab. & Spelling, & students may start on their ABC order & Vocab. cards. We are PARCC Testing in Math Monday morning and there is no school on Wednesday due to Report Card Pick-Up. Students also received their ch. 7 Math Books because we are moving from ch. 6 to ch. 8. The third grade teachers decided to move the students into the ch. 8 Math book because it covers Fractions which they need to know for the MAP test. Ch. 7 reinforces division so we are asking that the students work on ch. 7 at home, a few pages at a time.

Notes for Parents: (over)


The students will not have a Reading Assignment Sheet this week due to continued PARCC testing all week in Math, our field trip on Monday, & no classes on Friday. Students can no longer hand in late 3rd qtr. work. We will be working on Science this week so students will have some Science homework. Please continue to review the PARCC Math & the Geometry packet with your child and also keep these materials because we will be using them to help us prepare for the upcoming MAP tests as well.


Also, students’ current graded papers will be saved to review with parents for Report Card Pick-Up on 4/13.