Parents please be sure to read all of the notes.


Week of 4/11 to 4/15/16

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

Monday – Math text pp. 447-448-all; show all work please.

Also be sure you are studying for Science test. Science Study Guide Unit 4 Activities sent home today to practice for test Thursday. Study Guide Packet will not be collected.

Tuesday- Study for Science Test on Unit 4 on Thursday; please work on ST Math or IXL (fractions)


Wednesday- Report Card Conferences-12:00 noon to 2:00pm

& 2:45 pm to 6:00pm (No school today-Scholastic Book Fair will be open)


Thursday- Social Studies worksheets-(American Culture-Chapter 7:Lesson 1) and Math text pp.453-454; please check Think Central for Science Test grade today-Unit 4

Friday –Please read the Spring Break 2016 note. Click on the tab to your left that reads: Spring Break Reminders 2016. It explains exactly what the students need to do next week. Students are receiving the same note today (on orange paper) attached to their new Math Test Practice book.

Notes for Parents: (over)

We are back to our regular schedule with today being our final day of PARCC testing in Math. Students should have brought home their ch. 7 Math texts over the weekend to work in at home. Pod 210 will be skipping ch. 7 and moving straight into fractions in ch. 8. Chapter 7 reinforces division facts that we covered in ch. 6, so we would like for students to work in ch. 7 at home. Work completed in ch. 7 will not be collected. Students are encouraged to still complete ch. 7 at home. Spring Break would be a great opportunity to complete the entire ch. 7 book at home. Students will not have an April Reading Log. A May Reading Log will be sent home after Spring Break. Please remember that the number of books read is recorded on the Report Card. If I don’t receive the Reading Log, I will not know how many books your child read at home.

Please be sure that your child is keeping up with homework. Homework is graded and counted on Gradebook. Please check Parent Portal so you will always have current information on your child’s grades.

Be sure your child is keeping up with the PARCC practice books. We are still using them to help us get ready for our next round of testing-MAP tests in Reading & Math. These are the tests that are part of your child’s promotion to 4th grade.

Our Science Test on Unit 4-Ecosystems & Interactions will be this Thursday. Our test was delayed due to the two weeks of PARCC testing. This is a lengthy test; please be sure your child is studying Unit 4, pp. 149-200. Be sure to use the Unit Review at the end of the chapter, pp. 197-200 that the students completed for hw to help prepare. Review all of the Vocab. in Unit 4 & reread the selections. Also complete the Study Guide-Activity Packet sent home today.

Our next Science Unit will be Unit 3 Plants & Animals.

Our next Social Studies chapter is chapter 7-American Culture.