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Mr. Adams' Wish List

Shawnee Mission South High School offers band members a good basic 
band program.  The Boosters and our school club account are the 
sources for all enhancements beyond that basic program.  Many of 
these enhancements are considered part of the band's standard 
offering but, in truth, we must fund them.  Such things as Drum 
Major Camp for our student leaders, percussion instruction for 
marching and concert band, busses for our third contest, the marching 
bands drill design, our guest soloist in May, hosting the German 
students to Overland Park, many of our school owned marching 
instruments, projection and sound systems for the band room, etc, 
etc. have all been provided completely or in part by the boosters and 
club account.  As you can see, the band program would not be the same 
without this non-district financial support.   The band would survive 
without these things, but they make for a much better experience for 
our students.

Please consider continued support to the band programs funding 
by participating in one or more of the projects the Band Boosters 
sponsor.  The organization makes every effort to offer projects that 
will be of interest and value to those who support us.  Each is 
picked by parents with the thought that they will be welcome and easy 
for our membership and profitable for the program.  

Please explore the website to learn about all of the different 
opportunities.  Of course, another option is to simply support the 
program through a tax-deductible donation to the SMS Band Boosters or 
SMS Band (school account).
We all saw the resources on display by many of the bands at our 
contests last year.  Lots of effort by many people goes into 
supplying programs with that kind of equipment.  I don't think we 
need an 18-wheeler, but I do want our kids to have the best 
equipment and instruction that can be reasonably be made available.

Listed below is my current wish list for the band. Thank you 
for your continued support.

Steve Adams

Replace or improve drum line and concert percussion equipment
X Purchase silver frumpets and marching baritones.
X Purchase silver sousaphones. We will also ask SM South and the district for help on this.
X Purchase a high-end audio system that will allow the bands to evaluate their performance and hear professional examples.
X Purchase a high-end video system so the marching band can evaluate their performances, rehearsals, and drill charts as a class.
Fund a clinician to work with the marching band who has special expertise in marching technique
Upgrade through replacement, aged concert instruments with the aid of the District.
Use coach busses for contests that are more than two hours away for
Enhance the look and personality of the band room-display cases, art, ?

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