General Announcements


Watch here for extra credit opportunities. Opportunities will rarely be
announced in class. Extra credit is always due within one week of the
assignment or event.

Opportunities are added frequently and generally require that you attend an
educational event sponsored by the University. Many of these events are free;
most Emens events are paid.

All extra credit is applied to the participation category and will be
reflected in the course grade at the end of the semester.

Extra Credit Opportunity: English Bulletin Board

Plan, design, and post on the English Bulletin Board in the hallway between my
room and Dodrill's room.

The board must be informative, interactive, and aesthetically pleasing. It
also must relate to something studied in class. If it's not good, you won't
earn any credit.

November - English 10 - board posted between November 1 - 5 (Ritika, Shannon,
Jenny, Kelsey, Hannah)

December - Contemporary Lit - board posted between December 1 - 5 (Taylor H.,

January - English 10 - board posted by January 9 (Kartik, Anna, Ivy)

February - Rhetoric - board posted between February 1 - 5

March - English 10 - board posted between March 1 - 5 (Taylor J, Kat, Savana,

April - Rhetoric - board posted between April 1 - 5

May - English 10 - board posted between May 1 - 5 (Simple, ZRo, Caleb, Cody,

You may work with up to 5 people and you may only earn this extra credit once.
This will be on a first come basis; to claim your month, email me the name(s)
of everyone in your design crew. I will begin accepting emails at 3 pm on
Wednesday, August 13. Once you have claimed a date, I will provide a specific
rubric regarding how points will be earned.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Muncie Civic Theatre Events (See schedule)

English 10: You may earn credit for authoring formal play reviews of any
production you attend. If you are a performer, you must author a character
analysis to earn credit. Please see me with questions.

Contemporary Lit / Rhetoric: You may earn credit for authoring theoretical
reflections of any productions you attend.


The Ball State Jewish Studies Program in conjunction with the Department of
Political Science presents

"The Current Challenges in Israel and the Middle East"


Alex Goldman-Shayman
Deputy Consul General to the Midwest

Tuesday, November 4
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Student Center, Cardinal Hall B

Mr. Goldman-Shayman assumed the post of Deputy Consul General, at the
Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest, in August of 2013. Mr.
Goldman-Shayman coordinates and oversees the political and economic work of
the Consulate. He works with national, state, and local elected officials. He
also works with community and religious leaders, as well as universities and
colleges, to create collaborations and increase partnerships and relationships
between the Midwest and Israel.

Contemp Lit will earn Ex Cr for authoring a 2 page reflection that examines
the presentation from a postcolonial perspective.


Extra Credit Opportunity: Emens Event _Jekyll and Hyde_ November 11, 7:30
(Requires Tickets)

To earn credit for this event, you must have read _Jekyll and Hyde_ in
advance. (Most of you have, but I have copies you may borrow.)

Your reflection will be a comparative analysis of the story as written and the
story as performed. Contemporary Lit kiddos must use theory in their analyses.

Extra Credit Opportunity: FREE November 20. Below is the press release from BSU:

Brian Storm, former director of multimedia at and now president of
MediaStorm, a multimedia production studio based in New York, will discuss
digital storytelling and the cinematic narrative at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 20 in the
Pittenger Student Center Ballroom. Using examples from his personal production
company, Storm will show how storytelling is evolving with today's technology.
His presentation is also part of the Letterman series.

A minimum 2-page reflection earns credit; contemp students should always
consider theory in their reflections.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Emens Event _Sister Act_ January 21, 7:30 (Requires

To earn credit, author a formal play review.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Emens Event _Memphis_ March 18, 7:30 (Requires Tickets)

To earn credit, author a formal play review.

Extra Credit Opportunity FOR RHETORIC STUDENTS ONLY: Emens Event _Swan Lake_
March 23, 7:30 (Requires Tickets)

See me if you plan to complete this extra credit.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Emens Event _Peter and the Starcatcher_ April 22,
7:30 (Requires Tickets)

To earn credit, author a formal play review.