8th Grade Social Studies

April 17th - Ch. 15 Study Guide (test on Wed. the 22nd)

April 13th - Read Ch. 15, Section 3 for tomorrow

April 7th-9th - Students will need to gather information and pictures for their Family Heritage Project. They have been given instructions on what they need for the poster.

March 25th - Finish Primary Source Packet if not done in class.

March 24th - Read Ch. 14, Section 2

March 6th - Primary Source Activity due on Monday. Any student who missed the Current Events Quiz needs to watch CNN Student News from Thurs. (3/5) and Fri. (3/6) before taking the quiz on Monday. It can be found at cnn.com/studentnews in the episode archive. Also, please read Ch. 13, Section 4 because we covered it in class on Friday.

Feb. 26th and 27th - Finish PowerPoint presentation over New Invention or Innovation for Monday

Feb. 24th - Ch. 13 Illustrated Dictionary

Feb. 18th - Westward Expansion Project Part 2 (Group Project) due on Monday, Feb. 23rd

Feb. 12th - Westward Expansion Project Part 1 (2 Page paper) due on Monday, Feb. 18th

Feb. 3rd - Read Ch. 12, Section 6 for tomorrow

Jan. 27th - Read Ch. 12 Section 5 for tomorrow

Jan. 26th - Ch. 12 Illustrated Dictionary and read Ch. 12 Section 2: Mining and Ranching Opportunities in the West
 - Students were to have signed up for the eBook again in October
 - Username should be first initial and last name (possibly with a number)
 - Password should be the same as their study island password

Jan. 20th - Ch. 11 Study Guide (Test on Thursday)
Jan. 5th - Ch. 11 Illustrated Dictionary