Here is where I will write important announcements.  Parents who sign up for my NewsFlash will be able to receive updates via email and/or cell phone text message. 

~April 17th at 6:30pm - PTO Meeting

~April 17th - Market Day Pickup

~April 25th - Midterms go home

~April 25th - Pizza Hut Book-IT party

~April 26th - Mill Creek East Garage Sale

~May 9th at 2:30 - Mother's Day Tea

~May 30th - Mill Creek East Walk-a-Thon

Please check out this attachment to help view the power of reading and how you, as parents, can help your child in reading, by understanding and improving  literacy development  at home:  Moore-Family-Literacy-Brochure.pdf

Students should bring their communication/take home folder to and from school everyday.  Please discuss the papers that are included in your child's folder. Have them explain what they needed to do in order to complete the assignment.  

Our class will have P.E. on Mondays of every week. Please have your child prepared for P.E. by sending them with tennis shoes.  Thank you!  

A Parent's Guide to Understanding Accelerated Reader - Please check out this link to view questions and answers to the Accelerated Reading program that your child is participating in. 

Congratulations to our class!  We decided to keep track of when we get a 100% on an AR test, we get to color in our graph.  We first set a goal of 30-reached it, 31-reached it, 32-reached it, 33...and we just completed our goal of 39!  and we reached it!  The students popped a balloon and received a reward of  extra recess!  Our next goal has been moved up to 40.  Keep up the great reading class!

Please enter "My Student" in the subject line of all emails to Mill Creek employees!  This little trick is how you keep your emails from going into teacher's spam filters!  Thank you 

Due to the addition of added curriculum, in order to meet our common core standards, we have decided it would be best to do away with our spelling pre-test on Mondays, and give ONE spelling test to all students on Friday.  Therefore, students will need to practice daily the word list that will be coming home Monday evening.  

We will be continuing with ACC Math until the end of the school year.  As a reminder, we will still have our core enVision Math instruction and Math homework will remain the same.  Each child will bw working at their own speed and level.  They are really excited about this new program and challenge.  It will be  fun to see how many objectives they can accomplish.  ACC Math requires students to answer math questions by filling in the correct bubble on a scan card.  Students then grade their own card by running it through a scanner connected to a computer in the room.  A TOPS Report print out provides immediate feedback regarding items missed.  The studen is then given more problems to practice that cover the same math objective, or if the objective is mastered, the student is given problems covering a new objective.  This supplemental program will make them much stronger math students.

CALLING ALL MOMS!! We will be having a Mother's Day Tea on May 9th, 2014.  It will be in the afternoon at 2:30 and last until the end of the day.  You will receive an invitation closer to this special day.  Please mark your calendars now.  You will not want to miss this beautiful hour with your child.  They are all so precious, and they'll be working very hard to make this a day you will always remember.  We do request that no siblings attend this event.  Each child will have just one special guest.  This is a magical time for you and your first grader!