Health Ministry

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Members of Health Ministry Team

The Health Ministry Team provides a comprehensive approach to health and 
wellness through a variety of programs and educational opportunities.  
Referral assistance to local social services and healthcare services is also 

     The Health Ministry Team members are:
         Kristi Wahl, RN, Parish Nurse
         Rosanne Boszor
         Sherry Hurt, RN
         Susie Mueller, RN
         Karen Robertson
The Health Ministry Team meets on the second Wednesday of every even 
numbered month at 6:30 PM in the church conference room. Everyone is welcome 
to attend.

The parish nurse is available on Wednesdays and Fridays in the church office 
from 8-Noon to meet with you individually.

Volunteers are also utilized to assist with various health screenings and 
programs. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer.

Please contact KRISTI WAHL at 473-3656 for addtional information.

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