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News from Mr. Adams


That was fun last night at the concert!  All of the groups played very well, the chili dinner was fantastic-I wish I could have sampled everything!-and the over 1600.00 raised for Raiders Helping Raiders was so incredible.
Thank you to Mrs. Legg for organizing the dinner and to Mrs. Nicholas for organizing the uniform turn-in and to everyone who helped them.

I'm so proud of our students for putting together such a fun and well-played performance in such a short time.  

We will be taking a collection during classes on Friday for students that want to contribute toward the Raiders Helping Raiders project.  

If you didn't get your uniform in, it looks like there are 11 still out, then bring it to the band room and hang it up on the rack in the back of the room.  Make sure it is labeled.  Please take care of this ASAP.


The Winter Concert is tomorrow!  Uniforms can be turned in starting at 5PM, the chili dinner starts at 5:30 (look at the Newsflash page to sign-up to bring food), warm-ups begin at 6:30 and the concert is at 7.  The uniform is our standard all-black (long sleeved black button shirt and slacks-or midlength or longer skirts, black footwear).  You can through on a holiday tie or wear holiday socks if you want and you can go crazy for Sleigh Ride as long as it doesn't affect you or anyone else's ability to play at your very best.  More info can be found on the 11/29 post.

This concert is always a blast.  Invite some folks to come.  They will have a great time!


The Winter Concert and chili dinner are next Wednesday evening.  This concert is always lots of fun and full of terrific music.  It is also the night that we turn in the marching uniforms before the concert.  Make sure to bring jacket, bibbers, hanger and gauntlets, shako and box (if it they aren't already in the uniform room).  Turn everything in and you don't have to take the final!

This also is the night we take the Raiders Helping Raiders collection which goes to help South families in need.  The band, choir, and orchestra team up on this and have made significant donations that have gone to help about 50 families a year.  Bring some cash, change, or a check for when we "pass the shako."

Congratulations are in order for Kylie Hance (piccolo), who was selected to be the band's soloist for the Masterworks concert and to Andrea Edwards (bari sax) and Jay Selzer (bassoon) for being selected to the John Phillip Sousa Honor Band!


I hope everyone is having a great break!  Before break, it was announced that Trombone and Horn Choirs from KU would be performing during 1st hour for us on Monday.  It is now going to be on Tuesday.  We will have normal rehearsals on Monday.  Any horn or trombone players in 5th hour that would like to see the KU groups  can get a pass to join us.


Thanks to everyone that had a hand in making our 5th 5k another unqualified success!  OK, one qualification-I said it was going to be sunny and that Sunday would be 73.  Yeah, I got that wrong...but it wasn't too bad, temperature-wise and the rain stayed away except while Mr. Kohl played The National Anthem.  But, I sure saw a lot of sunny smiles!  There is always such a positive vibe around this event.  So much so that it is easy to forget that this is actually a very successful fundraiser.  I don't know the final figures, yet, but they are going to be big!  In the end, it looks like we may have topped 250 registrations!

Please support the businesses, big and small, that donate to our event.  Thanks to them, all of the costs such as the DJ, the timing company, and everything else is covered so 100% if the funds from those registrations go 100% to support our band.  Yes, support them because they support US!

So many helped to make this a success!  Those that worked at packet-pickup on Friday and Saturday, those that showed up before dawn's first light to setup, the big pep band in the park and the drumline encouraging runners up the final hill, and all those who ran, jogged, or walked the route.  An enormous thanks to Kathy Hance and Megan Hoelscher who came up with the idea and have seen it through for the past five years.  They, and their committees, work so hard to make this event a success.   Most of us help in only the final days or hours-they, and their team, have been working for months.  The amazing Kathy Hance is graduating along with Kylie this year!  What a fun, healthy, a very profitable tradition she has established!  A great way to thank her is to get involved with The Divine Run, the 5k she organizes to benefit Sudden Infant Death Syndrome research.  It is an amazing event!  I even run it (I am using that term loosely) and hope you will join me this summer.  I'll pass on the info when it is finalized.  Thank you, Kathy!


Congratulations to our guys for earning 20 positions at The Northeast Kansas District Band auditions held at Olathe East HS today.  The competition is very stiff for these coveted positions. This is the most students that have made District since 2012!  I really respect and appreciate all of you who auditioned whether you earned a spot of not.  You represented our band very well.  Of special note, Katrina, Lukas, Cora, and ALL OF OUR PERCUSSIONISTS earned first chair positions!

Those earning a position will play a concert with the honor groups on December 2nd at Blue Valley HS.  Those playing on that concert then qualify to audition for the All-State ensembles.  Those auditions are on January 6th in Salina.  Really turn it up to make All-State.  It is such a cool experience. 

Here are the students earning a spot today:

2017 District Band Results (20) B is for Blue Band, R is for Red Band. The groups are of equal ability.
Flute-Madeline Bermond (R8), Kylie Hance (B3)
Piccolo-Katrina Sargent (R1)
Clarinet-Blake Hardesty (B6)
Bassoon-Emma Ross (B2)
Tenor Sax-Lukas Vohs (B1)
Trumpet-Julian Duff (B3), Elliot Huels (alt), Connor Regan (R9)
Horn-Audrey Hartwell (R6), Cora Selzer (B1)
Trombone-Ben Curtis (B8), Laura Legg (B9)
Euphonium-Kate Herrmann (alt)
Tuba-Jacob Legg (R5)
Percussion-Rhys Jones (R1)
Jazz Drum Set-Rhys Jones
Mallets-H Kopp (B1)
Tympani-Ben Shaw (B1), Nick Velicer (R1)


Hey Band!  There is an article about you!  


Also, 5k update!  Closing in on 250 participants and the weather forecast is perfect.  Last I looked, high Saturday is 64 and high Sunday is 73 and drenched in sun!  Plus, roll your clocks back before you go to bed Saturday which will make it feel an hour later for the race.  It isn't too late.  Encourage people to register from our website or just come and do it in person Sunday morning!  The boosters want to make a big contribution toward new instruments and equipment this year-a successful 5k will really help them with these plans!


First off, come on out and hear the Freshman and Jazz bands tonight at 7PM in the auditorium.  This will be a short but very good concert.  Come support your fellow band members and there will be some sweet extra credit for you!

Here is the info you need if you are trying out for District on Saturday.  You need to be in the Olathe East gym at 7:30 AM for a meeting where all the details you need to know will be explained.  Olathe East is at  14545 W. 127th Street, Olathe KS 66062.  I have described to the students how the process works.  When the results are posted, if you made a spot or are an alternate, make sure to fill out your information sheet at the tables in the commons area.  Among other things, this is how they will know where to send the e-mail with your music.  If you absolutely have to leave before results are posted, make sure you have a trusted person to watch for your name when your section is posted then fill out the form if you earn a spot.  Make sure they have all of your contact info.  The goal is for all results to be posted by 2PM-some will be up well before then.

Dress comfortable.  The judges will never see you so there is no need to dress up.  Warm-up and maybe hit a few spots in the music but don't do some big tiring epic practice session.  It will just wear you out.  You want to save your best for the judges' ears, not the warmup room.  Don't listen to others in the warmup room or in the performance room.  Too often that leads to unwarranted intimidation.  Speaking of listening to the performance room, I can't tell you how many times someone has come in a made a big error in the sight reading then I hear a parade of people after them make the same mistake.  Obviously, they were listening from outside and they paid for it.  Trust YOUR abilities, not someone else's.  Try to stay relaxed and focused.  Sure, you are going to be nervous to some degree.  That is because you care.  Trust yourself and go for it.  Don't worry about a few errors-everyone has them.  Concentrate on a beautiful sound, a musical interpretation, and steady tempo and you will be fine.

Best of preparation...and luck, to each of you!



 To accept a position in Symphonic Band, you must commit to all performances.  If you cannot do this, let me know the conflicts immediately upon being invited into the band so that it can be determined whether you can be accepted.  Check the website calendar for dates.


This is the approximate size of each section that I am looking for.  Sections may be expanded or reduced depending on the quality of auditions.  In general, I’m leaning toward a smaller band.


Clarinets and bass clarinets will be asked if they are interested in being considered for the other instrument. 


Saxophones will be asked for their preference of instrument; examples would be ATB, A only, TBA, etc. 


Percussion-I will take the top score for each inst (mallet, tymp, snare).  The rest of the section will be determined by the highest combined scores of all three instruments.


Flute 5-6

Clarinet 7-8

Bass cl. 2

Oboe 2

Bassoon 2

Alto sax 2-3

Tenor sax 1-2

Bari sax 1-2

Trumpet 6-8

Horn 4-5

Trombone 5-6

Baritone 2

Tuba 2

Percussion 6-7

Auditions begin promptly at 7AM with the first section listed for each day. No one will be allowed to audition after the first member of the section has entered the audition room.

Monday, 11/6- trumpets, flutes, horns, tuba

Tuesday, 11/7-percussion

Wednesday, 11/8-saxes, trombone, baritone, clarinets, bass cl, oboe, bassoon

If we get behind, we will use seminar to catch up.

You must audition with the rest of your section to be considered. Those who are not members of 1st hour band will be allowed to audition before 7:40 with the exception of percussion. You would need to plan on auditioning from 7AM until the end of 1st hour.

Auditions are blind and recorded. You must not speak while in the audition room. Any questions should be addressed to the doorkeeper in the hallway


Mrs. Knudsen is friends with the professional photographer that has been hired by our two festivals to take action photos.  She purchased these and has made them available to all of our band families!  Enjoy and thank you Amy!  If the link is active, just cut and paste it to your browser.

Marching band folder
Pick the event and date
Prelims and finals from UCM
Finals Awards from UCM
Park Hill pics are up too from the 14th
Plus if people didn’t know, I know that last years KU pics are up too.
If there is no watermark, the pics are free to download.


Marching season is over but what a way to end!  Our guys took the field at UCM knowing that we were competing against almost 30 bands, many of them among the best in the midwest.  We knew only our best would get us into the finals performance.  That was our goal-make finals....and we did!  We were in 7th after prelims and the band was ecstatic!  We had achieved our goal...but things were going to get better!  The temperature continued to drop but it didn't seem to affect us.  Our guys went out and turned in a fantastic finals performance-easily the best of the season and they knew it!  This was a happy band and we didn't even know the finals results yet...and frankly, it wasn't that important because the band knew they had done their very best and it felt good!  

In finals, they only announce the top four placements.  Rarely does anyone move more than a spot up or down and often there is no movement at all so when we heard that Olathe Northwest was in fourth, even the most hopeful among us knew that we were somewhere back in the pack.  Then they announced us as third!  Celebration erupted from our guys!  It got even better-once we saw the actual scores, we realized we were only .7 out of 100 behind 2nd place and we had earned THE TOP MUSIC SCORES OF THE DAY!  Wow!!!!

For those who haven't been to one of these competitions before, you find out quickly that we approach the competitive aspect very differently from most of the bands we come up against.  We do two contests.  Many of these groups do 4-6 competitions.  They rehearse much more than we do.  Our band dues are 75.00 (lowest in our area) while many of these other groups require participants to pay hundreds of dollars....and we beat most of them!  I am SO PROUD OF OUR STUDENTS!  And so appreciate our staff of Mr. Schapker, Miss Hartwell, Mrs. Hoelscher, Mrs. Long, and Evan.  I often refer to these passionate and gifted teachers as The Dream Team!

And thank you so much to all the parents who did so much.  When Mr. Selzer went to pick up the equipment truck....it wasn't there!  He demanded that they fix the situation but the only solution was for the truck to be delivered AFTER the busses needed to leave.  A crew of parents and Mr. Schapker stayed back and in record time loaded the truck and with no student help.  The truck made it to Warrensburg ready to unload at our scheduled warmup time.  Whew!  Parents chaperoned the busses, handed out plumes, gave out water, fixed uniform issues, moved equipment, and probably a dozen other things I don't even know about.  When we came back from the prelim announcements, Mr. Kutz and his team had a hot dinner waiting for the kids.  And all the while, these parents were positive cheerleaders for all the kids back at the busses and in the stadium.  This parent help allows the staff to focus on the kids and how to best prepare them for their performance.  Thank you so much to all of you who helped us!  And if this sounds like work, you are right but these parents are to a person so cheerful and seem to be having such a good time. 

Looking ahead-The Freshman Band and Jazz Band take the stage Wednesday night, District Auditions are Saturday, and our amazing 5K is Sunday.  If you haven't signed up to help or participate in the event, please do so and spread the word to get as many people as possible to be a part of this.  Believe me, they will love it.  Yes, the band makes money but it doesn't feel like a fundraiser.  It just seems like a very healthy, upbeat community event.  Friends that you encourage to participate will thank you.  They will have a good day....and the weather forecast is very good!

Oh, yes, no early or evening rehearsals this week!!!! 


Here is information about first hour's contest in Warrensburg on Saturday.  Students need to arrive in uniform at South by 10:45 to load and depart.  Eat a good meal before we go.  Concessions will be available in the stadium and students can bring snacks but dinner won't be until around 6PM.  The contest is in Walton Stadium on the University of Central Missouri campus in Warrensburg.  It is about a one hour drive.  Tickets are 13.00 for adults and are good for prelims and finals.  Our prelim time is 2:30.  

There are four size classifications, the first two places in each division make finals then the next 4 highest scores regardless of class for a total of 12 finals bands.  The lineup features many very strong competitive programs so we will have to do our very best to qualify.

It looks like Saturday is going to be a chilly day with prelim temps in the mid-40s and possibly down into the 30s for finals.  Wear or bring extra layers for under your uniform.  Warm hats and gloves are also recommended.  The best idea is use accessories that will fit in your shako while we perform.  Friday night's game will give us a good idea of how cold it will be.  It is supposed to be just as cold Friday night!  BRRRR!


I hope everyone enjoyed the game last Friday because we are going to do it again this Friday!  The way it works out, we will have a home game against the same team (Olathe Northwest) this Friday night.  We will do our normal pregame and halftime at the normal times.  THERE WILL NOT BE 5TH HOUR PRACTICE WEDNESDAY MORNING because 1st hour needs to focus on the contest we have this Saturday.  Remember that 1st hour has practice tonight from 5-6:30 PM.  

5th hour and jazz band have a concert on November 1st.  Please check the Band Aid handbook link to see the details of what the concert uniform is.  Basically, all black.

I will send out more details on the Warrensburg contest later this week.


Just wanted to let everyone know how tomorrow's game works for the band-it is a strange one!

Arrival time is the usual 6PM.  We will take the field at 6:40 and do the Dracula show...though Dracula won't be with us.  After the show, we will play the Star Spangled Banner then form a tunnel for the football team's senior recognition.  At halftime, 1st and 5th hour will go out and do our usual Pregame opener then we will recognize our seniors.  After that, we will play some fun rock tunes, make the SMS while playing the School Song and come off to the Fight Song.

We are doing it this way because we have a number of students doing double duty with the band and the musical, "Footloose" which is playing in the auditorium.  As an example, two out of the three snare drummers from 1st hour are playing for the show.  By playing the contest show before the game, these students can participate in both.  We will still be missing some students because they have stage roles and need to get ready much earlier.  We have kids that do so many things in this school which i think is great.  A little flexibility is certainly well worth it.

Speaking of flexibility, 1st hour's Monday rehearsal will need to be from 5-6:30 PM because there is a post-season soccer game in the stadium at 7PM and a JV football game at 3.  South just found out we would be hosting that game yesterday evening which is why this is such short notice.  Still, this is a very important rehearsal because next Saturday is Warrensburg!  The Big One!

Looking ahead to next Saturday-the band will need to be at South at 10:45 AM and our prelim performance time will be 2:30.


I am still trying to warmup from this morning's rehearsal and I'm hungry which reminds me that tonight is Panera Night to benefit the band at the 111th and Metcalf location.  Take a flyer that you can find of the Newsflash page, download this Panera10172017.pdf or just show it to them on your phone and they will give the band a percentage of everything purchased between 4 & 8 tonight.  Everyone has a favorite that they order at Panera so go get it tonight and support YOUR band!  

Also, the best fundraiser we do is the 5K and it is coming up in less than three weeks.  Everyone that participates in this loves it, that is why we have so many return participants but we need YOU to help get the word out to line up new participants and volunteers.  I love this event.  It has such a community vibe to it and we are always all cleaned up and done by 9:30.  We want walkers, runners, joggers, shoot, once we had a juggler!  It is a beautiful course, the pep band and drum line play, free fresh fruit, and so many smiles.   Share this link with everyone on your social media accounts.  https://register.chronotrack.com/r/32420 Your friends will have a great time supporting our band.

There is a pretty good chance that we will have a home game on October 27th.  If the Raiders win this Friday, it is pretty much a sure thing.  Make sure it is on the calendar for 1st and 5th hour band members.


Congratulation to first hour on a successful if soggy day at Park Hill!  We ended up 2nd in our class and 3rd overall...and that while being the only band to perform in the rain!  It was a strong performance and we received very positive but also very constructive comments from the judges which will help us prepare for Warrensburg in two weeks.  

A big thanks to not only our students but also the parents that chaperoned, moved equipment, invented the save-the-plume structure that is now standing in the band room, and so many other jobs to support the students and staff.  You were amazing!

VERY IMPORTANT:  If you have not aready hung your uniform up, do it NOW!  Wrinkles will be the least of your problems if they are left in a clump.  Mildew will set in and they will not smell good!  You may want to take the jacket and bibbers in to the dry cleaners before this Friday's game.

A quick look at the week to come-Monday PM rehearsal for 1st hour and Wed. AM rehearsal for 5th hour (your last one).  Home game on Friday night.  The current plan is to do the contest show and National Anthem BEFORE the game to include as many of the students also involved in the musical as possible.  For Halftime, 1st and 5th hour will take the field for the band's senior recognition ceremony then do our pregame opener followed by a couple of the rock tunes we usually play in the stands, then come off to the Fight Song.


Contest day!  Make sure to eat a good meal and drink plenty of water to fuel yourself up for the day.  Please bring you jacket hanger because we may go through stretches where we will take them off.  Give a final polish to that instrument, where those long black socks and don't forget anything.   We start to load at 10 AM.

Yes, the weather is an issue and there are a number of possible changes that may happen to the schedule but nothing is set, yet, and probably won't be until prelim results are announced so we just go forward and see what happens.  It may be a strange day with the weather but I think it will be a good one for us.  

Thanks to everyone that came out to the game last night!  Big band and big win for the Raiders!


The practice for 1st hour on Friday has been called off.  We had a very good run this morning and there are a number of conflicts tomorrow so enjoy the day and come play at the pep band game in the evening.  Please polish those instruments and shoes so we look our best for Saturday.  Any wrinkles in your uniform?  Steam them-if you use an iron, put something between the iron and the uniform fabric.  If it is right on the uniform, it may make it an annoying shiny look.  Steam is the best option.  Saturday is just for 1st hour.


Reminder that tomorrow, 1st hour band will have an 8:15 rehearsal that will go into first hour which goes to 9:50.  We are then meeting on Friday from 9-11 (CANCELLED-NO PRAX FRIDAY).  I am aware that the League XC meet has been moved to Friday so those students won't be there.  This also takes care of potential conflicts on Saturday at the contest.  Have a great race!

There is an away football game against SM West at our stadium.  Be there at 6:30 in your band shirt and get some extra credit and make some noise!

Contest is Saturday!!!  Park Hill High School (7701 NW Barry Road, Kansas City, MO) near Zona Rosa.  Be at South at 10AM.  Our preliminary performance is at 12:45.  The boosters are providing an early dinner while we are there but you might want to bring a snack.  Finals run from 5:15 to 9ish.  Admission to the festival is 10:00 for spectators.  Chaperones get in free.  Cross your fingers that the rain stays away because we go rain or shine!

The contest is for 1st hour only.  The away game is for volunteers from 1st and 5th hour.


Our first contest is this week!  First, congratulations to Claire Kelley, our Field Captain and South's new Homecoming Queen.  Last Friday was a busy day for the band but they nailed all of their responsibilities!

Today, 1st hour has its evening rehearsal at 7PM.  The jazz band will also go over to the OP Convention Center to setup and rehearse.  They get out of class at 2:15 and should be done before 4.

Tuesday, normal rehearsal and jazz band meets at the convention center at 6:45 AM for the SMEF Breakfast.

Wednesday-NO REHEARSAL-Testing day

Thursday-1st hour rehearsal-8:15 through first hour which ends at 9:50.

Friday-No school-1st hour will rehearse from 9-11AM.  Away game at South Stadium-volunteer pep band along with section leaders and officers.  Extra credit for all that attend.

Saturday-Arrive in full uniform at South at 10AM.  Eat a good meal before coming because we won't have our next meal until around 4.  Feel free to bring snacks.  Our prelim performance is at 12:45.  Finals start at 5:15 are run to 9:30.  We will get home around 10:30.  I'll send more details later in the week.

And don't forget, this is the end of the quarter this week.  It is the last week memorization tests will be accepted and jazz band scales and reviews are due.


Here are the details for Friday.  Wear your band shirt and bring your complete uniform including black socks and your marching shoes.

-Come to the band room at 9:25 (instead of 4th hour) to get ready for the pep assembly.  Wear your band t-shirt.  If you need to wear something else for another activity, that is perfectly fine.
-Come to the band room again at 1:00 (instead of 7th hour) to get dressed for the parade.  The parade kicks of at 1:40.  FULL UNIFORM.
-Warm-up before the game at 6PM, again, in full uniform then the game is as usual.  We will go down to the stadium to watch the Homecoming ceremony before pregame.  Good Luck to Claire, Brennan, Marc, and Rhys!

.....and all of this depends on the weather!  Be prepared for the above then we will make whatever adjustments are dictated by mother nature.


Busy week!  Tonight is the Shawnee Mission Marching Festival.  The first hour band performs 4th our of the five SM groups.  The event starts at 7PM in our stadium and will go to around 8:30.  Our meeting time is 6PM but get there early enough to get you shako, gauntlets, and gloves.  This always a great evening for us to show our stuff and to see what our fellow bands from across the district are doing this season.  Parents, you are encouraged to come cheer on the band.  The friendly crowd always brings out the best in our students.  5th hour, come and watch and get 50 points extra credit!

Friday is Homecoming with a pep rally, a parade in full uniform for 1st and 5th hour band during school, and the game in the evening.   Details to come on these events.  

5th hour does have morning practice this Wednesday.

Tuesday is the deadline to sign-up for District Band auditions for 10-12 graders.  The sign-up is on the green bulletin board in the band room.

Looking ahead-our performance time for the Park Hill Marching Festival on 10/14 is 12:45.  There will be finals in the evening.  The performance time for Warrensburg on 10/28, is 2:00.  Again, there will be finals in the evening.  Details about what time the busses will leave and the like will come later.  These contests are for 1st hour only.


This week is the lull before the storm.  After strong performances last Thursday night and an excellent showing at the OP Parade on Saturday, there are no performances this week but keep track of the calendar because October is very busy.

There  WILL NOT BE 5TH HOUR WEDNESDAY MORNING PRACTICE THIS WEEK.  They will resume next week.  This allows first hour more time to prepare for the SM Marching Festival which is next Monday.

First hour-time to get picky!  Sweat the details!-marching style, coordinates, those crazy poses,... THE MUSIC-articulation, tone, where do I breath?....everything at the highest level.  Reach for it.  As we've talked about from day one this season, if we want to be better then, well, we have to be better....at everything!  And this group can do it!  You are already at such a high level and I know we can go so much further!  Kinda gets me excited!

No "new" music is due for music memorization so it is now time to catch up on any memorization tests you may not have passed off, yet.  Check Skyward to see if you are missing anything.  There are always points available so grab them!

Sign-up for District Band auditions are up in the band room and will be until Tuesday next week.  This is only open to 10-12 graders (although the state activities association is looking at including freshmen in the near future).  The road to All-State starts with signing up for District...and, of course, lots of practice!


First off, GREAT JOB LAST NIGHT!  Pregame and halftime were very good and our band members were excellent ambassadors to the visiting 8th grade band members.  I was VERY PROUD of all of you!!

We will dress for the parade the same as we did for the game.  Long black socks and shoes, bibbers, and the show shirt.  We will not wear the jacket, shako, or any other accessories so leave them at home (or school if you didn't take your shako home).  Make sure you bring everything you need for the parade.

Remember that we meet at 76th and Floyd at 9:30.  More details are on the post from yesterday regarding where the parade ends and that kind of thing.

If you need anything, the back door to the band room will be unlocked from 8-9:30 AM on Saturday morning.


All band members should wear their band shirt under their jacket this evening so we have the option of not wearing the jackets due to the heat and humidity.  Bring your hanger.  We warmup at 6PM tonight but get here early enough to get your shako from the uniform room.

We are #83 in the parade and will meet at 76th and Floyd near downtown Overland Park at 9:30AM.  Floyd is the next street west of Metcalf.  The parade finishes just before Overland Park Elementary School at Santa Fe and Robinson.   The boosters will have water for everyone at the end of the parade route.  Take everything you need to the parade route and nothing else (leave your case in the car) because once we leave the staging area, we don't come back.  Watch this page for updates on the meeting location and adjustments we may make to our uniform because of temperatures.


First off, congratulations to everyone on a solid first performance of pregame and halftime.  The formations and music were very good.  The strong wind and crowd noise (a good thing for a home game) made it hard for our sound to project as well as we want but we will get stronger in that area.  I appreciate everyone's flexibility in adjusting to all the new aspects of switching sides of the field and location in the stands and the new routine for shako check out.  A huge thanks to all of the parents that volunteered to help.  So many of you lended a hand!

1st hour will have Monday evening rehearsal and 5th hour will have Wed. morning rehearsal.

This week, we do it again on Thursday night.  The band will meet at 6PM.  No potluck this week which is too band because, man, the food was good last Friday!!!  The eighth grade band will be joining us for this game.
Parents and 5th hour, try to find what we add this week to halftime.  Each time you see the show, there will be differences because it is still under construction.  

Thank you to all the students and parents that helped out at the mattress sale!  No records were set but significant funds were raised.  If you bought a mattress, double thanks to you.  I know it isn't the kind of thing we all need every year but if you did need one and you bought it from us...thanks to you!  Now let's focus on making the 5K bigger than ever!  This event is fun, it is something everyone can get involved with, it is something that is easy to get non-band members to participate in.  People love this event...and it makes a lot of money!  Support it by volunteering, running/walking, and recruiting others to join in.

The OP Parade is this Saturday.  I do not have the order of the parade yet but we will need to meet at an area I will designate later at 9:30AM for the 10AM parade.  If we are first, we will be done by about 10:30, if we are last, it could be closer to 11:30.  Make sure to keep your shako, gauntlets, and gloves after the game.  More details to come.

The student leaders decided to add a 1st hour rehearsal on the Teacher Workday on Friday, Oct. 13 from 9-11AM.  This is to prepare for the first contest which is the following day.  That week is full of disruptions during the week so that our only regular rehearsals will be on Monday AM and PM.  

Finally, I will post sign-ups for District Band auditions today.  The auditions are 11/4.  We always have lots of students audition and, why not, it is the same music as we use for sym band auditions.  This is only open to 10-12 graders.  For more info, look at the "audition" link on this website.


First game tonight!  The potluck starts at 5.  Students need to be in the auditorium in uniform at 6PM-make sure you add time to get your shako from the uniform room.  You can get your shako or work out any uniform issues starting at 4:30 this afternoon.  Wear shorts and, I recommend, your band shirt under your uniform and YOU MUST WEAR LONG BLACK SOCKS!  I'm expecting pregame and halftime to go very well tonight.  We've got a really excellent group this season!

Parents, the tradition of meeting the band as they go out to the field doesn't really work with the new setup and how we will be entering the field.  Just be in the stands and cheer on the kids!  I'm sure new traditions will arise from what happens this season but that one probably won't.  Remember, the home side is now THE WEST SIDE-the pressbox side.

All students stay until the end of the game where we will play a couple of tunes before everyone is dismissed.  5th hour guys play in the stands throughout the game after pregame.  When we are done, all shakos (gauntlets and gloves) need to be returned to the uniform room.  Uniforms need to be hung up.  The students watched a great video on how this should be done!

Should be a great evening to start the season of The Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band!

....and the Mattress Sale is finally here!  10AM-5PM in the gym.  We need a lot more students to sign up to play in the streetside pep band and to hand out flyers.  Signups are on the door to the band room or just show up...but I would rather you sign up so we know how many folks we have.  Spread the word!  I've been getting lots of calls from people asking for details.  Do your friends know about it?  


Thank you for the cape request which I have now taken down.  We are all set!


It is a big week!  Our first game plus pot luck on Friday and the Mattress Sale on Saturday.

-1st hour-take a look at the marching band's google classroom (yevtg3h) and open the attachment.  You will find the edited version of the last 13 bars of the show.  It is unchanged for many of you.   Flutes and Clarinets, feel free to take the eighth notes up an octave.  We will practice this using our computers during 1st hour Tuesday morning.

-5th hour band will stay with first hour band into 1st hour Wednesday morning as a continuation of your 7AM practice.  I have notified your teachers but it is always a good idea for YOU to tell them also.  This is the one time we do this so we can prepare for the first game.  You will not miss all of 1st hour.

-We are still missing some forms and fees which need to be in-they were due during band camp more than a month ago.  Please get these in.  The forms are on the forms link of this website as well as an explanation of fees.  I have 9 or 10 people who have paid for their school owned instrument rental but have not turned in the form that must be signed by student and parent as well having the instrument serial number and student number.  You have already paid.  Just get the form in.  Again, it is available on the forms page or I have hard copies in my office.

-To help promote the mattress sale, I have yard signs, flyers, and even door hangers.  Grab as many as you can use.  The main thing is to spread the word.  More info is on the earlier Skyward e-mails I've sent and the 9/6 posting on this page.  Make sure to put your name on any flyer or door hanger you put out so the patron that buys a mattress will give you credit for the sale so YOU get the money in your individual account.

First hour practice tonight at 7PM!  We are so close to having the whole show on the field!!!


Less than 2 weeks left to promote our Mattress Sale!  This and the 5k are the major fundraisers we plan to do this year.  Please help us maximize this event. Take a few minutes this week to remind your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers about the sale.  Take flyers (sent in past Skyward messages or hard copies in the band room) to sporting events and other activities you have for the next 10 days!  If you haven't already, text raiders to 913-210-0550 and send the reply to your friends!!!

Here's a Youtube video about the sale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_pQ6O8aVus

The Mattress Sale is the best way for students to make significant money for their individual accounts.  The boosters have decided that the majority of the money raised from this sale will go into the individual accounts of the students who sponsor sales.  So make sure that any flyers you give out or e-mails or texts you send remind the potential purchaser to give your name at the register when the buy their mattress.

Band parents and students, please send the message below to at least 10 friends, family members, and coworkers.  


The Shawnee Mission South Band's Mattress Fundraiser is less than 2 weeks away! We will have a mattress showroom with 28 floor models set up in the SM South gym on Saturday, September 16th from 10am-5pm. All beds are available in all sizes, brand new, made to order, and come with factory warranties. In addition, we will have sheets, pillows, mattress protectors, and even adjustable power bases!!! All sales benefit the Band Students and Program!

Checkout this video to learn more about how a Mattress Fundraiser works! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_pQ6O8aVus

Check out the Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/433000887075548/


Thanks to the 61 band members that came out and played for the big victory at SM North last night!  It was great to see everyone in their island best.

I have had some questions about whether first hour band has practice on Monday evening on the Labor Day holiday.  The answer is NO.  Enjoy the long weekend then let's all buckle down because our first show is coming up very soon on the 15th!

Also, get the word out for the mattress sale on the 16th and the 5K on November 5th-registration is open NOW.  See the 5k link on this website to be a part of this great community event that supports YOUR band!


The volunteer pep band needs to be at SM North stadium at 6:30 tonight to get in free.  Wear your band shirt.  No transportation is provided to this game.  Pep band gigs are always fun and much appreciated by our football team!  I hope to see lots of you there.  50 points extra credit for everyone that plays!

Help!  We can't find Laura Bogner's uniform.  She didn't take it and it isn't on any of the racks in the band room.  Please check to see if you took home the wrong one.  The jacket number is 119 and the bibbers are 59.  Everybody please check.


Due this week-5th hour-the first two tunes of pregame.  1st hour-the 2nd and 3rd tunes from halftime.

This Friday, 5th and 1st hour combine to play for the pep assembly during school.  Wear your band shirt unless you need to wear something for another organization that you are a part of.  Friday evening there is a volunteer pep band playing for the game against SM North at their stadium.  Section Leaders and Officers will be there and every one else in invited and encouraged to play (50 points extra credit!).  Wear your band shirt and you get in the game free.  No transportation is provided.  Let's make some big sound to help the Raiders on their first game of the season!

Did you know the SMS Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band has its own Facebook group?  It was created by the Band Boosters to share photos and videos of SMS band events, activities and performances. The group is for SMS Band Boosters and current, past and future band members or anyone who supports the program. The group is ‘closed’ so you will have to search for “SMS Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band” in Facebook on your computer or smartphone and then ask permission to join. Please follow and feel free to share your photos and videos for others to enjoy! Remember, current and detailed information will still be found on our website at


OK, no 1st hour rehearsal tonight.  With all the absences and PAC Night tonight, I don't think it will be worth it.  So, missing two rehearsals, we really need to crank it up the rest of the week!  We will have Monday night rehearsal next week even though it is the night of Back to School Night.  Mr. Schapker will lead the rehearsal while I meet with the parents.  

Happy Eclipse Day!


Due to the number of students that are planning on missing school on Monday because of the eclipse, Monday's first hour practice will start at 7:40 (normal school time) instead of 7:00.  We still have evening rehearsal at 7PM.


Wednesday morning is the first 7AM practice for 5th hour band.  You will join 1st hour to work on pregame for 30 minutes and then you will head to 1st hour.  It is a short but essential rehearsal!  It is worth 50 points.

Section leaders, officers, and volunteers-we play for the annual cheerleader clinic this Saturday morning.   Arrive at 10:45 and we will be done by around 11:30.  This is easy for us but really appreciated by the cheer squads.  Please wear Southish stuff!  They usually have cookies for us!


If you need your percussion instrument or tuba, or any other instrument for tonight's performance at IW, Mr. Schapker will be at South around 5:45 to let you in.  Details for the gig are in the last post.


School starts tomorrow and the band will be busy!  Drumline arrives at 6:45AM ready for the TV cameras at 7.  No one needs instruments for class tomorrow.  We will just be getting organized for the new year...wait until you see the new carpet that was put in last week.  Let's keep it looking great.  We will all meet at Indian Woods at 6PM outside the band room-we will be done by 7.  I don't think the new shirts will be ready so dress Southish or, if you have it, last year's band shirt.  Shorts or jeans are fine.  

1st hour will have its first 7AM rehearsal on Tuesday with instruments.  5th hour will join at 7AM on Wednesday for your weekly short but important rehearsal with the 1st hour band.  You will be released so you have no problem making it to your first hour class.

Everyone will get all the details in class tomorrow.  I can't wait to see you guys!  Camp was so good and I know this whole year is going to be a special one for the Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band!


Notice at the top of the page we have animations of the half-time drills.  Also, here is the link to sign-up for the Rompin' Stompin' Raider 5K.  Lots of people signed up on the Strike Up the Band.  Join them and spread the word!  Send this out to anyone who might enjoy the event.  Every year, I hear people say, "I wish I had known about it-I love running (walking, supporting the band, the free bananas, hearing the drumline and pep band, the cool shirt, the feeling of community, the pretty route)...OK, usually they just say they wish they knew because it sounds like fun.  Get the word out beyond the band.  It is a great event and happens to be the biggest fundraiser for the band...but it doesn't feel like a fundraiser...it just feels, well, fun!

Here is the link   https://register.chronotrack.com/r/32420


Officers, section leaders, and any one who wants to join us, we have Raider Rally on Wednesday night this week.  Arrive at 6:00 so we can play some tunes as the freshmen come in for the pep rally that starts at 6:30.  We will be done by 7.  Dress in your South colors!  Spread the word.


Just an update, the district has raised the instrument rental fee to 60.00.  The form on our website still says 50.00 but we will need that extra 10.00.  It has been the same for many years so I guess it was time.  If you have already paid, please bring in the additional money.


Yes, it is true!  After an excellent week highlighted by daily spirit themes with nearly full participation and fantastic progress where three out of the four tunes from the contest/half-time show are already on the field complete with memorized music, we have decided to end camp tomorrow at 11AM.  No afternoon session.  The students have earned it!

Thank you for everyone who joined us for Strike Up the Band Night or have brought in their forms and fees to camp in the past few days.  If you have not turned them in, please send them with your student tomorrow.

Great start, everyone!


I'm very happy about how our first two days of camp went.   The party last night was lots of fun-tons of food, lots of people, and a lot of teenagers on the playground equipment!  Paul, how is your leg?  Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Bermond and Mr. Kelley for the planning, supplies, and cooking all those hot dogs!  

When we got home, well, a work of art awaited us!  Dracula with beautiful borders was tiled in post-it notes across two garage doors!  There was even a breakfast table complete with flowers and candles plus muffins and coffee waiting on our front door step!  So funny, so creative, so well done, and, kind of a pain to take down all of those post-its...but we loved it...along with the SMS in the lawn made of spoons and the exceptional chalk renderings of Mr. Shapker and me.  I'll share pictures on Monday at camp!

Looking ahead to next week-Strike up the Band Night is on Monday at 6:30PM-it will last less than an hour but it very important to get in all those forms and fees and to learn about some upcoming events.  Look at the calendar to see other events coming up including the entire band going over to Indian Woods and playing the evening of the 14th.

Of course, first hour has camp each day next week.  Regular times.  

Mr. Schapker is finalizing charts to print for Monday's rehearsal.  Please let us know of any additions or deletions to our numbers so he can make those edits before printing.  Just e-mail me as soadams@smsd.org

Its going to be a fantastic season!


It was a very good, if muggy, first day at camp today.  We've got most of pregame already on the field!

On Friday, 5th hour students only come for the morning session.  We use the afternoon to rehearse that halftime music with just the 1st hour students.

We have the band picnic Friday night at shelter #8 at Shawnee Mission Park from 6-8.  The boosters are providing hot dogs, pop, paper goods and ice.  Students should bring the following:

Freshmen-something salty-chips, crackers, or other kinds of snacks.
Sophomores-something sweet-dessert type things-brownies, cookies, be creative.
Juniors-something healthy-veggies or fruit, that kind of thing.
Seniors-transport the pop from the band room-please don't buy more-we have so much!

The event is chaperoned by members of the staff and booster club.  We hope to see all students there!


Be careful on your way to band camp this morning.  There is major flooding along Indian Creek whick may have streets closed in places.  When you get to South, enter the band room from the back door which faces the stadium.  Because of construction, you can't get to the band room through other entrances.
I look forward to seeing everyone...and stay dry!


I hope everyone is enjoying a fun and restful summer!  Band Camp isn't far away.  Time to make sure that you are ready.  

-Get those chops in shape by putting in regular practice time-even 10 minutes a day will do much to get you in shape, of course, the more you put in, the better.  The important thing, is do it on a regular basis.   10 minutes a day are better than one two hour session a week.   Now, if you've got goals to really make this an excellent musical year for yourself, build up that practice time, set goals and put together a plan to prepare them such as making sym band, district band, or state band!  Also, everyone of our All-Staters last year, took private lessons. 
Most of our strongest players do.  I can't recommend them enough.
-Get used to the heat.  Spend time outside so that work in the heat doesn't wipe you out.  Just take a walk each day will help, running, sports, etc., will help more.  That said, don't overdo it and DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.
-Learn that music.  We perform by memory.  The better you know your music the easier it will be to learn the marching part.  Memorize in small chunks and add to it.  Of course, make sure you are playing the music correctly.  You don't want to memorize mistakes.  By the way, don't worry!  A lot of new members are intimidated by memorization but you can do it and staff and section leaders will help you.  The first song you memorize is the hardest.  It gets easier and easier.
-Students and Parents-check the calendar on this website and integrate it with your family calendar.  YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND WE NEED YOU.  So do all you can to avoid conflicts.
-Finally, the band's first fundraiser is our 3rd annual Mattress Fundraiser.  Get the word out that on Sept. 16th, we will sponsor a mattress sale in the gym.  This is a professionally run event featuring name brand mattresses sold at significant discount.  The band and its members have been making a lot of money off this project.  You will get all the details later but for now, just get the word out so someone you know doesn't go buy a mattress somewhere else instead of through the band.  Through us, they will get a better deal on excellent products and you and the band benefit.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone!  Happy New Year!!!


First off, the first session of New Marchers' Camp was fantastic...if a little chilly!  Our student leaders, led by our drum majors Claire and Emma were absolutely great with our new members and what a talented new crew they are.  The marching was clean, the playing was accurate (and loud), and there was just a very positive upbeat vibe about the whole things.  We are all excited about next season.

Mr. Schapker is about to start writing the drill for the 1st hour show.  Our number for each section need to be very accurate.  Please let us know of any additions or deletions or instrument changes by e-mailing me at soadams@smsd.org.  

We have all of the music for halftime, now.  1st hour members can stop by the band room and get the last tune anytime you are up at South.  

I have sent in our registrations for The Blue Spring South Marching Festival on 10/14 and The Festival of Champions (UCM Warrensburg) of 10/28.  Please make sure these dates are clear for all 1st hour members.  All marching dates for 1st and 5th hour are posted on the Calendar link.  Please get those on your family calendars now.

Thinking ahead to fundraisers in the Fall that we need to be very successful-The Mattress Sale returns on Sept. 16th.  A Mattress showroom is set up in the gym by a very reputable professional group that sells top line mattresses.  Big discounts for our buyers and big profits that go primarily into student accounts.  Let folks know now so they buy from us.

Then, of course, our amazing 5k race on Nov. 5th.  This is such a fun event and it makes a lot of money for the band.  Get the word out.  We want to get as many runners as possible and we will need many volunteers.  We also look for businesses to sponsor the event.  This is a professionally timed race complete with DJ, drum line, and a pep band.  I have to say, over my career, this is by far my favorite fundraiser because it is this great community event that just happens to benefit the band.  Spread the word!

Enjoy your summer!.....and practice....the better our individuals, the better the band!


Congratulations to our seniors who graduated last night!  Go out there and do wonderful things!  Dream big and work hard and focused toward your goals.

And now here comes the next crew.  New marchers camp is next Monday and Tuesday from 7:30-11:00 then 12:30 to 3.  We are all looking forward to this exceptional 8th grade class joining the Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band.   There will be a leadership meeting to prepare for camp on Thursday from noon to 2 for all section leaders and officers.

We've been working on the new marching show music in class...It is COOL!  

Please either turn in summer rental (30.00 to SM South) or turn in your instrument for the summer.  We will be renting instruments to the new freshmen next week and also sending out instruments for repair so we need everything accounted for.  Also, please look around for any sheet music or uniform parts you many not have turned in.

Make goals now for improving your playing.  Summer is a great time to set aside some time each day to build technique, endurance, and range and to improve your musicianship.  It is amazing what you can achieve with a goal, a plan, and regular practice!  ...and lessons are an awesome idea!  The music to get for Symphonic, District, and State auditions is posted on the Audition link.

Finally, congratulations to our newly elected leaders for next year!
President-Kiley Hance
Secretary-Cora Selzer
Band Manager-Luke Vohs
Sophomore Rep-Kate Herrmann

and our drum majors-Claire Kelly (Field Captain) and Emma Ross (Junior Drum Major).


Congrats on a very good concert, last night.  All three groups played very well!

Thursday evening is the end of the year band picnic at "The Tennis Courts" at 103rd and Marty from 6-8PM.  This is a laid back get together for all band members.  The staff will chaperone and the boosters are bringing in BBQ, bread, and paper goods.  There is plenty of drinks left over from Evening of Jazz!  Everyone bring frisbees, footballs, I suppose those fidget things, anything like that.  Then bring this by class:

Freshmen-crunchy salty stuff
Sophomores-sweet stuff
Juniors-healthy stuff (bottled water or veggies-that kind of thing)
Seniors-yourself-you've brought stuff for the other 3 years.

Band letters will be given out at this event!  Yes, there is a threat of rain but it seems to be diminishing.  Watch this page for any changes to the plans.

TIME TO TURN IN INSTRUMENT RENTAL-If you want an instrument for the summer, turn in a rental form with serial number, signatures, and your ID number.   There are rental forms on the forms link of this page.  Rent is 30.00 for the summer and checks go to SM South.  Please get this in ASAP.


Busy times continue!  Here are some deadlines and events to watch for over the next week or so:

-Sell those Evening of Jazz tickets!  Each band member was given an envelop with tickets to sell.  Yes, it is called Evening of Jazz but the proceeds go to support the marching band so we need every one to chip in.  Bring in tickets sales money to the band office at any time.  Also, we need students to bring 2 liter bottles of pop-Seniors and Freshmem-coke, Juniors-Sprite, and Sophomores-Dr. Pepper.
-Section Leader applications are due on THURSDAY this week.
-Evening of Jazz set up is Saturday morning at 9:00 AM.  The show is from 7:30 to 10:30PM.  This is a fun event.  More of a party than a concert.  Refreshments are available and you can come and go as you desire.   Dancing is encouraged!
-Tuesday, May 9th at 7PM is the Spring Awards Concert!  Always a great show!
-Thursday, May 11th, End of the Year Band picnic at "The Tennis Courts" at 103rd and Marty from 6-8.  Students only with staff chaperoning.  A nice relaxing time with usually TOO MUCH food! :-)


Seventeen soloists and two ensembles braved the rain to perform at State Solo and Ensemble today at Washburn Rural High School in Topeka.  It was definitely a strong showing by our performers.  15 first division ratings and 4 second division ratings were earned!  Congratulations to all of you and thank you for representing our band so well!




8:14 AM


Vera Chowning-flute

8:35 AM


Kylie Hance-flute

9:27 AM


Concert Percussion

9:45 AM


Corbin Wood-tbn

9:52 AM


Flute trio

10:13 AM


Alyssa Bridges-oboe

10:20 AM


Emma Ross-Bassoon

11:16 AM


Alex Rutkowski-sax

11:45 AM


Jonathan Huhn-perc

1:17 PM


Cora Selzer-horn

1:22 PM


Luke Vohs-sax

1:50 PM


Emily Featherston-flut

1:57 PM


Grace Markum-flute

2:46 PM


Katrina Sargent-fl/pic

2:48 PM


Rhys Jones-percussion

3:26 PM


Kate Herrmann-btn

3:28 PM


Justin Adams-sax

3:42 PM


Katrina Sargent-fl/pic

3:59 PM


Nick Velicer-perc

*I’m not sure which designation they will use for the rooms. I think the first and longer number is what is used every day at the school. I think the second shorter number is just for this festival. Probably both will be visible.

Congratulation for making it this far and best of luck on your state performance!!!


Band letter applications are now on the table outside of my office.  These are due next Tuesday by the end of the school day.  The requirements are very self-explanatory and can also be found in the Band Aide handbook that is posted on this site.  Some areas require verification like if you have played in a group outside of school or performed for a place of worship or club or that kind of thing.  I will need a program or a note from your parent or sponsor just to verify your participation.  The main thing, if you want a letter, you must turn in the application on time.  No app, no letter :-)  Letters will be given out at the band picnic on May 11th.


A good day...actually, a historic day for the bands at State Band Festival today!  Symphonic Band earned a first division rating with individual judge ratings of I,I,II.  The two was just one point below the "I" level and the other two were very strong first division scores.  The whole staff felt it was their best performance of this very challenging music.

Concert Band earned I,I,I-the best you can do as far as a rating.  Here is the historic part, one judge gave them a perfect score!  I have never seen a band given an 80 out of 80!  Wow!

I am SO PROUD of every member of both of these groups.  Today was so successful because both groups have been rehearsing exceptionally well for a very long time.  Today was just the last few blocks of the marathon that it takes to prepare such demanding music.  Did I mention I was SO PROUD of these guys!!!!  (big stupid looking smile on my face as I type this).


OK, Sym band gets to leave a little later than posted yesterday.  We now meet at 6:45.  Still early but that seems a lot better than 6:15.  Thanks to Mrs. Anderson for twisting the bus company's arm.  Mrs. Anderson is South's bookkeeper and a former french horn player!  All other times and instructions posted below are the same.  I am looking forward to both groups turning in fantastic performances tomorrow.  Both bands are prepared and capable of creating some very special music!  Yep, I'm nervous...but the good kind!


Here we go!  Contest week!!  We already started with Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday at Olathe South.  I was so proud of every student that performed!  19 events have qualified for State which will be at Washburn Rural HS in Topeka on April 29th.  I have requested morning times since that is also the date of Prom.  Ratings from Saturday are posted with the schedule on the 4/4 posting under the room heading.

The bands play on Wednesday for State Festival!  Symphonic Band plays at 8:25 at Blue Valley HS in the auditorium.  Because of bus schedules, ugh!, we will need to load and leave at 6:30AM so be here at a painful 6:15.  You will return to class by 9:30.  Concert Band gets out of class at 9AM and we leave at 9:30 to perform at Blue Valley Southwest in the auditorium at 10:50.  You will return to class by 12:30.  Both groups need to make sure to wear the prescribed all black uniforms and to remember all music, instruments and accessories.  Both groups have worked so hard to prepare for this day.  Great luck to all!

Parents that can are very welcome to come and hear the groups perform.  The rooms usually have three judges and very few other people.  It is always easier to play for a friendly audience.


The jazz band is playing at Jazz on the Bridge at SM West Friday night, 4/7. Our performance time is 8PM, our warm-up is at 7:30 in their band room. Dress is the green jazz band shirt, khaki pants/skirt, and brown footwear/belt. This is always a fun gig played before an appreciative crowd. If you are out and about, the 6th grade jazz band plays at 5PM followed by Indian Woods. They play in the cafeteria. Also, stick around to hear Ryan Heinlein play with West's band. He is the new band director at JCCC and a fantastic trombonist.

We would love to have other band students come out and support us...and enjoy some great tunes!  Nick V and Brandon K are featured on the "Mucho Fasto," (really, that is the tempo marking) "Magic Flea." Ethan I is featured on the haunting ballad "Round Midnight."  "Loop 360" is next which features the coolest bass line and solos by Broc P, Ethan I, and Rhys J.  Then we finish up with the latin party tune, "Tambo," featuring our drummers, Lily R, Laura L, Alex R and Corbin W on tuba!

Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival 

April 8, 2017




8:00 AM


Madison Burch

8:14 AM

8:24 AM


Concert Band Percussion

8:32 AM


Symphonic Band Percussion

8:42 AM


Cora Selzer

8:49 AM


Emma Ross

9:04 AM


Corbin Wood

9:28 AM


Nick Velicer

9:52 AM


Alyssa Bridges

10:24 AM


Rhys Jones

10:29 AM


Luke Vohs

11:04 AM


Katrina Sargent

11:18 AM

11:25 AM


Emily Featherston

11:32 AM


Justin Adams

11:46 AM


Clarinet Trio

11:46 AM


Katrina Sargent

1:00 PM


Audrey Hartwell

1:07 PM


Katie Horner

1:08 PM


Rhys Jones

1:16 PM


Nick Velicer

1:21 PM


Kylie Hance

1:24 PM


Jesse Taylor

1:32 PM


Sophia Lanan

1:32 PM


Brass Quintet

1:42 PM


Alexandra Rutkowski

1:48 PM


Ben Shaw

1:49 PM


David Muirhead

2:04 PM


Jonathan Huhn

2:10 PM


Gini Horton

2:38 PM


Kate Herrmann

4:04 PM


Flute Trio

4:11 PM


Marianna Ward

4:18 PM


Jocelyn Clark

4:25 PM


August Chowning

4:53 PM


Grace Markum

4:46 PM


Claire Kelley


Pointers and Rules

Olathe South HS is at 1640 E 151st St, Olathe, KS 66062

-No photocopies except to facilitate page turns. Performers and judges must have originals. You will be disqualified if you use copies.

Write “SM South” and your name on the judge’s copy and number each measure. Mark any cuts very clearly. The door person will return the music to you after your performance. WAIT FOR IT.

Warm-up in the gym.

Dress nice, it makes a good impression on the judge.

Arrive early to scope out your room and meet with your ensemble members or pianist.

Soloists-tune carefully when you enter the performance room. You play then piano. It is easier to hear differences in pitch this way. When the piano plays first, we tend to “lip” the note in tune without realizing it. If you do this, you will battle intonation the entire performance. Practice tuning!

Ensembles-tune before you get in the room. The judge will hear everything. You don’t want them to hear this process.

Introduce yourself and your pianist or ensemble members. EX. “Hello, my name is _____________ from Shawnee Mission South High School. I will be performing _______________ by _________________. My pianist is __________________.



Symphonic Band will play at SM East tonight at the District Symphonic Band Festival.  Each of the five SM Sym bands will play their contest music for each other and our clinician, Dr. Gary Green, from the University of Miami.  Arrival time is 6:30.  We will meet in the drama room.  The concert starts at 7PM and we play fourth.  Make sure you are looking good in your concert black and have everything you need for the performance-music, instrument, accessories.

Parents are encouraged to attend so you can hear what is going on at the other schools and to give our band hearty support.  

Dr. Green will work with the band during 3rd hour on Wednesday.


Since school is now going to be let out for the summer on May 19th, Session 1 of New Marchers' Camp and the corresponding percussion camp will be on May 22 & 23 instead of the 30th and 31st.  Yeah!  Our summer just got longer!!  Please spread the word!


Thanks to everyone for a well played and really enjoyable concert last night!  I'm proud of each group's progress!

Here is the Regional Solo and Ensemble schedule for April 8th at Olathe South HS.
It is best not to change schedules because this is set up so students and pianists will not have conflicts.  If you absolutely NEED to change times, you may switch with someone IN YOUR SAME ROOM as long as everyone involved is fine with the switch.  Make sure to let me know so that I can change the schedule.  If that option doesn't work, let me know and we will see if there is another option.  Again, do everything you can to make the posted schedule work.

8:00 AM413Madison Birch
8:14 AM420Cienna Maere
8:24 AM421Concert Band Percussion
8:32 AM421Symphonic Band Percussion
8:42 AM501Cora Selzer
8:49 AM416Emma Ross
9:04 AM605Corbin Wood
9:28 AM421Nick Velicer
9:52 AM416Alyssa Bridges
10:24 AM506Rhys Jones
10:29 AM413Luke Vohs
11:04 AM408Katrina Sargent
11:18 AM604Laura Legg
11:25 AM408Emily Featherston
11:32 AM413Justin Adams
11:46 AM403Clarinet Trio
11:46 AM408Katrina Sargent
1:00 PM501Audrey Hartwell
1:07 PM420Katie Horner
1:08 PM506Rhys Jones
1:16 PM506Nick Velicer
1:21 PM408Kylie Hance
1:24 PM605Jesse Taylor
1:32 PM506Sophia Lanan
1:32 PM605Brass Quintet
1:42 PM413Alexandra Rutkowski
1:48 PM506Ben Shaw
1:49 PM604David Muirhead
2:04 PM421Jonathan Huhn
2:10 PM501Gini Horton
2:38 PM604Kate Herrmann
4:04 PM403Flute Trio
4:11 PM501Marianne Ward
4:18 PM420Jocelyn Clark
4:25 PM408August Chowning
4:53 PM408Grace Markum
4:53 PM413Claire Kelly


The Pre-State Concert is Wednesday night!  The performance will feature all three concert bands, two percussion ensembles, and we will show the short DVD the Florida band made at the Your Instrumental Clinic in Orlando.  Concert and Symphonic will play both of their contest numbers which are sounding fantastic. Indian Woods eighth grader, Jay Selzer, the winner of our Rising Stars contest, will perform a solo work for bassoon and band.  The Concert Band trombones will be featured on Shoutin' Liza Trombone whihc wil be conducted by our student teacher, Miss Stevermer.  And wait until you hear the progress The Freshman Band has made.  They sound amazing!  Yes, don't miss this performance.  Lots of wonderful music!

All bands are in all black for this performance.  Students meet at 6:30 PM for the 7PM performance.


The manager of the Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival which is on 4/8 needs more parent volunteers to keep the festival running smoothly.  Following is his request for help.  If you can help out, please sign-up.  We are very lucky that Blue Valley HS and Olathe South HS are willing to alternate years hosting this event.  It is a big project that our kids benefit from annually.

We have students participating in the KSHSAA Regional Solo & Ensemble Festival on Saturday, April 8 hosted at Olathe South High School. This is the largest such event in the entire state and it requires a large number of adult volunteers to run smoothly. There is still a need for more adult volunteers to help the festival run smoothly and make it a great experience for the music students from the Blue Valley, Olathe and Shawnee Mission schools. If your schedule allows, please consider helping out…it does not require any significant training or “intense” work, and you will get the chance to hear some outstanding high school musicians! You can learn more and sign up at https://goo.gl/qgoHlK. If you are interested in helping, but have any issues with the online sign up, you can also contact the festival manager, Chad Coughlin, at ccoughlinos@olatheschools.org


Evening of Jazz is just around the corner and we need your help and creativity!  Let's make this event a huge success because it makes a lot of money for our ENTIRE program (marching band gets most of it) and, hey, ITS A PARTY!

Click here for more info about EofJ, including the annual t-shirt design contest.


We are back from the Florida trip!  The last bus rolled in a 1AM Sunday morning after departing Universal Studios at 11PM on, what was it, Friday night.  That is the hard part of these trips.  The rest was, well, FANTASTIC!

I am SO proud of our students.  Repeatedly, I was told by restaurant managers, Disney representatives, and bus drivers that our kids were so polite, organized, and friendly.  These guys were always on time and ready to have a good time.  I have so many people tell me I'm crazy for taking these trips-they don't know my students!  And what a band!  I called this our mutt band because it was made up of members of Symphonic, Concert, and Freshman Band.  The group never rehearsed during school.  They participated in a two and a half hour recording session clinic.  I was looking forward to this but it was even better than I imagined.  All of our band students will be hearing things in their classes that I learned in this clinic.  Our guys were so focused and enthusiastic and sounded exceptional.  You could tell the clinician was having a great time working with our guys.  Our tour guide told me that he has sat through many of these sessions and this was by far the best!  You will see and hear the result at our next concert when the sound track we recorded will be played.  At the concert we played the next day in Disney Springs, our guys simply nailed it.  Our Disney guide who does this all of the time gushed over how wonderfully the kids played but even more over the audience reaction.  She said that usually you get a small crowd of parents and people slow down and watch for a minute as they walk by in this shopping area but for us, she said, people kept stopping until it was standing room only!  She talked about audience members singing along to the Wizard of Oz songs.  And they were amazed at how loose but business like our kids were.  She talked of their professionalism.  I love that!

I've done so many trips with the bands over the last 30 years and I think it is safe to say that this was the best Florida trip.  They are always good but this one was exceptional.  To me, it is because of these wonderful young people and their attitude-let's be flexible, let's do it right and let's enjoy it all.  Rides are great, the weather was pretty good if a little chilly at times, the hotel pool was amazing, the performances went so well but, again, it was these kids that put it over the top.  I also want to thank our incredible staff-Miss Hartwell, Mrs. Hoelscher and Mr. Schapker.  Each is so driven to do their very best for these young people, each is among the very best in the classroom, and, each of us love being part of Team South-we are best friends and that friendship grows out of our love of working with music and these students.   Augmenting our team is my wife Shari who is absolutely a part of the staff and really is the world's greatest chaperone, Mr. Setty who has chaperoned the last two Florida trips, and our super couple-Paul and Angela Horton.  These folks were totally committed to always being there for the kids.  Always ready to help but also willing to stand back and let the students flex their independence and enjoy the trip through their own explorations of the whole experience.  It was rare that a student would see any of our chaperone staff without a smile on their face.

Thank you to our booster club and especially our Florida committee of Mrs. Brandt, Mrs. Pearce, and Mr. Carter.  They did so much work to get everything collected and organized so we were setup for success.   Without the willingness of the booster club to sponsor these trips, they simply couldn't happen.

Now talk to the students themselves-each will have their own treasure chest full of unforgettable memories!  I will be talking to the students about how to share the many pictures that were taken so we can put together one incredible keepsake DVD commemorating the trip.

Grade for the trip-A+!  Europe is next-just two years away.


A couple notes to keep in mind for the upcoming Florida trip:
-students have been told NOT to bring any snacks for the bus that include tree nuts or peanuts-this pretty much covers all the nuts.  We have a number of students with serious nut allergies.   
-Our clocks "Spring forward" Sunday morning (daylight savings time).  Make sure you are aware or you might miss the bus!
-Double check in the handbook below what you need to wear for the performance.  I have seen Disney not allow people to perform because their uniform is not correct.  Don't forget black belts, full length black socks, black dress shoes, black slacks-dress slacks-not jeans or similar.  Ladies-slacks not leggings.

Weather report has been moving the temperatures warmer but a few more chances for rain.

....in a week, we will be there!


Click the link below for access to the Florida Handbook.  The link is also posted on the Florida page.



A lot going on in the old band room!
-The Florida handbook should be posted today on the Florida link.  Thank you for your patience.
-The deadline to sign-up for Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival is next Tuesday.  With Florida coming up, I have to submit this Wednesday morning.
-All students have scale assignments that are due on their block day next week.  This is a very big part of their grade.  Sym band-all 12 in 1:30, Con and Fr band-1:45, jazz-1 minute.  Jazz also needs to have their album reviews in next Thursday.

A big congratulations to Mr. Selzer, Cora and Jay's dad, for being inducted into the Kansas Music Educator's Hall of Fame last weekend at the state music convention.  Mr. Selzer taught at a number of schools including being the head director at SM West and BVNW where he led exceptional programs full of fantastic students.  He is considered one of the best by those in my profession.  We are very lucky that, in his retirement, Mr. Selzer finds time to help many programs but he certainly plays favorites with the South area schools and our students.  He has traded in his band director's hat for one that says "Ultimate Band Dad."   When you see him, shake his hand in recognition to this well deserved honor!


Florida Meeting this Sunday

Parents and students going to Florida will have an informational meeting at 2:30 this Sunday (2/26) immediately after the student rehearsal.  At this meeting, we will cover what and how to pack, final itinerary, spending money and meals that are and aren't covered by the trip cost, performance uniform, rules, and hopefully all the other questions you may have.  In conjunction with the meeting, a tour booklet will be posted on the website.

Florida practices:

Feb. 8 Wed 7-8:30 PM

Feb. 12 Sunday 1-3 PM

Feb. 22 Wed 7-8:30 PM

Feb. 26 Sunday 1-3 PM--parents invited for info meeting at 2:30.

March 8 Wed 7-8:30 PM

March 11 Saturday 10 AM-noon


On Friday (1/28), a number of 8th graders will be coming to perform their Rising Star auditions in the SOUTH BAND ROOM from 10:30 AM to about 12:15.  Symphonic band section leaders and interested members of symphonic band are invited to help select the winner.  The winner will perform a solo selection with sym band on the April concert.  All students that audition will be invited to sit in on one piece on the concert.  This used to be a regular tradition and I am excited to see it come back.  This will be a great sneak peek at the future of the South bands!


We've got a couple really exciting concert coming up.  This Thursday, the Symphonic Band takes the stage featuring our Masterworks soloist, Jonathan Huhn, playing "Raise the Roof," a very demanding work for tympani solo and band.  I am so impressed with Jon's skill and musicianship and the entire band's ability to put together this college level work in just a few weeks.  The orchestra and choir and their soloists will also perform.  We will end the concert will the latin flavored, "Fandango," a short show-off piece for the entire band.  

Monday night, the Freshman and Concert bands strut their stuff along with the orchestra.  Featured music will include the Freshmen Band performing the work inspired by the children's book, "The Fox and Tomten" and the constantly changing time signature composition, "Three Caprices."  The Concert Band follows with be the spooky "Sleepy Hollow" and the rhythmically intense "Variants." 

All three bands will take their yearbook photos after their performances.

Here is the required dress code for the bands:
Concert Band and Freshman Band Uniforms:
Boys’ Uniform-Black slacks (not jeans or similar pants), Black long sleeve dress shirt , Black shoes and long black socks
Girls’ Uniform-Black slacks or skirt (medium or long length), Black long sleeve blouse/shirt, Black shoes with black hose or long black socks

Symphonic Band Uniforms: Boys’ Uniform-Same as Concert/Freshman Band
Girls’ Uniform-Black Symphonic band dress is worn by all girls with Black shoes with black hose.


Room and bus sign-ups are tomorrow-Tuesday-at 7AM!  Read below to make sure you are ready to sign-up.  You must have all forms in to get your room and bus seat.

Florida is getting close!

Make sure you are up to date with all your Florida forms and payments or have made arrangements with the travel company.   Funds from individual travel accounts will be sent to Florida before the final payment is due.  Check the amount you have in that account at the Student Accounts link of this site.  If you need your access code, you can get that by contacting Craig Herrmann (booster webmaster) or George Legg (booster treasurer).  Don't overpay because refunds would probably take a while.   Remember, all payments for the trip are through the travel company.  The boosters have no control over that facet of the trip.

Just a reminder: 75% of the trip is supposed to be paid by now.  You can see your balance by checking the Super Holiday Tours website (superholiday.com) and going into your account.  We are now under 60 days before the trip so the cancellation fee is 50% of quad occupancy cost.  

Florida practices:

Feb. 8     Wed           7-8:30 PM       

Feb. 12    Sunday     1-3 PM       

Feb. 22    Wed          7-8:30 PM       

Feb. 26    Sunday     1-3 PM       

March 8  Wed          7-8:30 PM       

March 11 Saturday 10 AM-noon 


The sign-up day for rooms and busses for the Florida trip will be Tuesday, January 24th.  The sign-ups will begin at 7-7:40AM.  To sign-up, students MUST HAVE all forms, insurance cards, etc turned it.  These were due in September.  A list of missing items is posted on the green bulletin board in the back of the band room.  Students can turn forms into any staff member and we will get them to the parents on the Florida committee.
Those with missing forms have been contacted by e-mail previously.

State results were posted late last night and South is very well represented!  Here are our new All-Staters:

Flute-Madeline Bermond (Orch 3), Emily Featherston (8), Katrina Sargent (6)
Piccolo-Kiley Hance (1)
Clarinet-Jocelyn Clark (13)
Oboe-Alyssa Bridges (3)
Bassoon-Emma Ross (4)
Bari Sax-Alexandra Rutkowski (1)
Horn-Cora Selzer (3)
Percussion-Jonathan Huhn (4)
Tympani-Nickolas Velicer (1)

In addition, band members Anya Horton (trumpet) and Celeste Kincaid (alto sax) have been selected to sing with the All-State Choir.

These students will travel to Wichita to rehearse and perform with the All-State Band or Orchestra from Feb. 23-25.  A huge congratulations to each of you!!!!


Just a late reminder to our 12 students that will go to Salina to audition for All-State tomorrow.  We meet at 5:15 AM, Saturday morning, on the east side of Shawnee Mission Northwest high school (12701 W 67th St, Shawnee, KS 66216}.  It is a three hour drive and most people sleep on the way down-feel free to bring a blanket and pillow, stuffed animals, that kind of stuff...oh, and snacks/breakfast stuff.  

Lunch will be available at the school so bring some cash.  I recommend 10.00 which also gives you enough for more snacks!

Our leave time tends to be fairly late-it is a long day-because we don't leave to everyone is done from all the schools riding on our bus.  We usually get home somewhere between 7 and 8.

You don't need to dress up-be comfortable.  

The results are usually posted on Wednesday.  Good luck all!!!  You are our Best of the Best!


Congratulations and thanks to everyone on a very well played and enjoyable concert last night!  The chili dinner was wonderful, tons of uniforms were turned in, the bands all played at their best, there were some really awful holiday sweaters, Santa came, and over 1500.00 was raised for South families that could use some help this holiday season.  Yes, a pretty nice evening!


The Winter Concert is this Wednesday!

For this concert, dress up but it can be colorful holiday garb-still dressy, though.  No jeans, leggings, or tennis shoes!  OK, that tacky holiday sweater is OK.  You are perfectly welcome to wear the normal band concert uniform-many will-but you don't have to.

Uniform Turn In begins at 4:45 on Wednesday, Dec 7, before the concert.  Please be sure to bring:






Shako Box

Please UNSNAP sleeves and pants legs before returning your uniform!!!! Also, some students were given extra shakos/boxes/gauntlets throughout the season as their original ones became misplaced. Check your car, your room, under your bed, etc to find ALL uniform parts and pieces you have received and return everything!!!

If your uniform is turned in completely and on time, your 1st semester band final is waived!

Chili dinner in the cafeteria at 5:30

Warmup in orchestra room, choir room, and stage at 6:30. Concert at 7.

We will have our annual Pass the Shako collection to raise funds to help South families in need. Bring your cash!  We usually raise between 1200 and 1400 dollars which we combine with collections taken at the choir and orchestra concerts.   The funds are given to our counseling department who identifies families in need.  Thanks to this collection, last year, 50 families received Target gift cards and the like to make for a better holiday season!  I hope we can do the same this year.

Also, make sure you are up to date on your Florida payments.  The second payment was due last Friday.


Hey, here is late notice about a performance I think many of you would enjoy plus you can get 50 pts extra credit if you bring me a program.  Miss Hartwell is playing this gig.  Here is the info she shared....

I'm playing with the Midwest Chamber Ensemble Brass tonight. The concert is at 7:30 at the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection at 91st & Mission. Features brass quintets, horn quintet, low brass quartet and brass choir. Free admission!


 would love to see a number of small ensembles get started within the band.  They are so much fun to play in and one of the best ways to improve your musicianship and you are in charge!  This concert will give you some ideas of the kind of things possible played by some of KC's finest.  One to know how much fun this can be, ask our saxophone players that have been getting together to play holiday music!

Big week coming up!  Winter Concert and Chili dinner on Wednesday plus uniform turn-in and pass the shako for South families that can use a little help this holiday season the same night.


Good luck at District Band tomorrow for our 12 SMS representatives!  Look over the info sheet that was sent to you by e-mail.  Make sure to bring your music, a music stand, A PENCIL, and any accessories that you are expected to bring.

The short is that you need to be at Blue Valley HS (6001 W 159th St, Stilwell, KS 66085) at 7:30 AM.  Don't forget to buy your 6.00 lunch ticket and bring your dress clothes for the concert (you don't need to wear them for practice).


A reminder: the next Florida payment is due through the SHT website on Friday, 12/2.  Remember that the bus cost has been added since the last payment was due.  That explains why costs have gone up a bit and that the website may say you owe some from the last payment.  

Congratulations to five members of our freshman class that have earned spots in this year's John Philip Sousa Honor Band.  These students had to send in recorded auditions and were selected from 7-9 grade musicians from across the state.  They will rehearse and perform in the Lied Center on the KU campus on January 20 &21st.

Those earning spots are:
Grace Markum-flute
Young Chang-clarinet
Julian Duff-trumpet
Corbin Wood-trombone
Ben Shaw-percussion

Two Indian Woods students also made it:
Jay Selzer-bassoon and Andrea Edwards-bari sax


Symphonic Band results are posted.  Thank you to everyone who auditioned.  I appreciate all the work you put in and the nerves it takes to play in an important audition.  Whether you earned the result you were hoping for or not, I highly encourage you to get with me for a review of your audition.  I have recordings of every audition and the score sheets.  I am happy to talk you through the strengths and weaknesses I heard and give you tips on how to improve.  This only takes about 5 minutes but it is often very helpful and eye opening.  

Congratulations to our band members who earned positions in the District Bands through auditions last Saturday.  Here are the names of those who earned a spot:

Piccolo-Katrina Sargent-B1
Flute-Madeline Bermond-R6, Vera Chowning-alt, Emily Featherston-R4, Kylie Hance-R7
Clarinet-Jocelyn Clark-B16
Oboe-Alyssa Bridges-B4
Bassoon-Emma Ross-R4
Bari Sax-Alexandra Rutkowski-B1 (alt jazz)
Tenor Sax-Luke Vohs-alt
Horn-Audrey Hartwell-R7, Cora Selzer-R1
Tympani-Jonathan Huhn-1R, Nick Velicer, 1B
Percussion-Rhys Jones-alt

R (red) &B (blue) stand for the two bands which are equal in ability.

The District Bands rehearse and perform on Saturday, Dec. 3rd at Blue Valley HS.  Alternates may be called so keep the date open.  Anyone who performs on the concert is eligible to audition for State.


District band auditions are this Saturday at Olathe East HS, 
14545 W 127th St, Olathe, KS 66062.  Those auditioning need to meet in the auditorium at OE at 7:30 AM where you will learn about procedures then you will go to the audition room to get your number and time.  You can warmup in the gym.  You don't need to dress up because the auditions are blind.  Bring something to do because you will have lots of down time.  Upbeat conversation is one of the best things you can do.  Warm-up but don't over-practice.  You want your best run-through to be in the audition room.  Keep those chops fresh.  It is best not to listen to other players.  You can bring in your scales written out but, frankly, if you don't have them memorized, you aren't ready.  When sight-reading, take the time allowed to really study the excerpt-key, tempo, time signature, style, then focus on tricky areas.  Don't freak out if you make an error-there are no perfect auditions.  Just keep going.

Some of you may be done by 10, others could still be there after 2.  Just be flexible.  The day is exciting, if a little nerve-racking.  Being nervous is totally normal-use the extra energy to lift your performance.  I can assure you, those judges behind the screen are hoping the best for you and are proud of you for being there....as am I.

Some of you may be done by 10, others could still be there after 2.  Just be flexible.  The day is exciting, if a little nerve-racking.  Being nervous is totally normal-use the extra energy to lift your performance.  I can assure you, those judges behind the screen are hoping the best for you and are proud of you for being there....as am I.

From what I am hearing in the symphonic band auditions, I think it will be a very good weekend for us!  Good luck!!


Symphonic auditions start Monday.  Note changes-trumpets will now be Monday next week so we will start with flutes this coming Monday and clarinets will move from Wednesday to Monday.  Though this was announced in all classes, please share the info so no one is caught off guard about their place in the audition order.

The 5K was a HUGE success!  We had around 280 registered for the run and a so many volunteers to help in so many ways.  This was by far the largest race we've had and everything went so smoothly!  Thank you everyone but especially to Kathy Hance and Megan Hoelscher for their organizational wizardry and pure determination (and a lot of time) to make it all work!  These ladies are AMAZING!!!!  This is such a fun event that it is easy to forget it is a fundraiser but I am pretty sure we are all going to be extremely happy with the income this event has brought in to our program.  I love the community vibe this event has and what a wonderful community it is.



Tonight is the night that the Freshman Band and Jazz Band take the stage for their first concert of the year!  Come see these two groups that are playing extremely well!  Performers need to be here in uniform (see 10/24 post for uniform details) at 6:30 for the 7PM concert.  It is free!

First hour did a great job of bringing their marching uniforms for the picture that Mrs. Levorson took for us Tuesday morning.  Now, please take them home!  There are a lot of uniforms in the room right now including some that have fallen on the floor.  They have to last a long time so they need to be taken care of!  We will turn uniforms in the night of the December concert.

I sent out a message on Skyward today about the 5k.  Get involved.  You are already on the band website if you are reading.  You are only a click away from the 5K link where you can register to run (or walk) or volunteer.  We need lots of both.  This IS the fundraiser that will fund the band for this year and well into next.


Happy Halloween!  All 1st hour members need to bring your uniform tomorrow so we can take a full band photo.  Neither of our contests offered photos this year and neither did they last year so we have yet to get a nice pic of the band in the new uniforms.  Please remind each other!  There will be time to change into and out of them during class.

Wednesday night is the Freshman/Jazz Band Concert at 7PM in the auditorium.  Scroll down to the 10/24 post for uniform requirements.  This will be an enjoyable show of less then an hour featuring the freshman band on three well-prepared numbers including the freshman band classic (meaning we seem to play it every year), Cartoon Symphony.  The jazz band is playing a great set which includes a guitar feature for Broc Pashia, a ballad featuring Justin Adams on alto, and the flashy Trumpet Blues and Cantabile which features the whole trumpet section.  Come support the members of these two groups and enjoy some great music and, for students, extra credit!

The 5k is this Saturday!  Are you signed up to participate of volunteer?  We need all of you...and spread the word!

Marching season is behind us and what a great season it was!  The band looked and sounded fantastic at every performance.  We ended the season in Lawrence at the Heart of America Marching Festival this past Saturday.  We turned in a solid performance that was an audience favorite but we only placed 8th.  Our judges' comments were pretty positive and our music placement was 5th and very close to those above us but the judges were looking for more variety in our look and sound and a continued improvement in execution of marching fundamentals.  The band made some great strides this year in the music, quality of marching, and integration of choreography.  We will continue to build in those areas.  We will make an effort to update the format of our shows to be more competitive but, don't worry, that will not include a truck load of field covering props.  We will keep our way of doing things, just adapt it a bit to what scores well with judges.

I am so proud of the way this group has rehearsed and performed all season.  I have been blessed to work with so many outstanding South bands over the years but this one will, I'm sure, stand out as a favorite!  Thanks, Band!  

Also, thanks to all the staff and parents that gave so much of your time, energy, creativity, and sweat to support the students' efforts.  Simply stated, we couldn't do this without you.


Here are the details for first hour's trip to The Heart of America Marching Festival which will be held in the stadium on KU's campus at 11th and Mississippi in Lawrence.  Tickets are 10.00 for adults, 5.00 for students and seniors.  Enter at the Northwest stadium entrance.  Credit cards are not accepted.  The festival organizers ask that you park in the lots on the west side of the stadium (press box side).  We hope we have a big noisy green and gold crowd to cheer our guys on in their last performance of the season!

-4:30  Brief rehearsal in our stadium while the truck is loaded.
-5:30 depart for Lawrence
-6:45 official warm up time at the stadium
-7:45 performance, then photo
-8:30 KU performs the results
-10ish arrive back at SMS

Please eat before coming to South, we will not have dinner in Lawrence.   You might want to bring healthy snacks because we won't have much time to him concession stands and that will be after our performance.
Make sure those uniforms look good-steam out any wrinkles and polish the instruments and shoes.  This is it!  Let's give them our very best in every regard.

If you want to see what goes on in the world of marching band, check out midwestmarching.com.  This is where complete score recaps are published from all contests in the midwest.  

The band has done such a great job this season!  I am really looking forward to the finale of their season this weekend in Lawrence!


Reminder that 1st hour's practice is from 3-4:30 this afternoon because the stadium isn't available tonight.  This is the last Monday PM practice for marching season.

The Freshman and Jazz Bands are sharing a concert next Wednesday evening, Nov. 2, in the auditorium at 7PM.  Here is the required uniform:

Concert and Freshman Bands Uniform:  

Boys-Black slacks (not jeans or similar pants), Black long sleeve dress shirt, Black shoes (marching shoes work fine), and long black socks.

Girls-Black slacks or skirt (medium or long length), Black long sleeve blouse/shirt, Black shoes with black hose or long black socks

Jazz Band Uniform:

The Jazz Band uniform consists of black pants, white tux shirt, black bow tie, black suspenders and black socks and shoes.


.....some more important info...1st hour does have 7AM tomorrow (Thursday).  Their Monday evening practice will be from 3-4:30 because the stadium is not available at the normal time.  It was interesting practicing in the dark last week but sunlight will be much more conducive to an effective rehearsal.

Looking ahead to next weekend, first hour competes at KU at 7:45 PM.  We will practice here at South a 4:30 and get home around 10PM.  More details will come next week.

Also, we are getting really close to the November 5th, Rompin' Stompin' Raider Run 5K!  Please sign up to participate as a volunteer or runner/walker and get your friends and acquaintences to sign up, also.  The more the merrier.  This is our main fundraiser for the program this year so we need it to be successful since it will fun our projects through the Spring and planning for next marching season.  Tell your friends that their walking (or running) will help our band march next season!


I just wanted to let you know that I will not be at conferences tonight because I am playing with the pit orchestra for the school musical, Les Miserables, this evening and the rest of this week.  If you would like to talk, please feel free to visit, call, or e-mail on Friday which is designated as a conference day.


First off, yes, you moved up to 5th place!   And, yes, you heard right-first hour practice starts at 7:40 on Monday and there will be no evening rehearsal.  

Congratulations for an unqualified great day for our band in Warrensburg, yesterday.  In the prelims competition, we were 3rd in our division and 6th overall which was terrific against very tough competition.  But you weren't done.  After a great dinner prepared by the parents, the staff gave the students some areas they might be able to make improvements in, then the students worked on those areas and their own ideas in sectionals then down we went to the stadium.  In the finals performance, which was by far the best of our season, the band moved up to 5th! 

As proud as I was of your performances, and they were both excellent, it was the aspects that don't appear on the score sheet that I think were most important.  Here are some examples:
-The focus-the 100% involvement of every band member trying to do their best and working together to create something greater than its individuals.
-The class-when North went on the field, even though we were in competition with them, you very loudly cheered for them with sincerity and energy.  Yes, we hoped we could move past them but also wanted them to do their best.  I'm sure you remembered how they cheered for us at that first game of the season.  Two bands with so much class!
-The intensity I witnessed while you were in sectionals.  I love how I teach YOUR band-you don't play in MY band.  It is an honor to be a part of your group and I know the entire staff feels the same.  Honestly, watching those sectionals in the dim light of the street lights before finals nearly brought me to tears.  
-The community atmosphere-so many parents helping out by loading/unloading/driving the truck, repairing equipment, cooking dinner, plumes, water, chaperoning the busses, cleaning up, adjusting uniforms, cheering the kids on and a thousand other acts that helped the kids.  And every one of those parents that i talked to telling me how much they enjoyed the day and appreciated the thanks the students passed on to them.   
-I have say, I love our band staff!  These are people that are so talented but more importantly, so invested in working to provide the best experience they can for these students.  They are people that love their job and love this band.  I am so lucky to call each not just co-worker but good friend!  A special thanks to Mr. Selzer and Mr. Setty, two of our band dads that are also highly respected band directors who so willingly share their expertise, advice, and hard work.  They, and my wife, Shari, are absolutely part of our staff!  
-And a big thanks to Mr. Kohl for being our Senior Night announcer on Friday, then coming out and cheering on the students on Saturday.  He sent a heart-felt message to the students which I read to them right before Finals. 


First off, nice job last night!  First hour students, please wear your band t-shirt under your uniform today so if we take the jackets off, we will still look uniform.  I know most of you do this anyway but please spread the word.  Good luck today!


For athletes with races or tournaments tomorrow, hopefully you can meet us before we leave-the busses will roll at 12:45.   If you have to meet us in Warrensburg, our busses are supposed to be located in the South end of the parking lots near Clark and Missouri on the UCM campus.  We expect to arrive around 1:45 and begin our warmups around 2:30.  Parking can be very tricky and it is possible that we will need to move to a different lot which would probably just South of King Street on Warren street.  I will be too busy for communications so make sure you have someone lined up to tell you for sure where we are.

Make doubly sure that you have all of your uniform parts and instrument.  If you have equipment going on the truck,  make sure you have made arrangements with someone in your section to take care of it.  If you are taking it yourself, also make sure someone knows so we aren't looking for it for you.

Good luck on your athletic endeavors and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Wednesday morning is the last 7AM practice for 5th hour!  Our last home game is Friday night.

There is a student run rehearsal for 1st hour band on Friday at 10AM.  There is no grade attached to this but it is important as the final practice before the Warrensburg contest and a chance to the students to truly take ownership of the success of their group.

The contest is on the campus of The University of Central Missouri in Walton Stadium.  Family and friends are encouraged to go and cheer on our guys.  If you've never been to a major marching band contest before, it is quite an event.  The stadium will be full of fans cheering for their band and you will see some great groups.  We perform at 3:30 and hopefully again in the finals that evening.  Tickets are 13.00 for adults-free for kids 6 and under.  It is a little less than an hour to get there.

The next post down has the student schedule for Saturday.

Students, make sure those uniforms look good and that instrument is cleaned and polished.  You've worked long and hard for this, let's make sure we show them our best in every regard.

Finally, make sure you are all up to date with Florida payments and paperwork.  It is a good idea to check the website and make sure you are down for the correct number of people in your room.  Almost everyone is down for quad occupancy but there are a couple doubles.  That is fine if you want just be aware that it costs more.  Again, the transportation cost is supposed to be added Friday.


Volunteer pep band tonight at SM North stadium (section leaders and officers-required).  Meet at North at 6:30-you get in free (no bus).  Bring your instrument and lots of energy!  Dress warm-it is supposed to be in the 50s for much of the game.  50 points extra credit for everyone that plays!  Let's have a Rompin' Stompin' Raider Musical Mob!!!!!

Here is an rough schedule for first hour's trip to Warrensburg next Saturday-

Noon-run-through of the show in the stadium-pit loads
12:45-load busses and head out
1:45-arrive in Warrensburg
2:30-begin warm-up in Warrensburg
3:15-report to stadium
3:30-prelim performance
5:30 prelims announcements-at this point, it all depends on the results.  Possibilities:

-we don't make finals-we eat dinner (boosters are providing) and head home.  Get home around 8PM.
-we make finals and have an early time-perform then eat.  Get home around 11:30.
-we make finals with a later time-eat then perform.  Get home around 11:30.



A quick Florida update:  the additional bus cost has still not been added since we opened it up for additional family members until the end of next week but everyone should have paid the first payment as shown by now. You might check that your choice is correct on the website as far as the housing you want-single, double, quad.  Almost all students are down for quad but there are a couple of exceptions.  If there are issues and you can't fix it online, contact the travel company.  That said, I know they will be closed for a few days because of the hurricane hitting Florida.

I hope we have a hefty, noisy showing for the football game tomorrow at against West at North stadium.  See you at the gate to the North stadium at 6:30, Friday evening!


I received this message today from Mrs. Horner about a good deal at a good place for cleaning those uniforms...

I just took Katie’s uniform to Weldon Cleaners (8913 W135th Street – South side of 135th between Antioch and Switzer by Coaches’ Bar and Grill). They are locally owned, environmentally friendly, and super friendly themselves! As was mentioned last night, they’re only charging me $8 to clean both the jacket and bibbers. They currently have a 2-day turn-around time. The owner was familiar with the uniforms and mentioned that he’d cleaned all of them at the end of the season last year. 

John Bridges recommended them at the Booster meeting last night and they are the company we used to do all the uniforms over the summer.  I heard that other companies are charging around 15.00.  A little farther drive but you can save some bucks and they do know our uniforms.

Also, our performance time at KU on 10/29 is 7:30PM (this is for 1st hour, only).  This is a one performance only contest.  This is just to help you plan that weekend.  Details will come later.


First off, nice job at the game and parade, yesterday!   I highly recommend that each band member gets their uniform dry cleaned before the next game/contest (1st hour, wait until after tomorrow night).  We've had some performances in very hot conditions and it was obvious yesterday that many of the uniforms are, how should I say it,.... ripe. :-)  Have the bibbers and jacket washed, not the accessories. 

Freshman band will work on concert music this week.  Bring your concert instruments.  5th hour will not have 7AM practice this week.

First hour band performs in the Shawnee Mission Marching Festival Monday night.  The Festival is in our stadium and starts at 7PM.  Band arrival time is 6PM.  5th hour can get extra credit by coming to watch.

Friday night, we will have a pep band at North stadium for the game.  The pep band is made up of section leaders and officers and as many volunteers as possible.  You do get 50 points extra credit.  We always have a good time at these events.

I received the schedule for the October 15th, Warrensburg competition this morning.  Our prelims performance is at 3:30 with warmups an hour before.   Specific arrival times and the like will come later this week. 


Remember to bring everything you need for you uniform to school on Friday.  We will meet in the band room at 7:40 (not 7AM) then do the pep assembly in band shirts.  After the assembly, we will change into our band uniforms for the parade.  After the closing event in the stadium, you will be released for lunch or to go home. There are no regular classes tomorrow and it is an early release day.

We will meet for the game at 6PM in full uniform.   We will go outside a bit early so we can play for the end of the carnival but otherwise, our performances will be pretty much normal.

Want to join us on the trip to Orlando?  We have room for up to 20 family members or additional students to go down in the busses, stay at the hotel, and do the activities with the band.  The cost would be the same.  Students or children that are not in the SMS band must be accompanied by at least one parent.  If you are interested, go ahead and sign up at superholiday.com.   The trip ID is SMSHS66207-17B.  Adults should sign up as chaperones (the only category for adults) and children would sign up as students.  Please let me know if you plan to do this so we can keep count.  We can't go over this number of additional participants.  There is a short window of time to add people so please decide and sign up in the next two weeks.


Lots going on!

-Normal Wednesday morning practice for 5th hour.

-The first payment for Florida is due on Friday through the Super Holiday Tour website.  Note that there is now a 50.00 deposit that they have been collecting.  This is different than the deposit the band collected.  This is not a new fee-it will go to pay for the total of the trip but it was put up after most of us originally signed up which has caused some confusion.  They are also adding the cost of the bus to the cost of the trip on Friday so expect to see an increase from the original totals shown which were for the Orlando portion of the trip only.

-The band is going to be very busy on Friday.  We will play a pep assembly in our band shirts, we will do the parade in our uniforms (make sure to bring your complete uniform to school), then we meet at 6PM for the game.  

-Then looking ahead to next week-we have the Shawnee Mission Marching Festival for the first hour band on Monday evening.  This event features all 5 of the SM marching units performing their contest shows for each other.  It starts at 7PM (band arrives at 6) and is free to the public.  Come support the green guys!

-The deadline for signing up for District Band auditions is also Monday.  The auditions are on November 12 but you have to sign up now!

The parade is tomorrow!  Read the 9/20 post for details.  We will be in full uniform.  Thought was given to going with a different look for the heat but they have lowered the expected temps so full uniform it is.

5K registration price goes up soon-get friends and family to sign up now.  To make this a very successful event which will eliminate the need for further fundraisers this year, each student should recruit at least two runners, joggers, or walkers for the November 5th race.  If you have never done a 5K before, you may not realize that many if not most participants walk the course.  It is a lovely course.  Yes, there will be a group of very fast runners but the joggers and walkers will far out number them.  You may not win a medal but you will have a really nice walk with lots of great people and support our band.  Go to the 5K link or the Newsflash link to register!


Tomorrow is a very important morning rehearsal for 5th hour.  This will be the only chance to practice for the Overland Park Parade with first hour.  

We will meet for the parade on Saturday at 9:30 between 76th and 75th on Floyd in downtown Overland Park.  The parade ends at Robinson and Santa Fe where the boosters will have water waiting.  The parade actually starts at 10 and we are 75 out of 85 entrants!  We should be done around 11:30-hopefully earlier but.....  Bring everything you need to the beginning of the parade route (check list includes gloves, shako, gauntlets, long black socks, your instrument) and nothing you don't-no cases-because once we leave, we don't come back.  Hydrate!  It is supposed to be a warm day.  The boosters plan to have water available at the start and end of the parade but arriving well hydrated will help keep you comfortable.

If you've never been to the Fall Festival in downtown OP, you should check it out.  There is live music in a couple of locations, a big craft fair, the farmer's market, and some pretty cool shops and places to eat.  You might stick a change of clothes in the car so you can hang out a while.  Please hang up the uniforms when you are done!  I always try to park about halfway between the start and end of the parade.  They close off some streets about 9:30 so don't be late.


Here is the link to the SignupGenius page for an audition time with Mr. Huels for the John Phillip Sousa Band (grade 9) and/or The Fountain City Youth Brass Band (all grades).  Sign up for one time per audition.  Audition materials can be found on links on the 9/15 post of this page or on the Audition link.  These are both exceptional programs.  I hope many of you audition.



Though I haven't received the official parade lineup for next Saturday, when I called yesterday, they thought we would be "in the fourth block."  Since we were first last year and we are in the fourth block, I think that means we will be the last band.  I'll tell everyone for sure when there is an official order but this is to help you plan.  We will meet at 9:30 AM and the meeting place will most likely be very near 75th and Floyd.  The parade actually starts at 10, if we are last, we should finish around 11ish-hopefully a little earlier.  There will be more specific info next week.

The Indian Woods gig today is a little longer than I was first told.  It is from 3 to 3:45.  Participating students will be released at 2:30 today to go down.  They need to go through security at the main office.  No one can park in the circle drive.  Dr. Conrady and Mrs. Hoelscher both are very appreciative of everyone that can play.

9/15/16-Lots of information coming out this week so look over the last few posts if you've missed some!

We are coming into audition season and there are some great opportunities out there for you.  For grades 10-12, watch for District Band sign-up in the next few days.  If you make District, you can try for State.  We use the same audition music for our symphonic band auditions so you will already be prepared.  The auditions will be on 11/12 at Olathe East HS.  Go to the audition link to see what music you need to get.

9th graders should consider the John Phillip Sousa Band program.  We had students do this for the first time in quite a while last year and it was a great experience.  These bands perform in Lawrence in January.  Here is the link for audition info.  


For brass and percussionists from any grade, The Fountain City Youth Brass is an a great program.  We've had a number of people do this and they love it.  Here is their audition info.


No fee to audition. Those making the Academy or Youth band $140, plus $425 competition fee to attend the National competition in March. They have added an Intermediate band, which is about the same level as youth band, but it will not travel to Nationals. Cost for Intermediate is $120. The Junior band cost is $100.

The Academy and Youth band will have reading sessions and workshops October - December. Weekly Sunday rehearsals for all bands begin January 8 and run to the end of March.

Ed Huels has again very generously offered to record auditions for both the JPS and FCYB with students.  This will happen the first week of October.  A sign-up list will be posted in the next few days.

I hope we have an big representation in all three of these fantastic programs!  Get the music, get practicing!  I am happy to help anyone who wants some coaching on any of these auditions.


Our uniform team talked to a number of students last Friday about needing to turn in their bibbers so alterations could be made to shorten them more than the current adjustment buttons allow.  Some of you turned them in that evening (thank you!).  Some of you did not.  Please bring those in and set them on the desk in the uniform room by this Friday so that the work can be done.

Florida forms have now been posted on the Forms link of this site in case you need them.  They and the deposti are due this Friday.  Turn them in in the band room.


No major performance this week but there is music memory due and we are going to go down with a volunteer pep band to play for an assembly at Indian Woods from 3-3:30 on Friday.  Please wear the new band shirt.  It will be quick and fun and I know the IW community will love it!  We want the younger folks to see what they have to look forward to hear at South!

I've assigned zeros on Skyward for any past due music memory that hasn't been taken care of.  These points are STILL AVAILABLE so I'm hoping that this will motivate students to get it taken care of.  In both 1st and 5th hours, students can pass off music during any class or during seminar.  The way it works, each tune is worth 100 points on the day it is due then 10 points is subtracted for each week the song is late.  Points bottom out at 50 so there is always a bunch of points available right up to the last day of the quarter.  

The 50.00 Florida deposit that goes to the band and the rest of the forms are due this week.   Students can place these in the plastic file folder right outside my office.  If you are going, make sure you are signed up on the Super Holiday Tours website.


OK, curve ball-the Friday night game has been moved to 5:30 so the band needs to be here in uniform at 4:30 in the auditorium.  I assume this is to try to beat the coming storms.  We just move every thing up and hour and a half.


So, I just looked at the weather report for tomorrow and it currently says on weather.com that there is a 90% chance of rain at game time tomorrow.  Well, we all know that weather forecasts are often wrong but let me tell you how this works on game nights with the potential of rain.  First, watch this website for updates.  We come at normal time regardless of the weather.  Unless otherwise posted, come in uniform.  Then we watch....   If there is more than a very light mist, we do not march.  We would send a small crew out to play the National Anthem and...wait.  We will go out as soon as reasonable without risking damaging instruments and uniforms.  At some point, if it is obvious the weather is not going to let up, the band will be dismissed.  Lighting can delay or postpone the game.  So, if this is the scenario tomorrow-show up and be flexible.  Last year, we had a game that we did get dumped on but usually we are able to get in a dry performance.

We need quite a few more students to sign up to work the mattress sale on Saturday.  Your job is just to be visible to promote it.  No hauling stuff, no actual selling, just promotion.  Remember, this sale is here for the students-if you plan to benefit from it, you should work it.  The shifts are 2.5 hours long.  Some have already signed up for 2 or 3 shifts!  Please do your part-as our boosters always say, "many hands make light work."  Oh, and the people that did it last year had a lot of fun!  Last chance, push the sale to help pay for your Florida trip or the next Europe trip.  Even if you aren't going on a trip but you know someone that needs a mattress, encourage them to come and give them one of your friend's name so they get the credit.  That would be very cool of you.


First off, I was VERY proud of 1st and 5th hour bands for their performances last Friday.  You have made such great progress in a short time.  Excellent first shows!

Let's do it again this Friday night.  No potluck this week so be ready in the auditorium at 6PM.  Check those uniforms, again.  I noticed quite a few pants that were too long.  They should just touch your shoes, not drape over them.  Shorter is better than too long.

The mattress sale is this weekend.  We will have sign-up to help out in the band room on Wednesday.  Take a 2.5 hour shift between 9:30 and 4:30.  Remember, almost all the proceeds go to the students.   Get the word out, you can make a big dent in the cost of this Florida trip if you are motivated to find folks in the market.

5th hour has its weekly 7AM practice tomorrow.  Attendance has been very good but a few people have yet to be at one.  That is costing you points and you are lost when you are with the full group.  These morning practices are the only time we can work out things with the larger group.


Remember to wear something Southish for the pep assembly tomorrow and leave class at 9:30 to come get your instrument then go down to the gym for the 10:00 assembly.  The student body is going to love your sound!

It looks like we have 112 people currently signed up for the trip.  That is good though I hope a few more will join us!  Some of the enrollments are incomplete through the travel agency so make sure you replied to the confirmation e-mail and filled out the final steps of the registration.  Let me know if you have any questions on how to do that.

Also, veteran parents, the band is not doing our normal entrance because of the construction-we are going to continue around the circle drive and enter between the stands and swimming pool.  So, if you like to stand in front of the band when they do their count-off to turn, you are in for a surprise because they are going to keep marching right on through.  I hope there is a big crowd for the kids as they march around the circle drive but don't block them in the street!  

I still have three pairs of new marching shoes that have not been picked up.  

Any uniform issues-get there early tomorrow evening.  The uniform room is going to be a busy place tomorrow night and if you show up and the last minute and need help....well...good luck.


I am getting a lot of questions from students about who they are going to room with in Florida.  There will be a time down the line where we will work all of that out and you will get to pick who you want to room with.  For now, however, just sign up for quad occupancy, or however many you want in your room, on the SuperHoliday.com site.  The company is not going to randomly assign you a roommate.  That will all be figured out here and then we will send the info to the hotel.  They just need to know how many rooms, at this point.  

People are still turning in forms and signing up which is OK, but please get it done because we can't lock in our bus needs until everyone is signed up which means they won't post the transportation cost until things settle down.  


Our first music memory deadline is tomorrow.  Here is what students need to pass off to get 100 points per song.  These need to be played for a section leader or lab assistant or staff member.  100 points this week which drops 10 points each week they are late.  Take care of it now for full credit! 

5th hour-REL and School Song
1st hour-REL, School Song, Tune 1 & 2 of the halftime music.

If you need Mattress Sale signs, we have 25 of them in the band room for the taking.  Remember, the sale is Sept. 10-just a little more than a week away.


OK, it is the week of our first field performance!  Things to know-
-try on those uniforms and let our uniform folks know of any issues.  Time is short so take care of it now if you haven't already.  Shoes are in and have been picked up by almost everyone.  Shoes that didn't fit have been reordered.

Tonight-essential 1st hour practice from 7-8:30 outside.
Wednesday-5th hour joins 1st hour at 7AM and into 1st hour class.  Please let your 1st hour teacher know.  We will work on the complete pregame routine-this is THE ONLY TIME to practice the entire pregame with everyone.
Friday-Pep assembly during school where the whole band plays-wear something Southish!
Friday-Pot Luck Dinner-watch the Newsflash page for details of what to bring.  This is tons of fun and awesome eating!  5-6:30-there is a sign-up genius on the Newsflash page regarding what food is needed.  I'm already hungry!
Friday-6PM-Band warms up in the auditorium then goes outside at 6:30.  Due to construction, the entrance to the field is different this year but hang out in the same area, parents, and we will still come by.  Then it is game time!

We are still missing some forms and fees including instrument rental from a very few people.  Please turn this in.  We've been trying to collect all of this for over a month now.


On the payment schedule handed out at the informational meeting, it says the first payment to Super Holiday Tours through their website is Sept. 16th. The website actually says that date is 9/30. Follow the schedule that they have listed though, of course, you can pay early if you prefer.

The 50.00 deposit to the Band Boosters is still due on 9/16.

Remember to be signed up on the Super Holiday Tour website by the end of the day tomorrow and get those first two forms into the band room. Lots of students were turning those in today. Great! This turn-in is very important because it allows the tour company to establish an accurate estimate of the transportation cost which is based on the number of participants. They can then add that to your cost shown on the website and you will know much closer the actual cost of the trip.


From our uniform committee chairs:


Have your student try on his/her uniform tonight or tomorrow night. The jacket sleeves and pant legs have buttons inside to adjust the length. If the pant legs are still too long, they NEED TO BRING THEIR PANTS TO SCHOOL NO LATER THAN THIS FRIDAY, safety-pinned at the proper length!! We have someone who will tack up the legs for us and the Band Boosters will cover the cost, but we need to get them to her in plenty of time to get this done before our first game next week.

If adjustments are made to the length they need to pressed in with an iron so the uniform looks crisp and fresh. If this cannot be done at home, the student NEEDS TO BE AT THE BAND POTLUCK ON SEPT 2 NO LATER THAN 4:30!! We have a press and can crease the uniforms nicely, but need time to get it done before pre-game.

Students should always wear a t-shirt and shorts under their uniform. Next week we will send out uniform care information. Primarily though, DO NOT wash or dry clean the uniform during the season. We will take care of getting them all dry cleaned at the end of the season.


Joanie Nicholas, getorganized2010@att.net, 913-710-3281

John Bridges, jtbridges@hotmail.com, 913-912-0196


All 1st and 5th hour band students should wear a white shirt for pictures tomorrow.  These pictures are for the Fall Sports Program.  This can be a t-shirt or any other style with a minimum of graphics on it.  Many students bring a shirt just for the picture and don't wear it all day.

5th hour joins 1st hour for rehearsal at 7AM tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

At Back to School Night tonight, the 1st hour band session will meet in the auditorium.  All other classes will meet in the band room.  I hope you can come!


Monday night is our first 7-8:30 PM evening practice for 1st hour band members.  These rehearsals have proved to be very valuable and enjoyable.  We get a lot done and the atmosphere is fun.  The rehearsals are worth 50 points and are required.

Monday is also the Fall sports' PAC meeting night.  Go to the PAC meeting then join us as soon as you can.  I talked with Dr. Johnson and he expects that the meeting will last about 30 minutes.

Remember, the first two Florida forms and signing up on the Super Holiday Tours website is due this Friday.  Trip information and form packets are still available on the table outside the band office.

Enjoy your weekend!


We had a big turnout for the Florida meeting last night!  We are off to a great start.  If you were unable to attend, there are information and form booklets on the table outside my office.  Notice that the first date to turn in initial forms and to sign up for the Superholiday website is Aug. 26th.  

Andrew, our mattress sale guy, sent this message with details about the sale.  All of his materials were taken last night so he will have more signs and flyers next week for us.

Big thanks to everyone who made it to the parent meeting last night. Here's some information for those who couldn't make it about the Mattress Fundraiser:

The payout schedule for the Mattress Fundraiser is below. The sale is on Saturday, September 10th. Let's start promoting now and make this a huge event! We can easily put over $10,000 in our students' accounts with this event!!! Remember, we aren't selling, collecting money, delivering or filling out order forms... JUST PROMOTING!!! We need everyone to find at least 2 people who need to replace a bed in their home! The JPEG version of the flyer is below so you can put it on social media and download it to your phone for texting.

For quick info to pass along on your phone, text the word RAIDERS to 913-210-0550.

Join the event on Facebook and INVITE your friends! https://www.facebook.com/events/273165496390503/

To review: On Saturday, September 10th, we will have a mattress showroom set up here at Shawnee Mission South High School in the gym from 10AM-5PM. There will be 26 floor models on display. All models come in all sizes, are made to order, and come with factory warranties. Pillows, adjustable bases, sheets, frames, and mattress protectors will also be available. FINANCING OPTIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE. Delivery and haul away are available. Best of all, prices will be less than stores because of the fundraising company's unique business model.

Payout Schedule

Below is the amount that will go into the student's individual account based on the size of the mattress purchased.

Twin mattress: $50

Full / queen mattress: $75

King mattress: $100


1 referral mattress purchase: $25

2 referral mattress purchases: $50

3 referral mattress purchases: $100

4 referral mattress purchases: $150

5 referral mattress purchases: $300

Every referral purchase after 5 is additional $50


Tonight is the Florida trip information meeting at 7PM in the auditorium.  The meeting is for parents and students.  The trip is March 12-18.  If you are sure you are going or just considering it, here is where you find out all about it.  This trip is always a huge hit with the students.  When I see graduates, they almost always talk about their "Florida" memories.  Tomorrow, you will see the itinerary, all that comes with the trip, info on costs and how to go about paying, and, yes, all those forms.  You will also learn about our Sept. 10th Mattress Sale where almost all of the proceeds go to the students.  For students that really promotes this sale, you can make a major dent in the cost of this trip.  Tomorrow night, you will get the materials you need to start to get the word out on the sale.  Let's face it, everyone uses mattresses and they have to be replaced every so often.  The trick is to find those people that are ready to replace theirs.  You make money and they get a great mattress cheaper than at the stores.  FOR EVERY FAMILY THAT IS REPRESENTED AT THE MEETING, THE MATTRESS SALES COMPANY WILL MAKE A 5.00 DONATION TO THE BAND WHICH WE WILL USE TOWARD THE COST OF THE TRIP!

The trip is open to all full year band students no matter which hour you are in.

There is now a link for our 5K race on this website where you can sign-up and get others to do the same.  I'm already signed-up!  This is such a great event for our community and it raises a lot of money for our band.  Check out the link and get involved as a participant or volunteer.  I really love this event!

A quick note to all Shawnee Mission South High Band Families-

We will be hosting our 2nd annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser at Shawnee Mission South High School on Saturday, September 10th. We will have a full show room setup in the gym from 10 am - 5 pm. There will be over 20 beds on display for customers to try. The beds are new, brand name, made to order, available in all sizes, and cost less than retail stores. In addition to beds, there will also be pillows, mattress protectors, sheets, and adjustable power bases! Financing options will also be available!

We raised $3,400 last year for our band with this event in 7 hours! Here's the best part - We don't have to sell products, fill out order forms, collect money or deliver ANYTHING! The fundraising company handles all of that. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS PROMOTE!

What we need from our band families between now and September 10th is to be looking for people who are in the market for a new bed and ask them to hold off purchasing until our sale. 90% of the beds we sell on September 10th will be from personal referrals. You'll be surprised how many people are in the market for a new bed. 10% of the population buys a bed every year, and we need to start finding those people now! Talk to your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors about this unique opportunity to buy something they actually need while supporting our band!


Remember the IW gig tonight from 6-7PM.  Meet near the IW band room.  Mr. Shapker will be at South from 5:45 to a little after 6 is you need to pick up your instrument before the performance.  The outside band room door will be open.  I have excused some students but this is a required gig.  If you have South sports tryouts, join us just as soon as you can.  This will be a quick event.  For further info on tonight's performance, see the 8/11 post.

If you have not already, we really need all the band forms and fees turned in.  Students can not take home uniforms until they are in.  Forms and fee info is on the "Forms" link of this site.  Please help our volunteers out that are working with the form collection by taking care of this.  They can be turned in in the band office.

Tomorrow is the first day everyone needs their instruments in class.  


Here are important things to know about the coming days in relation to band:

Nobody needs instruments at school until next Tuesday.   Everyone who has not been fitted for a uniform yet will do that next week.  Make sure you have your forms and fees turned in (details can be found on the forms link of this site).

We will all play at Indian Woods for their ice cream social next Monday evening.  Meet behind IW at 6PM for a brief performance of memorized music from pregame and cheers plus a little from halftime.  This is for everyone grades 9-12, both 5th and 1st hours.  This is always fun for the community and our players.  We will be done before 7PM.  Pit will be able to use IW equipment.  Dress in last year's band shirt or something Southish (don't worry, I won't be picky just go for a green, gold, or white shirt if you don't have the band shirt).  Yes, this is a required performance.

Our first 7AM prax for 1st hour is next Tuesday.

Our first 7AM prax for 5th hour is next Wednesday.  You will be dismissed in plenty of time to make it to your 1st hour class.

The Florida meeting is at 7PM in the Auditorium on Aug. 18th.  If you plan to go on the trip, make sure to attend.  This is for parents and students.

Our first Monday PM prax for 1st hour is on Aug. 22 from 7-8:30.


Looks like Raider Rally may begin AS EARLY AS 6:15 tonight so be here early enough to be in the gym with your instrument by then.  Dress in last years' band shirt or something Southish.

Thank you to those who sent videos for our Florida application.  The application has been sent and I'm sure we will be enthusiastically accepted.


Looking for some help here-I am filling out the application for our performances in Florida next semester and I need a video of us playing in a concert in our black uniforms.  I apparently don't have one.  If you have one or, even better, have one posted on Youtube or similar site, please forward it to me.

Remember that section leaders and officers and any one else who would like to join us are playing at Raider Rally Wednesday evening.  Arrive by 6:15 PM and you will be done probably before 7.  Wear last year's band shirt or something Southish.

By the way, to my Friday evening visitors, chart 13 never looked so good and Mr. Shapker wants to know if he really looks like that :-)

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