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2017-18 New Member Information

Further Band Camp info can also be found at the 2017 Band Camp link on this

See the 2017 Band Camp Schedule below. There will be no rehearsals on
Saturday and Sunday. Camp rehearsals are in the SM South bandroom and stadium.


New Parents Meeting May 22 at 7 PM in SMS Band Room.

Session I (new marchers, leaders, perc) May 22-23-7:30-11AM 
and 12:30-3PM. All New Marchers attend.

New Marchers' Camp Session II (everyone) July 27-Aug 4-5th hour members only come for 
July 27 and 28th.  7:30-11AM and 12:30-3PM.  All New Marchers attend.

1st Hour Band Camp-July 27-Aug 4

1st Hour Percussion Camp-Follow the time for New Marchers Session 1 plus 1st
Hour Band Camp.

Freshmen who will be in 1st hour band attend New Marchers Session I and 1st
Hour Band Camp.

Attending band camp is essential for individual and group success. Get
these dates on your family calendar right away so you can be a part of this
great South tradition. Parents - please come to the Parents Meeting the
evening of May 31 to find out what you can do to support your
student and what to expect from the band program.

During New Marchers' Camp, you will learn how to march the fundamental style
of the award winning Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band, rehearse and memorize 
our traditional pregame and stand music, and grow from working with our highly
experienced adult staff and our one-of-a-kind student leadership corps.
These Junior and Senior Raider band members are looking forward to welcoming
you to the band. They know that the way to a successful year is to give you
part of the ownership of this band from day one. It is hard to explain but
even though we work very hard and learn tons of information, the students
always have a great time at camp. Time after time I hear that Band Camp is
one of our band members' favorite times of year. We are looking forward to
having you join us!

What Band Class to enroll in:
Most of you will sign up for 5th Hour Freshman Band. This band is a full
year course. These students attend both sessions of New Marchers' Camp (see
dates and times at the top of this page). Once school starts, the class
focuses on marching music and techniques. The band performs along with the
1st hour band in the pregame show at all home football plus the Overland Park
Parade. Starting in October, we begin rehearsing as a concert band for most
rehearsals and by November, we are exclusively an indoor band that prepares a
series of concerts throughout the school year. This band rehearses from 7-
7:30 AM most Wednesdays with the 1st hour band through marching season.

An ambitious option:
If you are really dedicated, are fairly advanced on your instrument, and
want to take on a challenge, you might consider marching with the first
hour competition band.  This band is primarily 10-12 graders but every
year a select group of freshman are invited to join. To be in this group,
you would do New Marchers' Camp with the other freshmen then continue
through the 1st Hour Band Camp which goes until Aug. 5th. You would be in
1st hour instead of 5th hour band. This group performs at all home games,
three or four marching festival/contests, and the Overland Park Parade. The
group rehearses every morning from 7AM to 8:30AM plus
Monday evening, 7-8:30PM. Yes, it is an intense schedule but the benefits are
amazing. This incredible group is the definition of team work, dedication,
and the pursuit of quality. It also considers itself the happiest band
around! If you sign up for 5th hour, this is the group you would go into
during your sophomore year and beyond.

If you want to join the first hour competition band, Mr. Adams will come to
Indian Woods to listen to you. Be prepared to play a piece of your choice to
show off your skill and musicality. We may also work on some basic marching
skills. This will be a quick and painless audition. I am most interested in
brass and sideline percussion but I will listen to anyone interested.

No worries, I you prefer not to play in 1st hour band or you are not
selected, it has no effect on your future in the band program. You have the
same opportunities for future leadership roles and band placements as anyone
else in the program. Many of our section leaders and drum majors started out
in 5th hour Freshman Band.

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