Hello Pluto!     On July 14, 2015 New Horizons spacecraft flew within 8000 miles of the dwarf planet and began sending information back that will forever change our understanding of this part of our solar system.  Science is all about the process of discovery which leads to new understanding and this year we will learn new information together as it comes to us from over 3 billion miles away. 
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 Welcome to seventh grade science!

Can you see the small dot in the picture below?  I took this picture of Venus crossing between the Earth and the Sun using my cell phone camera and looking into a telescope.   This wont happen again for over 100 years, but the really big news this summer is about Pluto! By the time you are reading the New Horizons spacecraft will have given us the closest look ever at the dwarf planet. Who knows what will be discovered.  But that is what science is about... "Science is the study of the nature of the universe from the smallest pieces of matter to the largest formations of matter stretching across the universe."  With every new discovery our understanding of the universe changes.  Who knows what the next discovery will be!  I believe this is the most exciting time to ever be alive because of the speed at which new discoveries are being made.  And the next most exciting time will be tomorrow! 

This year you will be learning how to think more like a scientist, learn about the physical laws of nature, and how our planet is a dynamic system that keeps on changing. 


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