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2017 Florida Trip



Click on the following link to access the Florida handbook!


Here are the dates and times for the Florida Band rehearsals.

Feb. 8 Wed 7-8:30 PM

Feb. 12 Sunday 1-3 PM

Feb. 22 Wed 7-8:30 PM

Feb. 26 Sunday 1-3 PM (meeting for parents and students at 2:30-all the questions will be answered)

March 8 Wed 7-8:30 PM

March 11 Saturday 10 AM-noon


Want to join us on the trip to Orlando? We have room for up to 20 family members or additional students to go down in the busses, stay at the hotel, and do the activities with the band. The cost would be the same. Students that are not in the SMS band must be accompanied by at least one parent. If you are interested, go ahead and sign up at superholiday.com. The trip ID is SMSHS66207-17B. Adults should sign up as chaperones (the only category for adults) and children would sign up as students. Please let me know if you plan to do this so we can keep count. We can't go over this number of additional participants. There is a short window of time to add people so please decide and sign up in the next two weeks.

On the payment schedule printed on the information handed out at the informational meeting, it says the first payment to Super Holiday Tours through their website is Sept. 16th.  The website actually says that date is 9/30.  Follow the schedule that they have listed though, of course, you can pay early if you prefer.

The 50.00 deposit to the Band Boosters is still due on 9/16.

Remember to be signed up on the Super Holiday Tour website by the end of the day tomorrow and get those first two forms into the band room.  Lots of students were turning those in today.  Great!  This turn-in is very important because it allows the tour company to establish an accurate estimate of the transportation cost which is based on the number of participants.  They can then add that to your cost shown on the website and you will know much closer the actual cost of the trip.

Our information meeting was very well attended!  We are off to a great start.  If you want information but weren't at the meeting, information packets and required forms are available on the table outside the band room.  The first turn in date is August 26th for forms and signing up on the Superholiday.com website.  Instructions for that are in the information packet.

Florida 2017!  Trip 3/12-18.  Informational meeting-8/18

Here is the info you've been waiting for-a quick overview of next year's Florida trip! It will be from March 12 to the 18th. We start with a 24 hour coach bus trip down to Orlando. Once there we will spend three days in the Disney Parks-The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom! We will participate in a movie recording session experience and perform a concert in one of the parks. We will spend another day at the Universal Studios Parks-Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. All of these parks are amazing! Look them up-there are all sorts of things you will want to do and strategies you will want to learn on how to best navigate the parks. Whether you love thrill rides or prefer to enjoy the incredible shows and unique attractions-these parks are over the top incredible. We also will spend a day at Clearwater Beach-sand, surf, and a BBQ! We will be in Orlando and Clearwater for 5 days and 4 nights. Most meals are covered in the cost of the trip. We will be staying in a nice hotel.

Informational meeting for the trip will be at 7PM on Aug. 18th in the auditorium. You will learn all about the itinerary of the trip, transportation and housing, costs, expectations, and the various forms for signing up. We also will talk about chaperones and how families can get in on the savings if you want to go down at the same time as the band. There will also be time for questions.

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