Educational Websites for Third Graders

Program to help students practice skills in all subjects.
Usename: Firstname.Lastname@disney      (no spaces)
Password: disney
Study Island

Practice for the Maps test in Reading.
MAP TEST Practice in Reading

Students can play games at various RIT levels to help them increase their 


Math test prep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a mock Math Test that students can take online. Please 
try this at home!
Mock Math Test-Important & fun!!!

Students are working on coding this year! We are very excited because 
students are being introduced to computer programming!! They have unique 
passwords to sign in. 

This is a digital library complete with audio, text highlighting, and an 
embedded dictionary. 

To read on MyON: 

1.Click on the blue link below.
2.School Name: Walt Disney Magnet School
3.Username: Student's First Initial, Last Name and last 4 digits of 
Student ID
4.Password: myoncps

Students have already been using MyON and know how to log in.

MyON-Your Digital Library-over 7,000 books!!!!!!

This link will help you to become a BETTER TEST-TAKER!!!!!
Test Strategies with Questions!!!!

This website provides excellent Close Reading Practice. The 
of close reading is to unlock the meaning of text and to explore 
author's motivations for writing it. Readers use close reading 
strategies with challenging text that are hard to fully 
on the first reading.
CLOSE (CLOZE) Reading Practice

This is a link to the students' Reading text.
Student Edition of Journeys Reading Book

This link provides access to Journeys Grammar videos for various 
Think Central Grammar Videos

This link provides the audio versions of all of the stories in 
the Journeys
Reading text.
Think Central Story Audio Hub

Check your child's grades on a regular basis!!!
CPS Parent Portal for Gradebook

This is a link to videos on Adapted Mind. Locate the Math concept 
that your child
needs to practice and watch the video!
Adapted Mind Videos to help you with homework

Practice for the MAPS test in Math.
MAPS TEST Practice in Math-link seems to be broken for now

Math Practice that will help your child on the Math MAPS test.

Think Central is a website that allows parents & students access 
to the Harcourt Reading/Language Arts materials that we use in 
the classroom. Be sure to click Chicago Public Schools District 
299 & then Walt Disney Magnet School NOT Walt Disney II. Students 
log in with the first letter of their first name and their last 
name-all lowercase & the password is disney-all lowercase. 

Example: username: mmouse
         password: disney

Once you log on, you will be able to click on THINGS TO 
will give you your child's Reading test score & you will see your 
child's answers & what he/she had wrong; you will be able to go 
over the test with your child at home.  Clicking on "MY LIBRARY" 
will give you access to some of the worksheets that your child 
completes in class for Reading/Grammar. You can print these out 
for additional practice at home. Clicking on "THINGS TO DO" will 
give you assignments that your child can do at home or 
assignments for school. Right now there aren't any online 
assignments listed under "THINGS TO DO". Overall this is a great 
website that provides many resources for parents & students. 
Please let me know if you have any questions.

3rd grade ISAT information for 2012-2013 from the Illinois State 
of Education and interactive ISAT sample questions
**Test Dates March 3-March 14, 2014**
Illinois State Board of Education-Student Assessment Information

3rd grade ISAT TEST PRACTICE BOOKLET on ISBE website; please 
visit the ISBE
website for more info. on the ISAT!
2013 ISAT TEST PREP booklet from ISBE-UNAVAILABLE-please see note on ISBE website regarding ISAT practice materials

This is a link for an interactive ISAT Practice Test that 
students can take online! Have your child take the 2009, 2010 & 
2011 tests.

Song- "Sumer is Icumen In", at the end of Lesson 21 story-Sarah, 
Plain & Tall.
It is a Middle English Round.
Song at the end of Sarah, Plain & Tall-Lesson 21

This is another interactive website that allows students to take 
a practice test in Reading online. The website also gives 
feedback on why specific answer choices are not correct and it 
grades the test at the end. Choose grade 3 and then click on 
Level C on the the page that will follow. This resource is FREE 
only until April 
30, 2012.
Rally Education-Online Practice ISAT

The IL ISAT COACH is a great ISAT Test prep resource that we use 
at Disney. This book is available through Triumph Learning. When 
you arrive at the website click on the ISAT Coach for Reading 
and/or Math. Students do not bring this book home but parents may 
purchase it online.
IL ISAT COACH for Reading and/or Math

We use Buckle Down with the third graders at Disney to help them 
prepare for the ISAT. Students do not bring these home but we use 
them regularly at school; parents may purchase them from the 
publisher. Look for ISAT Buckle Down for Reading & the book for 
ISAT TEST PREP- Buckle Down series

Here's the link for ST MATH. The 
instructions for logging onto ST MATH at home are on the website. 
Each child has a unique 
password given to him/her by ST MATH that he/she must memorize; 
teachers do not have a copy of the password. I will be monitoring 
the students' progress and we will be working on ST Math at 
school as well. Try to allow your 
child time to work on ST Math at home; research shows that 
students who complete at least 75% of the entire ST Math syllabus
(or more) will show greater success on the Math portion of the 

The publisher of our textbook series at Disney for Reading, Math, 
Science & Social Studies is Harcourt. Harcourt has a wide range 
of parent resources in all subject areas in their parent store. 
Go to the website & click on the link for "Parent Store".
Harcourt Publishers

Order books online for your child. Books will be sent to the 
classroom. Use the code J4WXW to link your order to our class. 
Orders will be submitted once a month.
Scholastic Book Clubs

This is a video from New American Cursive that shows proper 
pencil and paper position for cursive writing as well as the 
correct way to hold your pencil for right-handers.
New American Cursive Video for Right-handers

This is a video from New American Cursive that shows proper 
pencil and paper position for cursive writing as well as the 
correct way to hold your pencil for left-handers.
New American Cursive Video for Left-handers

Fun,Educational Activities for the Brain!!

We are reading a story about bats this week- "Bat Loves the 
Night", so we are
studying the characteristics of bats. One of those 
characteristics is the
bat's ability to use sound to locate and identify objects which 
helps it to
navigate when flying and hunting for food; this is called 
echolocation. TeacherTube has a cute video that illustrates 

Computer animated video of the Mars Rover landing in August, 2012.
Mars Curiosity Rover Landing

Students can log in to Fast Forword at home. They should enter 
the name of their school: Walt Disney Magnet School (the school 
will show up & they should click on the name.)The username is 
their first name (it may be lowercase letters) & the password 
is "disney."

Students can look up Scholastic magazine issues that focus on 
Math, Reading,
Science & Social Studies, watch the accompanying videos & learn 
new vocabulary
words, skills & concepts.
Scholastic Magazines

Fun Math Activities!!!
Hooda Math

These are Math games aligned to the Common Core standards. What 
is Common
Core? Check
the ISBE website. There is a link above. ISBE has quite a bit of 
info. for parents!
Math Playground!

Practice this song for our CAC Unit next week!!!!!!!!!
The password is - disney


CAC Song-Favorite Things

Other Resources