1.  The class will be separated into groups of four from already formed 
groups.  Each group member will be assigned a particular role and will be 
responsible for the information attained in each role.  
2.  The breakdown of the groups is this:  a. Historian, b. Meterologist, c. 
Information Coordinator, d. Emergency Response Consultant.  Your specific 
goals and guiding questions are laid out in the particular link.  You just 
need to click and find out what information you are responsible for.  
3.  Through looking through websites and books available in the media center, 
you will make a list of the  5  most important 
facts about tornados in regards to your specific area of interest. You will 
need to document this list of important facts in your journal and after each 
example give a brief explanation as to why you believe this fact is important 
to know.
4.  After working independently, you will meet with your group and discuss 
what are the top  3  facts from each of the 
four content areas.  
5.  After group discussion and agreement on what the most important facts 
are, then your group will collaberatively construct a brochure that will put 
together your groups thoughts about tornados and what information the public 
will need to know.
6.  After you have constructed your group's brochure, it will be turned in.  
If you click on the evaluation link, you will see what the grade will be 
based upon.