How do I apply?

Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education


Cooperative Education or I.C.E. is a long established work experience program. I.C.E. enables students to gain work experience in their chosen career area. Students earn 4 credits each semester toward graduation while earning pay. The student is allowed 1/2 day release time from school to work at an approved training site.


Do you qualify to enroll?


*      Seniors on track for graduation

*      2.0 Grade point ratio (many employers require a 2.5 g.p.a. or higher)

*      Excellent attendance and school citizenship record

*      You must have personal reliable transportation



How does the program Work?


Students either attend their home high school in the morning and work in the afternoon, or work in the morning and attend school in the afternoon. The student must work a minimum of 15 hours per week at an approved paid job. The students attend a related class at the Ebbertt Education Center.


How do I enroll?


You can begin the process by visiting the counseling office at your high school.  Talk to your counselor to make sure that cooperative education will fit into your senior schedule and complete an Ebbertt Education Center Application.


If you have any unanswered questions please contact Dennis Montgomery, the Cooperative Education Coordinator.  You may contact Mr. Montgomery at the Ebbertt Education Center by calling 641-2121 or by email