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Welcome to the Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band Website!


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REMINDER: We have a Band Booster meeting Tuesday 11/7 at 7:00 pm in the Band Room.

See you there!

And...we still need parent helpers at Uniform Turn-In! See below......



**Uniform Turn-In at Chili Supper**

All marchers need to bring their bibbers and jacket to the band room when you come for the chili supper the night of the winter band concert—Dec. 6.

Mr. Adams says anyone who turns everything in that night gets to waive the his final exam!!

Volunteers will be in the band room to collect everything and add your name to the “No-Final-Exam” list, 5:00-6:30 pm.

And speaking of volunteers…we need an just an hour of time from 8 parents to make this a smooth process. Please consider signing up to help at:


Hey Senior Parents: Pat Duff would be glad to take the picture of any senior parents and their Marcher after the pre-game show before the students head into the stands at this Friday’s game. He will post the pictures on the Facebook “SMS Rompin’ Stompin’ Raider Band” page.


With an added home football game for Friday night and Warrensburg on Saturday, please check out the plume sign up to see how you can help the marching band finish out the year strong.


Thanks to everyone that has helped throughout the season.


Senior Night is this Friday!

When: Senior Recognition Night October 20th before March On of last Home football game. The band will pause on the East side of the field /track and all the seniors will line up in clear view of the Home Stands.

What: 40 Balloons 20 Green / 20 yellow - Senior Parents pick 1 up per student as they head into the stadium before game- hold until announcement.

Where to pick up: SMS Track by Spirit Wear cabinet sales area between Concession and West Stands- Before the game.

10/16/2017 a

Chaperones for the Warrensburg competition needed!

The Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band needs chaperones for the competition in Warrensburg on October 28. The chaperones will ride on the buses with the band to and from the events. We would also ask for assistance with water brigade and plumes.




Click here for a printable Panera flyer: Panera10172017.pdf


Quick reminder: Your t-shirt guarantee for the size you would like for the 5K is to register by this Sunday, 10/15.
There are still over 70 band students who have not had anyone register for the 5K in their honor. Please make sure your friends, neighbors and relatives know about our race because it is such a good community building event and you are helping the band.

Thanks so much!


Hello Band Parents,

This is competition weekend. Volunteers for plumes is looking really light. We know the chaperones will help...but could use a few more hands if you're available. If you are going to be at the competition anyway, why not help with plumes? It's fun!


Also, we only have three more events this band season. We need to finish strong...please help. Freshman and Sophomore parents...this is an easy, low commitment way to get involved with the band. Please join us.


Click the link on the left margin.


Volunteer invite for Raider 5K on Signup Genius


Chaperones for upcoming competitions needed!

The Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band needs chaperones for upcoming competitions. The chaperones will ride on the buses with the band to and from the events. We would also ask for assistance with water brigade and plumes.


And don't forget tonight's Band Booster meeting!


We have a Band Booster meeting Tuesday 10/3 at 7:00 pm in the Band Room.

See you there!



Price Increase (October 5th) for Raider 5K Run

It's time to get registered for the 5K on November 5th!  The expectation is that each band member gets at least two people registered for this event.  It can be the student plus a friend, two parents, two friends, two uncles, two neighbors, etc.  You get the idea.

This is our major fundraiser that allows us to fund new instruments and equipment so that our band can compete with other bands at a spectacular level on the marching field.

Your online registration can be found here: https://register.chronotrack.com/r/32420

We will have packet pickups on Friday, November 3rd and Saturday, November 4th, so you can come pick up your t-shirt then and sleep in on the 5th if you choose!

We look forward to seeing all of you participate in this fundraiser!

- Kathy Hance and Megan Hoelscher



Plume help is needed for halftime of tomorrow's game...yes, Thursday night, September 21st, and for the OP Parade. Please sign up to help!


The parent t-shirts are in!!! Pick them up at the potluck and wear them to cheer on the SMS Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band!!!


Mattress Sale Parent Volunteers Needed

Parents are needed to supervise students while they rally up business around South. Students will be playing music, dancing in mattress costumes and holding signs at 107th and Nall and passing out flyers at Sprouts or other businesses. Check in with Mr. Adams or Mr. Schapker when your shift begins for directions and exact location. The 15 minute overlap is so you can get to your location and relieve the others. You may want to bring a chair.

Date: 09/16/2017 (Sat.)

Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm CDT

50/50 Raffle Helpers Needed!

50/50 Raffle For the Home Football Games is HERE! You won't miss the amazing half time show - you will be done selling before then! Please help our band earn some GREAT income!

To view the sign up page, go to:



The first home football game is this Friday, September 15th, below is the sign up for Plume duty. Please come help the band look sharp before they take the field.


This is a super easy way for any parent to get involved with the band boosters.

See you Friday!


Important uniform information: 
First Performance is One Week Away!!

1) Please be sure all fees are paid so your student can take his/her uniform home asap. As soon as the uniform comes home please have your marcher try it on to verify a good fit and the pant length. We are running out of time if any alterations are needed.

2) If there is already a uniform in your house, please verify that the label on the hanger is your marcher’s name!!! We are still missing Laura Bogner’s uniform and we think someone took it home by mistake instead of grabbing their own.

3) Volunteers will be in the band room starting at 4:30 next Friday and remain there throughout the pot luck to help with any uniform adjustments, check pant length and press a nice crease at the hem of the bibs for any student who needs this. We have a super fancy press from the uniform company that makes this job really easy.

4) If you ordered new marching shoes they have arrived and Mr. Adams has begun handing those out.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, Joanie Nicholas getorganized2010@att.net


Please click the  Band Potluck Sign Up Genius link below to sign up to bring a dish or volunteer to help with set up/clean up. Thank you!



Two important items for a fantastic Wednesday:

1) Band Parent Shirts: Tomorrow, Thursday September 7th, is the LAST DAY to order a band parent shirt. If you emailed saying you wanted one but haven't submitted an order form or a check, you did not order anything yet. There will be no extras! Questions email sjkelley6@yahoo.com
2) Trailer needed: The band is in need of a flatbed trailer to haul the Gator to our two marching festivals on October 14th and October 28th. We will pick up. Please contact Paul Kutz at paulkutz1@gmail.com or Cheryl Bermond at bermond@sbcglobal.net if you have one to loan.

Also, if we have any parents/friends who work at Kohl's, please let us know. They will donate money to the band when their employees volunteer at band events.


1) REMINDER - Band Booster Club meeting TONIGHT at new earlier time of 7:00 pm in the SMS Band Room.

2) DEADLINE EXTENDED! Get your SMS PARENT T-SHIRT! Deadline has been extended to September 7th! Or bring your order form or check tonight to the band booster meeting!!! Pre-orders required and checks made out to SMS Band Booster! Forms and design on web site! questions email sjkelley6@yahoo.com


The proposed SMS Band Booster Club budget for 2017-18 has been posted on the website. Please review the proposal prior to September 15. We will vote on the budget proposal at the potluck dinner prior to the football game on September 15. Questions on the budget can be directed to the booster club treasurer, Debbie Schluben, at schluben@swbell.net.
CLICK HERE to see the proposed budget.

REMINDER: The next Band Booster Meeting will be Tuesday, September 5th at 7:00 pm in the Band room. NOTE the new start time of 7:00 pm. See you there!



Hey SMS Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band Parents! We have special band parent t-shirts! There are three options:

1) show theme shirt

2) generic band t-shirt

3) generic SMS Band Parent t-shirt

Each t-shirt is $15 and $17 for 2XL & 3XL.

Click the links to see the sample for the generic band t-shirt. The theme t-shirt will be a variation on the student theme shirt. Please fill out the order form and mail to Stefanie Kelley NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 4TH. The t-shirts will be available for the first home game. Any questions email Stefanie Kelley at sjkelley6@yahoo.com

CLICK HERE to see the generic SMS Band Parent shirt

CLICK HERE for the order form


Seeking corporate sponsorship/donation
for the Raider 5K

Parents, we would love your help on procuring some corporate donations to help cover our costs for the run so that every registration completely benefits the band! It is a great way to advertise your own businesses and showcase the goodwill that they extend to our community.

There are Sponsorship Levels available on the band website (5K tab on left) to download to take to your place of business, or to email to your corporate headquarters.

We would like to continue to make the 5K our largest fundraiser and can do that with many people helping!

Thanks for your support!




1st HOUR STUDENTS: Any student who has paid all band fees may take his/her uniform jacket and bibs home now! These marchers will find their uniform on one of the two racks in the band room (not the closet) , labeled with his/her name on the hanger.


5th HOUR STUDENTS: Will be fitted next Wed and may take the uniform home at that time if all fees are paid.


PLEASE HAVE YOUR KIDDO TRY ON THE UNIFORM ASAP!! We made every effort to get a good fit on each marcher, but it is always wise to double check. See below for fitting instructions and what to do if there are any issues.


Shakos, Gauntlets and Gloves will be kept in the Shako Box and remain at school in the band room closet all season. Marchers need to access them here before each performance and return them to the closet after each event. This is a new policy this year, in an attempt to minimize lost pieces. We had lots of issues with that last year.



An ideal fit is just what you would expect—not too tight, but not baggy. Pant length is the biggest challenge: The end of the pant leg should just touch the top of the shoe, with one “break” (fold, indentation) in the leg just above the shoe. There should be no bunching of the leg and the pants should not reach the rubber part of the shoe. There are snaps inside the legs to shorten the length. If the pants need to be even shorter than the snaps allow, tighten the suspenders on the bibs. If they are still too long, contact band parent and “Seamstress Extraordinaire” Sharon Sheldon at 913-232-3159. She will shorten them properly for you. Pant length is part of the whole look that is judged at marching festivals, so it’s very important that we get the proper adjustments made.



Number One Rule—DO NOT CLEAN THESE UNIFORMS IN ANY WAY DURING THE SEASON! That makes it easy, right? The only uniform item that can be washed in your machine at home is the pair of gloves. At the end of the season the Band Boosters will dry clean all the uniforms. Students should spot-clean and buff their shoes regularly/as needed to remove dust and dirt.

Number Two Rule—HANG THE UNIFORM CAREFULLY ON THE HANGER PROVIDED IMMEDIATELY AFTER EACH WEARING! Fold the bibs so the creases line up and smooth the pants over the hanger; zip the jacket so it hangs nicely; velcro gauntlets together and place in the shako box with gloves.


Should there be in stains/damage/concerns with any portion of the uniform during the season, please contact Mr. Adams or Joanie Nicholas (getorganized2010@att.net) as soon as possible. We are on “year 3” of hopefully 12 years of use for these uniforms so we need to take especially good care of them. Thank you so much for your help and cooperation!


Questions or Concerns: Joanie Nicholas, getorganized2010@att.net

Here is the next and possibly last opportunity to earn money for volunteering at a T-Bones game. This is a short-notice event, so please contact Debbie Ball by noon tomorrow, Friday 8/18.

August 19 - 20 people 4:45 arrival time for Center field and 2 LFPP positions
August 20 - 8 Centerfield only
August 23 - 5 for Centerfield only.

DETAILS: Attire is non-denim, i.e. khaki or colored shorts or pants, a SMS or Green shirt to identify you are with our group and closed toed shoes. High school students younger than 16 years old are required to work with a parent. Each volunteer is credited $30/shift worked. (That means if two adults volunteer, your student gets $60. Do the math...it adds up!)

Please contact Debbie Ball at 913-530-5372 or debbieballkc@yahoo.com asap if you are interested in working.

When responding, please include:

- Volunteer Name
- Student account name
- Contact email and phone.

Attention PARENTS! The Spirit Wear volunteers and Band Student Leaders wondered if parents wanted a "parent t-shirt" this year. The Student Leaders have a show theme design (designed by one of our very own talented parents.) OR would the parents desire a more generic Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band Parent t-shirt.

Please email Stefanie Kelley (sjkelley6@yahoo.com) ASAP! We would like them ready by September 15th.

Please identify in your email:
1)  show theme OR generic band t-shirt
2)  The quantity of tshirts - and sizes (S,M,L,XL, 1XL,2XL - and Ladies cut S,M,L.)
3)  The maximum cost you would spend. ($10, $20 or $25)


1)  The T-Bones still need 35 people to help with the game this Saturday evening. Plus, it's a great way to earn some money for your student account...the Germany trip won't be cheap! See the flash dated 07/31/2017(a) below for the details.

2) Click HERE for info on the Rompin' Stompin' Raider 5K! Or click the link on the left margin of this page!


07/31/2017 (a)
Another great opportunity to earn money at the T-Bones!

The T-Bones need 65 volunteers for a big catering party on Saturday, Aug 12. Check in time is 4:45 pm. Freshmen can work with a parent. Anyone can work....grandparents, siblings, parents, etc. $30/person will go to student account you designate.

Please contact Debbie Ball at debbieballkc@yahoo.com or 913-530-5372. Please let me know names of those working, student account to credit, phone and email.

Discount registration for the Rompin' Stompin' Raider 5K tonight!

Tonight at Strike Up the Band is the one night we will accept paper registrations at a discount of $20/registration for the Rompin' Stompin' Raider 5K on November 5th.

No more paper registrations will be accepted until packet pickups on November 4th (at $30/registration) and November 5th (at $35/registration).

Online registration will begin soon and the link will be accessible through this website.

Updated Band Aid/Roster available...and we still need HELP with uniform fittings!

Updated Band Aid/Roster - Click on SMS Band Aid in the left margin to access. A password is required. (HINT - Remember that it's a new school year.) Contact the webmaster via the email address located at the bottom of this page if the hint wasn't enough. NOTE: Please include your student's name with your inquiry.

Desperately Needing Uniform Help!! - We still need several volunteers to help with fittings on Monday and Tuesday. Please email Joanie Nicholas at getorganized2010@att.net if you can help. Uniforms have been assigned based on measurements we took last week; we now need the kids to try them on to be sure they fit. This should be quick and painless if we have enough volunteers. Right now we do not! Thanks so much for considering helping for just a few hours.

2017 SM South Fall Program Parent/Family Ad

Parent/Family ads are a tradition at SM South to wish your student well in their fall sport or activity. This is especially popular for parents of seniors who are competing/participating for their last season in high school.
Price includes one reserved copy of the 2017 Fall Program per ad (a $5 value). Program can be picked up at home football games or arranged delivery. Half page ($100) and Full page ($200) ads are available by request. Please contact Jill Miller 913 708-3698 to discuss any half page or full page ad in the fall program.

Click HERE for the order form!


DETAILS: Attire is non-denim, i.e. khaki or colored shorts or pants, a SMS or Green shirt to identify you are with our group and closed toed shoes. High school students younger than 16 years old are required to work with a parent. Each volunteer is credited $30/shift worked. (That means if two adults volunteer, your student gets $60. Do the math...it adds up!)

Please contact Debbie Ball at 913-530-5372 or debbieballkc@yahoo.com asap if you are interested in working.

When responding, please include:

- Volunteer Name
- Student account name
- Contact email and phone.



Two important things:

1) BAND UNIFORM FITTING - Parents, we still need your help with fitting our marchers in their uniforms during band camp!! Thanks so much to those who have already volunteered, but we still have several slots open. Please following the link below to sign up to help. Even just one morning or afternoon will be a HUGE impact on getting our kiddos through the process quickly, efficiently and accurately!


2) WE NEED YOU TO HELP EARN MONEY BY HELPING THE T-BONES! Please see the entry below and sign up! Currently, only two people have signed up.


For help with this website email the webmaster:

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