Week of 9/18/16 to 9/22/16


Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet-work on ST Math & IXL Math at home daily when time permits; work on starred exercises.


Monday – Math text pp. 27-28-tear out pages- show all work for any story problems. Please check your work carefully.

Tuesday-Math worksheet 1-25/1-26


Wednesday- Math text pp. 33-34; PLEASE show all work!!! Never just write answers.


Thursday – Double sided Math worksheet on Rounding-Dont forget the Rounding Rules that we learned in class. Use your Math text to help you.

Friday –Work on ST Math & IXL Math over the weekend & complete your Reading Book Report.


Notes for Parents:


This week, we will be working on Compatible Numbers, Estimating Sums, and the Associative Property of Addition. The Associative Property states that when you group addends in different ways, you still get the same sum- (16+7)+23=16+(7+23) We have already discussed the Commutative Property & the Identity Property. Please study with your child at home & make sure he/she is completing all homework assignments consistently.


Also, students must remember to show all work when completing story problems and not just write the answers. Points will be deducted from story problems that only have answers where the work is not shown.

Please be sure your child uses the correct heading on all looseleaf sheets with the correct subject listed & pg. #’s.


We are in the CAC for the next two weeks working on our Arts Integrated Unit. We will not have any Science while in the CAC but our Unit is based on the history of Chicago which will be our Social Studies during this time. Students are still responsible for completing & handing in regul


Also try to complete the starred exercises on IXL Math.