8th Grade Social Studies

December 10: 4th and 7th Hour Only!! Write a modern Breaking News Report over the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

December 3: Finish Gettysburg Address packet for tomorrow

November 20: Finish Part 5 of the Emancipation Proclamation Analysis packet

November 13: Finish Strengths and Weaknesses of the Union and Confederacy Worksheet if not finished in class.

November 4: Study for Ch. 9 Test tomorrow

October 30: Finish Causes of the Civil War Timeline for class tomorrow

October 28: Finish the John Brown activity if it is not completed in class.

October 13: Finish Ch. 9 Illustrated Dictionary if you did not do so in class

September 16: Finish Study Guide if you did not finish it in class

September 12: Re-register for TCI eBook & Finish Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution WKST

August 20: Websites

   - TCI/eBook
      1) Click Student Sign In
      2) Click the Create Account button
      3) Teacher email: smcbride@acseagles.org
      4) Username: First Initial and Last Name
      5) Password: Same as Study Island, gmail, etc.
      6) Select Pursuing American Ideals
      7) Select Class

August 19: Classroom Procedures
   - No Homework

August 18: First Day and Introduction
   - Bring Red Notebook and Binder to class tomorrow