Announcements and Reminders

Mrs. Deakin's Contact Information

Phone: (812) 542-8501 ext: 3135

Online Book Information:

Math 7: (blue book)   Periods 1,4,6
1. go to
2. username:  student24568
   password:  h2s6y

PreAlgebra: (Green Book)   Period 5,7
1. go to
2. username: student26054
   password: t9m8j

Algebra 1: (red book)
1. go to
2. Username:  dstudent530
   Password:  d2x9b

Resources for Extra Math Help!!

1) For help with a specific homework problem: 1-800-ASK-ROSE
2) For help on a concept that we learned in class: 
      *Go to ANY of these websites and search the topic you are struggling with and you will receive countless resources (videos, notes) to help you understand!!

3) For extra practice on skills you have not yet mastered: 
      *Click on "join a classroom" in the top right corner and enter the
code 4438-3D79

      Create an account using your information
      Click on the book or search a topic you want to work on and begin earning stars and mastering skills!
      I will keep track of student progress!