Pet Caregiver


Your goal is to identify what care each animal will need on a daily and/or 
weekly basis, such as feeding, watering, cleaning.  You must then decide 
which animal would make the best pet based ONLY on these needs.


1.  RESEARCH - Using the following Internet links and classroom books, 
    determine what daily and/or weekly care each animal will need.  Answer 
    as many of the following questions as possible:

           How often does this animal need to be fed?
           How often does this animal need fresh water?
           How often does this animal need its home cleaned?
           What other needs does this animal have?  How often?

2.  WRITE - On your Record Sheet, record your findings of how to care for 
    each animal in the correct box.  Include AT LEAST three facts for each 
    animal.  (If you have not printed a Record Sheet, please use the 
    Internet link below.)

3.  THINK - Think about which of these animals you believe the class would 
    most want to care for.  Answer the following questions to yourself:
            Which animal requires the most amount of work to care for it?
            Which animal requires the least amount of work to care for it?
            How long would the class want to spend caring for their pet?

4.  WRITE - Complete the sentence at the bottom of your Record Sheet, 
    explaining what animal you feel would be best for the class based on 
    YOUR job only.

RECORD SHEET - Print this sheet to record your research findings.

PAINTED TURTLES!turtletank/care.html




Classroom Books

   1 - Turtles by Trudi Strain Trueit
   2 - Turtles and Tortoises: Caring for Them, Feeding Them, Understanding 
        Them  by Hartmut Wilke
   3 - The Turtle: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet by Lenny Flank
   4 - Turtles by Ann Larkin Hansen
   5 - The Proper Care of Turtles by John Coborn
   6 - Turtles: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, and Diseases by 
         Hartmut Wilke

   1 - Your Pet Gerbil by Elaine Landau
   2 - Taking Care of Your Gerbils by Joyce Pope
   3 - Gerbils by Fiona Henrie
   4 - Gerbils by Arnold Dobrin
   5 - Hamsters and Gerbils by Honor Head
   6 - Gerbils, All About Them by Alvin Silverstein

   1 - Freshwater Fishes by Judith Jango-Cohen
   2 - Your Pet Tropical Fish by Elaine Landau
   3 - A Great Aquarium Book: Guide for Beginners by Jane Sarnoff
   4 - Tropical Fish by Pam Jameson
   5 - A Step By Step Book About Tropical Fish by Cliff Emmens
   6 - Tropical Fish by Robert Hirshfeld

   1 - Frogs and Toads by Bobbie Kalman 
   2 - Frogs, Toads, and Turtles by Diane Burns
   3 - Toads by Amanda Harman
   4 - Frogs by Gail Gibbons
   5 - Awesome Amphibians by Steve Parker
   6 - Amphibians as Pets by George & Lisbeth Zappler