MATH, SCI., SOC. ST. ASSIGNMENT SHEET: 05/19/14 to 5/23/14


Week of 5/19/14 to 5/23/14

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

CAC Unit 5/19-5/30

We’re in the CAC!

If your child has late Reading & Math assignments,
they must be in by tomorrow-only late Reading & Math!!

Monday –Math text p. 503; show all work and be sure to write your remainders.
Draw a picture like we did in class to help you. See p. 502 for the examples
that we discussed today.


Tuesday - Math text p. 505; show all work!!


Wednesday- Work on ST Math! Study your long division.

Thursday – Math text p. 508; #'s 6-17 only; you must do long division.


Friday –Please do ST Math and practice your long division!!!
Math text p. 508 #'s 18 -29; you must do long division.


Notes for Parents:


4th quarter progress reports need to be
signed & returned ASAP…

We are beginning our Math chapter on Long Division
with Remainders-ch. 28-“Divide by 1-Digit Numbers.” This is a very difficult
concept for 3rd graders so please spend time practicing with your
child at home. It is extremely important that students keep their digits lined
up perfectly; you may want your child to use graph paper to assist them with
lining up their digits.

The Long Division Steps will be

1. Divide

2. Multiply

3. Subtract

4. Bring Down