Butterfly Webquest

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IMAGINE yourself becoming a butterfly!  

Your task is to follow the life cycle of the butterfly with your group.  Each 
of you will research a stage of the life cycle and keep a journal on it. Then
you will meet with your group to discuss the stages. When you have finished 
your discussion, your group will be able to design a poster with your chosen 
stages and role-play the stages in the butterfly's life.

Click on the word "Process" above.

Indiana Standards:

               1.1.3  Recognize that and demonstrate how people can learn     
                      much about plants and animals by observing them closely
                      over a period of time.  Recognize also that care must be
                      taken to know the needs of living things and how to 
                      provide for them.
               1.2.6  Describe and compare objects in terms of number, shape,
                      texture, size, weight, color, and motion.
               1.6.2  Observe that and describe how certain things change in 
                      some ways and stay the same in others, such as in their
                      color, size, and weight.

     English/Language Arts:
               1.2.4  Follow one-step written instructions
               1.2.7  Relate prior knowledge to what is read.
               1.6.1  Print legibly and space letters, words, and sentences 
               1.6.2  Write in complete sentences.
               1.6.7  Capitalize the first word of a sentence, names of 
                      people, and the pronoun I.
               1.7.4  Stay on the topic when speaking.
               1.7.5  Use descriptive words when speaking about people, 
                      places, things, and events.
               1.7.9  Provide descriptions with careful attention to 
                      sensory detail.
              1.7.10  Use visual aids, such as pictures and objects, to 
                      present oral information.

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