About Mrs. Hedges

NAME: Mrs. Hedges

SCHOOL: Our Shepherd Lutheran School

CLASS: 4th homeroom, technology support

SCHOOL PHONE with Classroom Extention: 271-9100 x243

Originally from Hoagland, IN, which is south east of Fort Wayne, I attended
St. John's Lutheran School for K-8 and was active in our Lutheran congregation
throughout high school.  Purdue University is my alma mater where I graduated
with a degree in Education.  Currently, I am licensed to teach general
elementary in the state of Indiana to grades 1-6 and 7 & 8
non-departmentalized. Since graduating I have had a wealth of experience in a
wide assortment of teaching environments ranging from urban inner city to a
private school for gifted children, and most recently in the parochial setting
teaching computer education with Our Shepherd.  I was privileged to develop
and teach in a model classroom for two of those years while teaching sixth
graders in IPS.  There I also had the experience of team-teaching where my
focus was in the areas of math, science, and technology.

While taking time off to be home with my four children, I found time to
further my growth in God's Word.  Also, participating on Our Shepherd's school
board for three years and continuing with graduate classes has allowed me to
stay abreast of recent educational trends and developments.  I am very excited
to be able to teach your children using so many wonderful gifts and tools,
found not only in the education field, but in God's Word and living out His
Word daily.

I look forward to a fun and challenging year of growth and change.  There are
many opportunities that lie in our path and I hope to encourage and challenge
all students to stretch themselves and strive to make the most of all the
talents and abilities given to them by our God.

Mrs. Hedges